It is generally said that a person’s future becomes his past through the present:  A successful man is the one who understands well what has happened, experiences wisely what is happening, and comprehends what is indicated in the future.

Hence in the art of living, the Chinese are traditionally mindful of the past, as any historian can inform you; are characteristically practical about the present, as any businessman can tell you; and are well experienced in perceiving the future, as this oracle will show you.

In ancient times, the Chinese method of ascertaining the future is based upon a long-known correlation of human and natural events and is accomplished symbolically by means of fortune sticks.  This method is quite simple but significant.  One would shake a container of numbered sticks until the first one jumped out as the naturally chosen indicator of your future.  Then, one would read the related numbered passage in the text which was written in poetic form to help one memorize it, and consider well its meaning for one’s guidance.

I have converted this oldest known method of fortune sticks into the format of wheel, which is the simplest way of drawing a number.  I am pleased to present here my design of the Chinese Fortune Oracle for entertainment purpose.  In the middle of the wheel, there is an auspicious, popular Chinese character “Fu” in traditional style.  Its pronunciaton is similar to ‘food’ in English but without “d.”  And, it means blessing, good fortune and happiness.

The ancient Chinese calligrahers had created one hundred (100) beautiful images of character “Fu.”    I   have selected 78 of them for this oracle and assigned one image of character “Fu” to each drawing.  In this oracle, I included the original meaning of the text and the comments for each drawing.  Below the wheel on this page, you will find  these one hundred (100) beautiful images of  character “Fu.”  (Note: You will also see other written styles of character “Fu” throughout my website.)

If you are interested in using this wheel, you can print it, cut the shape out, and put a  thin stick through the middle dot.  The other method is to use 78 drinking straws.  Please follow the procedures below when consulting the Chinese Fortune Oracle:

(1) Be sincere, mindful and in good faith; (2) Be in a quiet room alone and practice meditation; (3) Spin the wheel when your mind is calm and still; (4) When the wheel stops, refer to the 12:00 noon position for result.

If you draw a favorite one, you should work even harder to make the most of your good opportunity.  If you draw an unfavorite one, maintain calm, and use your wisdom to overcome any obstacles.  And, always remember the following Chinese proverbs:

  Every crisis brings a unique opportunity for growth!

  Blessing is hidden behind the misfortune!

  Failure is the mother of success!

If you encounter happiness, success or other favorable conditions, do not get attached to them; but be generous to share your abundant resources with the society.  If you are stricken by illness or misfortune, do not let yourself get discouraged, but rekindle your compassion and generate the wish that through your suffering all beings’ suffering may be exhausted.

Spring wind and summer rain can nurture; however, autumn frost and winter snow are also necessary for the growth of all things.  So, whatever circumstances arise, do not dwell in it, but stay free and be calm in unshakable serenity.



Following  are one hundred beautiful images of character “Fu” which means blessing, good fortune and happiness:


In Chinese, the word “crisis” is written with two characters: “danger” and “opportunity.”  So, this means every crisis is loaded with opportunities;  it brings misfortune, but also offers opportunities.  Bad luck becomes blessing because the crisis contains a unique opportunity to start something new and to grow in a new direction.  The Chinese translation of the word “crisis” captures the Yin-Yang principle!  There are no just “bad things.”  Everything has some usefulness.  By bringing balance back into our lives, we will seize the good instead of the bad.  So, as we live though a crisis, we should take time to focus on all of the opportunities we have and to turn the bad luck into good luck.  (Note:  The second character “Gee” is written in the simplified style.)