The Manifestations of Great Compassion

Verse No. 63:  So po ho,

Verse No. 64:  Si la son, o mo chi yeh,

Manifestation No. 63:  The Honorable Kausthila.

Manifestation No. 64:  The Bodhisattva of Medicine King.


Verse No. 65:  So po ho,

Verse No. 66:  So po mo ho, o si to yeh,

Manifestation No. 65:  The Buddha of Perfect Fulfillment.

Manifestation No. 66:  The Supreme Bhaisajyasamudgata Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 67:  So po ho,

Verse No. 68:  Zhe ji la, o si to yeh,

Manifestation No. 67:  The Honorable Sariputra holding a sutra.

Manifestation No. 68:  The Tiger-Howling Spiritual General.


Verse No:  69:  So po ho,

Verse No. 70:  Bo fo mo, jie si to yeh,

Manifestation No. 69:  The Heavenly Mara-Papman King.

Manifestation No. 70:  The Bodhisattva of Spiritual-Incense-Heaven.


Verse No:  71:  So po ho,

Verse No. 72:  Nu la jin chi, bo chei la yeh,

Manifestation No. 71:  The Flower-Showering Heavenly Bodhisattva.

Manifestation No. 72:  The Honorable Purna.


Verse No. 73:  So po ho,

Verse No. 74:  Mo po li, sheng ji la yeh,

Manifestation No. 73:  The Darani Bodhisattva.

Manifestation No. 74:  The Samadhi Dhyana Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 75:  So po ho,

Verse No. 76:  Na mo ho la ta nu, do la yeh yeh,

Manifestation No. 75:  The Honorable Mahakaysapa.

Manifestation No. 76:  The Akasagarbha Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 77:  No mo o li yeh,

Verse No. 78:  Po lu ji di,

Manifestation No. 77:  The Samantabhadra Bohisattva.

Manifestation No. 78:  The Manjusri Bodhisattva.


Verse No. 79:  Sho bo la yeh,

Verse No. 80:  So po ho,

Manifestation No. 79:  The Bodhisattva of  Thousand-leaf Golden Lotus.

Manifestation No. 80:  The Bodhisattva showing a lowered golden arm.


Verse No. 81:  An, si dian du,

Verse No. 82:  Man do la,

Manifestation No. 81:  The Bodhisattva showing a  five-wheel hand gesture.

Manifestation No. 82:  The Buddha showing the mudras of fearlessness and blessing.


Verse No.  83:  Ba to yeh,

Verse No. 84:  So po ho,

Manifestation No. 83:  The Buddha holding an incense bowl.

Manifestation No. 84:  The Bodhisattva holding a long banner.


Verse No.  85:  Jin gang sheng zhuang yan so po ho,

Verse No. 86:  Mo jie sheng zhuang yan so po ho,

Manifestation No. 85:  Amitabha Buddha.

Manifestation No. 86:  Medicine Buddha.


Verse No. 87:  Sheng wen sheng zhuang yan so po ho,

Verse No. 88:  An ba she la si li yi so po ho.

Manifestation No. 87:  The Four-Armed Kuan Yin.

Manifestation No. 88:  The Thousand-Armed, Thousand-Eyed Kuan Yin.