Praise To The Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha, the King who prolongs life span,

Bless us by shining your radiant light

and illuminating on this Dharma assembly.

Compassionately, you come to rescue those in distress and bestow blessings.

Kindly, you dispell misfortune and remove sufferings.

We are here to repent all bad deeds done in this present and past lives.

We pray for continued blessings and a healthy, long life.

We wish that the lucky stars shine high above and

shower us with benevolent light.

We pray for continued blessings and a healthy, long life.

We wish that the lucky stars shine high above

and shower us with benevolent light.

The suffering-removing and life-prolonging Medicine Buddha,

Blessed be the suffering-removing and life-prolonging Medicine Buddha.

This image depicts Medicine Buddha  who holds a pagoda signifying enlightenment.  The Medicine Buddha is the teacher of the Eastern Pure Land of Pure Crystal Radiance.  Renowned as the Great Medicine King in Buddhism, he heals the afflictions of body and mind. The pagoda also symbolizes his great vows of relieving sentient beings’ sufferings, and bestowing joys in this present life.

The Great Vows of the Medicine Buddha

In response to Manjushuri Bodhisattva’s  request, Medicine Buddha spoke to the highly cultivated monastics, bodhisattvas, kings, and magistrates about the twelve vows that he had taken while still a bodhisattva.

The First Vow: May all sentient beings realize that they are the same as all Buddhas.  When Medicine Buddha attains Buddhahood, his body shines forth as a bright light illuminating innumerable worlds.  All sentient beings have bodies like his, but their Buddha Nature is shrouded by ignorance.  Therefore, Medicine Buddha vows to remove their shrouds of  angers and anxiety with his Buddha Light, thus helping them realize the Buddhahood.

The Second Vow:  May all sentient beings awken and engage in beneficial acts.  Ordinary people also have the crystal radiance of Wisdom.  However, their light of wisdom cannot illumiate outward due to the angers and anxiety.   When Medicine Buddha sends forth his light, any sentient being that is caught in the deep darkness and gloom can be illuminated and become awakened.  Thus, they can engage in all manner of meaningful activities which benefit both themselves and others.

The Third Vow:  May all sentient beings enjoy abundant resources.  All sentient beings should recognize their innate, immeasurable wisdom which is the ingenious foundation for all applications.  Medicine Buddha vows to help all sentient beings open up their light of wisdom, revealing to them no scarcity of nuturing resources, and enjoying joy and peace.

The Fourth Vow:  May all sentient beings abide on the path of the Great Vehicle, or the Mahayana Buddhism.  This vow focuses on the completion of correct views and correct understandings.  Medicine Buddha encourages us to  study and practice  the teachings of the Buddha,  engage in  the spiritual development, and be compassionate to others in a wise and  unconditional way.

The fifth through twelfth vows can be generalized as those concerning  the elimination of sufferings in the various aspects of life.  The essence of The Sutra of the Medicine Buddha  is concerned with the skillful ways that the Medicine Buddha teaches and the benefits that his teachings bring to all sentient beings of this Pure Land.  The Sutra emphasizes on releasing sentient beings’ sufferings and bestowing joys in this present life.  It serves as a precious Dharma solution for the practical issues in life.