No. 9:  You are generous and have a peaceful character.  You are well-liked and  have an inherent love of beauty and harmony.  So, you are definitely someone who is popular, and can become successful and recognized.  Watch your relationship and protect yourself from people who want to use you.  Do not allow jealous people to distract you from your goals.

No. 11:  You like to broaden your mind through traveling or friendship with wise people.  You are bright and enjoy learning as much as you can.  This is how you will get influential help that brings you to the peak of your business and career life.  Don’t be selfish, be open to sharing and caring.  Cultivate compassion and generosity.

 No. 14:   Your whole life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures.  Adjustments are needed to accommodate pressures and frustrations. When you are successful, you share your resources  with those around you.   When you are faced with  life’s challenge, you view it as a spiritual lesson. You are an inspiration to others and you will enjoy a fulfilling life as you grow into maturity.

No. 16:  You have an active mind and enjoy many interests. You are willing to try something new and work hard.  But you  tend to start something and then lose interest.  Don’t scatter your energy too widely.  Stay focused and be patient  if you want to succeed. Banish all self-doubt, believe in your abilities.  You will find fulfillment, if you cultivate your natural talents.

No. 18: You are admired for your creativity and hardwork. However, you have a tendency to be proud and snobbish, although deep inside you are a kind-hearted person.  Your personality and attitudes are important.  To increase your chances for success, refine your approach and the image you project.  Improve your social skills, you will be a successful and respectable person.

No. 21:  You are not an easy person to control or to convince, as you are something of a rebel. Your strong personality can intimidate your associates. Your erratic tendencies bring an unstable quality to affairs. If you can stay focused on  what’s truly important and what you want from life, you will be successful.  Control your temper.  Practice meditation or yoga.

No. 24:  You are courageous and work hard to meet obligations and to do what is right. You like to learn new skills and find new interests.  At a young age, you are already thinking of your future.  Be realistic about what you expect from others. Avoid rash moves and reckless behavior. Cultivate inner peace. You will enjoy a smooth and harmonious life in your old age.

No. 26:  You are confident and feel able to make everything better, including yourself.   You  have leadership ability that can be helpful in careers and personal life.   Communication is your key to success.  You  need to work harder during the early days of your career.  When you reach middle and older age, you will get recognition and wealth luck.  So, your life goes better the older you get.

No. 28:  If you can choose a prestigious working career, you will be very successful.  However, you should avoid the tendency to get big-headed and you must never take career for granted.  You have leadership ability, which can lead to success.  Always look for long-term benefits and tend to task with precision and be responsible. Cultivate your spirit through meditation or Yoga.

No. 29:  Friends admire your wit and generosity.  You are a kind and popular person and there will be good people in your life, as you will attract these kinds of people towards you.  You can be as active socially or professionally as you want, if you take the lead.  Work hard and you will easily reap your just rewards.  You will definitely become successful.


No. 15:  You are bright and appealing. You are a take-charge person who has high vision.  You will not be stopped by trivial obstacles.  Choose one goal and work hard until you have achieved it.   Believe in your abilities.  Stay more grounded and take action to implement your plans,  you can accomplish great things.  Cultivate tolerance and perseverance.

No. 22:   You are well-connected and have good resources. Hardwork, good communication, and helpful connections bring success. Avoid taking risks and stay focused on what’s truly important.  Do your best to help those who are less fortunate. The Universe will compensate you for your good deeds. Lucky star will shine brightly around you during  the later years of your life.

No. 27:  You are more resilient than you may think. Have faith in yourself and your ability. And choose friends and jobs that make you feel good about yourself.  Be prepared to work really hard during your younger and middle age periods, then you will become a successful person with rich rewards and much recognition in older years. As you get older devote sometime to spiritual needs.

No. 30:  You are uniquely gifted.  You get ahead by putting your best traits and talents to work for you.   Even though you are a capable person and can be successful in your own business, your tendency towards impatience could get you into a lot of difficulty. Get to know yourself better through meditation or yoga.  You will enjoy good fortune and prosperity in your later years.

No. 31:  You are very intelligent and always organize your way through difficulties.  Your wit and charm can help you to succeed. When difficulties arise, you master them and emerge as a winner. People admire your dignity. You will have a smooth life and benefit from wealth luck.  If you can work hard, you will definitely become a great and successful person with a lot of scholastic honors.



No. 2:  You are a compassionate and  straightforward honest person who goes with the flow.  You are  also very talented in design and creative work.  However, you tend to be shy and uncomfortable in social situations.  You want to be a caring provider in quiet ways for those who depend on you.  An increase in self-confidence allows you to raise your goals.  You will have good fortune and abundant resources in your later life.