THE YEAR OF THE EARTH PIG (February 5th, 2019 – January 24, 2020)

Year 2019, the Year of the Earth Pig (02/05/2019 – 01/24/2020) is a year of balanced elements, which means we can expect a relatively stable year.  We shall see some improvements that lead to improved business and enhanced wealth.

The Chinese New Year, i.e. Lunar New Year, does not begin on 1st of January, but on a date which corresponds with the second New Moon after the winter equinox, so it varies from year to year. 

The years progress in cycles of 12 and each year is represented by an animal.  The cycle of 12 repeated five times to form a large cycle of 60 years, and in each of the 12-year cycle, the animals are ascribed an element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water) with a Yin or Yang characteristics, which determines their characters.  Thus, in a cycle of 60 years, no two animals are the same. The Year of the Pig is the last one in the 12-year cycle.

The Twelve Animal Signs

Rat (Yang), Ox (Yin), Tiger (Yang), Rabbit (Yin), Dragon (Yang), Snake (Yin), Horse (Yang), Sheep (Yin), Monkey (Yang), Rooster (Yin), Dog (Yang), and Pig (Yin)

Pig Years

02/16/1923-02/04/1924 (Water), 02/04/1935-01/23/1936 (Wood), 01/22/1947-02/09/1948 (Fire), 02/08/1959-01/27/1960 (Earth), 01/27/1971-02/15/1972 (Metal), 02/13/1983-02/01/1984 (Water), 01/31/1995-02/18/1996 (Wood), 02/18/2007-02/06/2008 (Fire), 02/05/2019-01/24/2020 (Earth)

The  Pig

The Chinese name for Pig is “Zhu” (pronounced similar to zoo in English) which is a sign of honesty. The Pig is a fun and enlightening personality blessed with patience and understanding.  People born under the sign of the Pig enjoy life and all it has to offer, including family and friends.  They are honest and thoughtful and expect the same of other people.  Pigs can be perceived as gullible because they do care about others so much they will do just about anything for a friend in need.

Pig people are more comfortable giving of their own time or attention than they are to ask others for it.  They do not find asking for help an easy task and would rather carry the burden themselves.  They  will do anything they can to maintain a sense of peace amongst family or friends.  This can lead to a tendency to be taken advantage of, but Pigs basically forgive and forget everything.  They are compassionate souls who simply want to keep the peace.

People born in the Year of the Pig share certain characteristics.  Generally speaking, they are hardworking, giving, willing, helpful, easygoing, gullible, sometimes stubborn.  They are great friends to have on your side.  They will nurture you, care for you and make sure you have everything you need.  They are loyal and good-natured.  In times of trouble, they are  always willing to lend a hand or an ear.

Pig people are devoted mothers and fathers.  They are affectionate and loving, supportive and caring parents.  Their children are their priority.  When they feel their family are threatened, they will do all they can to protect them.  Pig children are joyous children, love to play and have confidence in themselves.

People born in the Year of the Pig usually have comfortable, friendly homes that reflect  their generosity.  They can certainly make something out of nothing; however, some of them do not make cleaning or chores a top priority.  Many Pig people enjoy so much around other people and also like to party and have a tendency to over do it at times.  So, they need to watch their diets and work an exercise routing into their daily lives.

They generally do really well when they get to be creative.  They usually do better at jobs where they can express themselves.  They are enthusiastic about taking new responsibility at work and they are well-liked by co-workers because they are so willing to help.  They have an eye for details that makes them quite an asset to upper management.

Some Pig people love to spend money for others, and have a knack for being able to find a diamond in the rough.  They are great partners to have because they are so supportive and giving of themselves.  They are wonderful companions, appreciative and caring.  They are grateful for the things they have, especially a loving and healthy family.  They are happiest at home, do not like discord and will do whatever it takes to maintain a peaceful homestead.  (1/14/09)

Famous Pig People

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nigella Lawson, Sarah Ferguson, Julie Andrews, Winona Ryder, Marie Osmond, Jenna Elfman, Shannen Doherty, Judy Law, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  Kevin Spacey, Paula Yates, Marie Antoinette, Christina Applegate,  Ginger Rogers and O.J. Simpson.







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