This year’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were very speical.  I’d kept dreaming of our beloved parents.  Those vivid dreams reminded me so much of our good old days.

On June 15, 2014, five days before this Father’s Day, I received an email from my younger brother Daniel Wang in Rancho Cucamonga, California, saying:

“During years 1988 – 2004 I’d used my old-fashioned camcorder to shot video at our WANG’s family parties (in Southern California).  Recently, during my in-between chemotherapies (for cancer) I was able to go through those bulky VHS tapes, converted most of them into digital format, and arranged and saved them (those good old days) in a single USB flash drive.  It covers the period from October 23, 1988 to November 25, 2004.”    

My brother Daniel is the most brave, optimistic, and strong person that I have ever seen.  He’s not afraid to acknowledge space to accommodate his cancer and to befriend  it. Familiarity with that space gives him power in leading his life.  He has been a fearless warrior in his long fight with cancer.

Words could not describe how happy I was when I received a copy of his USB flash drive on June 12, 2014, which was an auspicious Full Moon Day, bringing me abundant good energy.  It’s truly amazing in viewing our family’s good old days on my compuer with this USB flash drive on.  This pricelss USB flash drive inspired me to create these new webpages of “OUR GOOD OLD DAYS”  and to dedicate them to our beloved father and mother who are the kindest persons that we have ever known.

Happy Memories in Taiwan











Happy Days in  California

























Wang’s  2015 New Year Party, Rancho Cucamonga, California:

A gathering of family members and loved ones brings out the heart of the holiday, a time for sharing the mutual love and respect.  During our gathering on 01/02/2015 at the Luxe Buffet, Rancho Cucamonga, California, everyone was in a joyful mood, full of smiles and warmth, and enjoying the delightful chats and delicious meals.  Thank you for your participation.  Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.























Wang’s 2016 New Year Party

New Year is a great time to renew, refresh and to celebrate life.  And, New Year holidays are the perfect time to create new memories of happy times with family and loved ones.  We were gathering up with family and loved ones again at the Luxe Buffet for New Year celebration on Wednesday, December 30, 2015.  Everyone was in a cheerful mood, enjoying the delightful chats, warm company, and delicious food, and welcoming the New Year by sharing joy and luck with family and loved ones.  Thank you very much for your participation in Wang’s 2016 New Year celebration.  And, special thanks to Kent Wang, John Wang, James Wang, Jenny Maeda, and Dawn Wang for contributing their photos.  May all the blessings and delights of the New Year be yours.  (12/31/2015)
































Donny Wang’s Wedding – A Family Reunion

Donny Wang and Trina Roldan have tied the marriage knot on March 5th, 2016, in Los Angels, California.  Congratulations and best wishes to this beautiful couple.  Donny’s wedding was also a perfect time for the family reunion. Many thanks to Kent Wang, John Wang and James Wang for contributing the following memorable photos.  (03/10/2016)

















A Happy Birthday Celebration

On October 3rd 2016, we came together to celebrate Daniel Wang’s birthday at Souplantation, Rancho Cucamonga (Southern California). It was such a pleasure and delight having dinner together and enjoying the warm, cheerful chats.  Happy Birthday to Daniel who turns each day into a gift.  (10/04/2016)






Wang’s 2017 New Year Party

It’s the beginning of a new year, and in fact the beginning of two new years.  Th other new year is, of course, Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster, which begins on January 28.  The Chinese New Year is always a time of great celebration that brings family members together sharing life’s happiness with each other.  After seeing many of our favorite family members and enjoying the delicious dishes at the Luxe Buffet on January 7th, we are certain to put much more effort into keeping in touch and getting together more often.  Happy New Year and many blessings to you all.  Looking forward to a healthy, wonderful, and prosperous 2017.  (01/08/2017)












The Buddha said, “Health is the highest prize.  Contentment is the greatest wealth.”

A tree without roots cannot survive.  A person cannot be a happy person if he or she has no roots.  During family gatherings we come together as a big family.  We have a chance to touch our roots deeply.  We have more contentment, stability and peace when members of our family are together to share joy and pain.