The Sheep is the Eighth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs.  It is lucky that the Sheep is ranked eighth in the cycle of Chinese Zodiac Animals, because the number “eight” in Chinese is an auspicious one, symbolizing peace and prosperity.  In Chinese, there is a popular proverb: “Three sheep bring harmony and prosperity.”  The Goats and Sheep are the two major categories of the Sheep family.  The Goats,  a symbol of auspiciousness, appear sturdy and lively with funny beard.  The white-haired Sheep stand for peace and happiness.

Generally speaking, people born in the Year of the Sheep are said to be peacemakers, generous, caring,  kind, tolerant, and easily touched by other people’s misfortunes.  They are meek and somewhat timid, pessimistic by nature. They expect their friends to be available when they need emotional support.  According to the tradition, during the Year of the Sheep, you should focus on home and family, and be helpful to parents and the elderly.  If family disputes arise, be a good listener, but, don’t take side or try to place blame.  


Life is a mixed bag for most people.  Each year we encounter a combination of unexpected blessings and good times, but along with those there are always some inevitable challenges.  The new year ahead of us  will be no different from other years in this respect, but both the blessings and the challenges will be new and different.

The sun shines even on the cloudiest day.  Difficult times test your patience, self-control and stamina.  Move toward it with friendliness and curiosity and you would find the love and wisdom that are indestructible.  And, remember to find time to nurture your soul, possibly through meditation, yoga, prayer, or inspirational reading.

May the New Year bring you abundant blessings, help broaden your goals, and achieve at least one cherished goal.  May the New Year encourage you to broaden your mind, to learn about the world, other cultures, and to show the world what you can do. 


The Sign of the Sheep

People born in the Year of the Sheep share certain characteristics:  Smart, artistic, kind, happy, reserved, insecure and dependent. Sheep people simply want a bit of peace.  They enjoy carrying on with life in their own quiet, individual way, and are content to be in the middle of it all rather than to be leading it.  They are quiet and calm people, enjoy cultural things and focus much of their energy on artistic hobbies.  Sheep people are easy-going and relaxed, happy to be going with the flow.  Although they tend to be indecisive and passive, they have fantastic luck in life.

Behaving gracefully and kind-heartedly, Sheep people are always respected and admired by others.  They have deep feelings towards their parents and take good care of them.  Besides being good housekeepers, they are also fond of children and pets.  Though mild in disposition, they never yield under pressure.  It is impossible to force them to do something.  When challenged in an argument, they will remain silently anger rather than repeat their opinions or show their displeasure.

Pure and kind as they are, Sheep people are always ready to help others who are in need of care or money.  They are nurturers and enjoy taking care of other people.  Their personalities are quiet, reserved and soothing.  They like to be in the company of others, standing in the back, and watching contently from the sidelines, as others dazzle the company.  Sheep people will generally do better than they are aware because they are good at keeping the peace and accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Sheep people’s serenity often prohibit them from health problems.  Although they seem fragile on the outside, inside they are quite healthy creatures.  Happiness keep them healthy.  However, any kind of trouble or confrontation will send their stomach spinning, especially if it is due to a romantic problem.  As happiness keeps the Sheep people healthy, unhappiness makes them quite sick.

People born in the Year of the Sheep truly enjoy being at home.  They spend their time there doing arts and crafts, cooking and knitting.  They are elegant and timeless, and their homes reflect their artistic flair.  They will go to any expense to be comfortable and to enjoy convenience.  Throughout their lives they never worry about the three necessities:  Food, housing and clothes.  Most of the Sheep people have  good marriages.  They like to live within their usual circle.  They attach great importance to their families, favorite foods, birthdays and other festivals.  So, they are loved not only by their spouses, but also by family relatives.

Sheep people like the comfort of a crowd.  They enjoy adding input and opinions but do not wish to take a lead position.  They will take a leadership role if asked, but generally prefer to be a part of the group.  They do not seek positions of power or status as these things are not important to the Sheep people.  When there’s something they are unwilling to do, they always refuse with the greatest gentleness and patience.  They are good at setting disputes and creating a harmonious atmosphere around themselves.

People born in the Year of the Sheep generally appear well-off.  They love to spend money but do not find comfort or satisfaction in material things.  They are always  well-groomed and well-dressed.   They never hurt the feelings of their friends.  Sometimes they even give up taking part in social contacts in order to avoid disputes.  It seems that  Sheep people are melancholy and sentimental by nature.  They always look upon the world passively.  Besides, they are used to counting on others to cheer them up.  It is easy for them to get lost and to be blue when frustrated.  So, it is best for Sheep people  to cooperate with someone who has a strong character.

Famous Sheep People: Barbara Stanwyck, Catherine Deneuve, Christina Ricci, Evita Peron, Heather Mills, Jane Austen, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Judy Davis, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Katharine Hepburn, Laura Dern, Mira Sorvino, Nicole Kidman, Pamela Anderson, Simone de Beauvoir, Veronica Lake, and Woopi Goldberg.

Sheep Years:  02/13/1907 to 02/01/1908 (Fire), 02/01/1919 to 02/19/1920 (Earth), 02/17/1931 to 02/05/1932 (Metal), 02/05/1943 to 01/24/1944 (Water), 01/24/1955 to 02/11/1956 (Wood), 02/09/1967 to 01/29/1968 (Fire), 01/28/1979 to 02/15/1980 (Earth), 02/15/1991 to 02/03/1992 (Metal), 02/01/2003 to 01/21/2004 (Water), 02/19/2015 to 02/07/2016 (Wood).


I would like to dedicate my followingChinese brush painting of the Year of the Sheep to my beloved parents who were born in the same Year of the Sheep, 1919.  I always remember my mother said that they were the lucky Sheep enjoying abundance, harmony and happiness. 








(Spring Liao, 12/01/2007)










(Spring Liao, 02/18/2015)


On 02/18/2015, I visited Hsi-Lai Temple (  in Hacienda Heights, Southern California, for an early celebration of Chinese New Year – the Year of the Sheep.  Its new year decorations were truly amazing.  I would like to share with you my following photos showing the new year scenes in the temple.


My beloved parents, Mr. & Mrs. Fu-Lo Wang,  in Peng-Hu, Taiwan, in year 1939: