CIRCLE (Yang):  Whorl, Mixed Figure         

WAVE (Yin):  Arch, Loop


No.1:  You are very confident, have a strong character and a hot temper.  Your strong personality can intimidate those around you. You want everything perfect, but reality is not always so. Your luck  changes dramatically in life from one period to the next.  Your undoing  will be your hot temper, so  you need to learn to be patient and calm.  Control your temper, don’t overreact to upsets or conflicts.  Cultivate inner peace.


No. 6:  You are honest, but stubborn with a  hot temper. You seek independence and freedom by doing things you enjoy.  As long as you work hard and improve your attitudes, you will  become successful.  Even though you tend to be in a hurry, there will be those who will help you along.  Avoid rash moves and reckless behavior.  Cultivate tolerance.

No. 4:  Youlike to explore different  interests, places, and activities.Because you are kind and have an  innate polite attitude, you will easily get help from older persons and friends.  Opportunities are yours for the taking and you will enjoy great success if you look in the right place. You will be a winner, but you need to stay on the right track. Bring more serenity into your personal life.

No. 3:  You are admired for your creativity and thoughtfulness.  You are compassionate and generous. You like to gain new wisdom through a variety of experiences. Your friends and your job make you feel good about yourself.  Your  creativity, diligence and popularity  help you  rise to prominence, and your luck turns fabulous in later years. You will be rewarded for your good deeds.

No. 13:   You are enthusiastic and outgoing.  You like to broaden your intellectual horizons.  You have enormous charisma that can be helpful in careers and personal life.  Choose a career  that encourages creativity, and you will enjoy it.  You may not be good at doing business, but you are  good as a teacher or even as a spiritual master. You can enjoy success in the academic world.

No. 19:   You are a honest,  brave and hardworking person.  You always feel secure and confident in yourself.  You dare to do things others wish they had the courage to do. A lot of people trust you when you are young.  However, unless you work at preserving your reputation, you could make enemies on your rise up and find that life becomes harder as you get older. Devote sometime to spiritual needs.


No. 5:   You are a high-minded person, able to see and grab opportunities.  You clearly define your goals and make sure that the right people know of your desires and abilities.  Your self-confidence and diligence move you close to your personal goals. You will find fulfillment and your luck gets better as you grow older.

No. 7:  You are a born survivor, able to endure tough times and emerge as a winner.  When sudden change affects your life, you make the most of your new situation.  Stay focused on what is truly important, do what you are best, and you will succeed.  When you reach middle age, you will rise to a prominent position and your luck really changes for the better.  Nurture your spiritual side.

No. 8:   You are a simple but logical person.  If you can focus on the fundamentals of life and adopt a step-by-step approach in your climb up the success ladder and not be  greedy, you will benefit from wealth luck and be honored by people. Control your spending and avoid creating negative image that prevents growth.

No. 10:  You are blessed with a fast and formidable intellect.  You work very quickly and with great effectiveness.  However your character is very aggressive and people tend to be intimidated by you.  You want control, maybe through some subtle maneuver. If you can correct this trait, you can rise to great heights. Control your temper and bring more serenity into your personl life.

No. 12:  You are a honest person with a good character.  Your judgement is usually good, but your moods sometimes cause problems. You are open in groups and want to share feelings. You tend to be very helpful towards colleagues and friends so you are a popular person.  Because you can think in-depth and have sensitivity towards others, you will enjoy success in the creative fields.

No. 17:  You are a noble and reputable person, but sometimes you overreact to upsets or conflicts.  You have little urge to get rich or pursue material wealth.  You like to broaden your intellectual horizons which are needed to complete your projects meaningfully and successfully.   Through spiritual and intellectual growth you can improve your personal life and inspire those around you.

No. 20:  You always feel strongly to stand up for yourself and make a judgement quickly.  This is a shallow attitude and could easily get you onto the wrong path.  If you can correct this tendency of yours, you will have great success.  The potential is in you, so try to be calm in your approach.  You have to stay focused on your goals while dealing with changes or challenges.  Cultivate tolerance.

No. 23:  You are a very sociable person with self-confidence. Your vitality and energy make you an attractive friend.  Your tendency to overspend causes problems. When you reach middle and older age, you may need to rely on people to support you.  So, you need to prepare yourself to avoid having a hard time during your older years.   Avoid big appetites and excessive spending.

No. 25:  You are a kind and generous person.You can improve your life and succeed in the job that rewards you for using your intellect and creativity.  And, you will get recognition and become famous.  Even though your life appears unstable during your earlier years of working life and you need to work hard in your thirties, when you reach maturity, your life gets better and better.

No. 32:   You like to explore different interests and learn new knowledge which helps you increase your self-confidence. You can improve your position in life by becoming a better communicator.  When a sudden change affects your life, you are able to make the most of your new situation.  Do what  you are best and you will succeed.  You will enjoy a harmonious  life in later years.