There are so many kinds of Buddhist meditation because there are so many kinds of people, so many different needs.

Walking meditation is a part of my daily exercise.  And, I practice sitting meditation before bedtime. Walking meditation is a gift we offer ourselves.  The purpose of walking meditation is to be in the present moment and enjoy each step you make.  Therefore, we have to shake off all worries, anxieties, and relax our whole body.  Our breathing will be in harmony with our steps, and our mind will naturally be at ease.

A Zen master said, “The great miracle is not to walk on the air, or to walk on water, or fire, but to be able to walk on the “Earth.

We often spent time walking on the “air” and “water” of the past and fears.  With walking meditation, we will learn to walk on the “Earth” of our own life and to be awake in the present moment.  With every step, we can touch the “Earth” and realize  the wonder of being alive.

























Confidence in our inherent quality cannot be acquired, only uncovered.

We are all leaders.  Each of us is leading our own life.  We are making decisions every moment, even if it’s just whether to drink coffee or tea.  Practicing meditation is a way to lead our lives with vision.  In sitting meditation, we get in touch with the unconditional health of the mind,  and to strengthen our confidence in making proper, wise decisions.