The Manifestations of Great Compassion

Verse No. 41:  Hu lu hu lu mo la,

Verse No. 42:  Hu lu hu lu si li,

Manifestation No. 41:  The King of the Eight Divisions of Spirits.

Manifestation No. 42:  The Four-Armed Heavenly Guard.


Verse No. 43:  So la so la,

Verse No. 44:   Si li si li,

Manifestation No. 43:  The Seated White Clad Kuan Yin.

Manifestation No. 44:  The Willow Branch Kuan Yin.


Verse No. 45:  Su lu su lu,

Verse No. 46:  Pu ti yeh, pu ti yeh,

Manifestation No. 45:  A Great Dharma Master.

Manifestation No. 46:  The Willow Branch Kuan Yin with a child.


Verse No. 47:  Pu to yeh, pu to yeh,

Verse No. 48:  Mi di li yeh,

Manifestation No. 47:  The Honorable Ananda.

Manifestation No. 48:  Maitreya Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 49:  Nu la jin chi,

Verse No. 50:  Di li so ni nu,

Manifestation No. 49:  The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Manifestation No. 50:  The Jewelled Banner Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 51:  Po yeh mo nu,

Verse No. 52:  So po ho,

Manifestation No. 51:  The Bodhisattva of Golden Light Banner.

Manifestation No. 52:  The Three-Headed Virtuous Sage.


Verse No. 53:  Si to yeh,

Verse No. 54:  So po ho,

Manifestation No. 53:  The Honorable Sariputra showing the Lotus Mudra.

Manifestation No. 54:  Kuan Yin pouring out her compassion upon the world.


Verse No. 55: Mo ho si to yeh,

Verse No. 56:  So po ho,

Manifestation No. 55:  The Light-Emitting Bodhisattva.

Manifestation No. 56:  The Honorable Maudgalyayana.


Verse No. 57:  Si to yu yi,

Verse No. 58:  Shi bo la yeh,

Manifestation No. 57:  The Bodhisattva of the Western Pure Land.

Manifestation No. 58:  Kuan Yin with her palms joined signifying infinite compassion.


Verse No. 59:  So po ho,

Verse No. 60:  No la jin chi,

Manifestation No. 59:  The Honorable Ajnata.

Manifestation No. 60:  The Sagara-Varadharabudhi-Vikriditabhijna Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 61:  So po ho,

Verse No. 62:  Mo la nu la,

Manifestation No. 61:  The Honorable Candala.

Manifestation No. 62:  The Bodhisattva of Precious Seal King.