Dreams of Bad Omen

Bottomless Pit:  Dreaming of falling into a bottomless pit is a bad omen.  You can expect your fears and disappointments.  Confrontations, quarrels, losses and failures are all associated with this type of dreams.

Broken Mirror:  In dreams, a broken mirror or dish can suggest family arguments or conflicts, or even foretell the loss of a relationship.  It signals a fear of difficulties ahead.

Clouds:  Dreaming of  dark clouds and dense fogs all around foretells illness and misfortune.  The dream is telling you that you should take more time to relax, reflect or meditate.  You need to pay attention to the issues, such as your health, emotional problems and safety.

Combing Hairs:  Dreaming of combing and losing your hairs symbolizes anxiety and fears about something.  It means that you will experience frustration, worries and difficult times.

Crowded Meeting:   Dreaming of trying to get out  of a crowded meeting foretells bad news on the way.  It indicates that you will escape whatever the misfortune is.  You will experience difficult times, but you will eventually overcome the difficulties.

Falling:  This is one of the most common dreams, usually at a time when one is feeling insecure.  Dreaming of falling  from sky foretells frustration or obstacles in the way of your progress.  It may indicate a fear of changing and adapting to a new environment.

Falling of the Sun or Moon:  The moon is a symbol of  female and mother.  It  is also associated with love and romance.  The sun is a symbol of  male and father.  It is also an image of vitality, warmth and creative energy.  Dreaming of  falling of the sun or moon foretells the loss of one’s parent.

Good-bye to Parents:  Dreaming of saying good-bye to parents symbolizes unhappiness.  It foretells bad luck and sad news ahead. There will be troubles and difficulties in the family.

Gusty Wind/Stormy Weather:  Dreaming of  gusty wind or stormy weather indicates that you will be going through stormy emotional times.  There may be a period of ups and downs in your life.  A storm is a symbolic of any type of conflicts.  You need to take extra care in your daily life.

Husband & Wife: Dreaming of married couple eating together foretells troubles in marriage life.  The dream warns that one needs to pay attention to his/her spouse’s needs, perhaps one needs to spend more quality time with his/her spouse in order to save the marriage.

Landslide:  Dreaming of  landslide or something is muddy is an unlucky omen.  It indicates troubles and dangers ahead. You should avoid any type of travels.  The dream is a warning not to go ahead with any plans.

Murking Sky:  Dreaming of a murking sky over the dark earth or dark all around foretells of troubles, difficulties and bad news ahead.

No Bridge:  Crossing a bridge suggests progress from one state to another.  In dream, finding no bridge to cross the river foretells troubles and obstacles ahead.  It indicates lack of supports and delays in your plans coming to fruition.

Old Man:  Dreaming of  sitting next to a wise old man or holy people is a bad omen.  It signifies troubles, difficulties, and disappointments ahead.

Rain:  In dream, the heavy rain pouring down on you is a bad omen. It foretells troubled times ahead.  Quarrels and losses of money or friends are all associated with this type of dreams.

Rain:  Dreaming of  heavy,  rainy weather signifies troubles, obstacles ahead.  Your plans may go astray.

Sweating:  Dreaming of sweating all over is a bad omen. It foretells of troubles and difficulties ahead. Confrontations, quarrels, losses, and failure are all associated with this type of dreams.

Sweeping Floor:  If you are sweeping the floor in your dream, it is likely that your life has become cluttered with obstacles and you need to get rid of them in order to move on.  It indicates some kind of losses, such as control, money or materials.

Tasting Food:  To dream of tasting food foretells illness. You might suffer some kind of illness.  The dream suggests that you need to watch your health.

Teeth:  Dreaming of losing one’s teeth suggests your fears about helplessness.  It symbolizes loss of youth or relationship. It foretells that there will be sad news in your relatives.  One of your relatives will suffer some kind of misfortunes.

Weeds:  Weeds represents the unplanned, unwelcome or obstructive elements in your life.  Dreaming of weeds in your bedroom is a bad omen.  Troubles, difficulties, losses and misfortunes are all associated with this type of dreams.


Dreaming of  Buddha or Kuan-Yin  is a precious and joyful experience.  The following   beautiful images of Kuan-Yin and Buddha provide a wealth of visual and spiritual inspiration for those who choose to practice her or his meditations.  I did these drawings in 1992.  Please visit  ALL PRODUCTS  for more images.


Dreaming of the Eight Immortals is also a precious and joyful experience.  The Eight Immortals are superior beings of Taoist legend.  They are revered as symbolic deities of longevity and good fortune.  Each Immortal is associated with a special symbol or treasure that enables them to manifest supernatural powers.  They are therefore believed to possess the secrets of Taoist magic.