“Waking up this morning, I smile.  Twenty-four brand new hours are before me.”  If you really know how to live, what better way to start the day than with a smile?  Your smile affirms your awareness and determination to live in peace and joy.  How can you remember to smile when you wake up?  You might hang a reminder, so that you notice it when you wake up.  Once you develop the practice of smiling, you may not need the reminder.  You will smile as soon as you hear a bird sing or see the sunlight stream through the window.  Smiling helps you approach the day with gentleness and compassion.  And, your smile also reminds yourself to do good deeds.



























On 06/27/2015, our big sister was thrilled with joy because she unexpectedly found our beloved parents’ important documents which are our Wang’s family’s treasures. The following images are some of those important documents of our beloved parents in the USA and certificates of awards and achievements in Taiwan.  (06/28/2015)




Our  beloved father was multi-talented.  He also enjoyed writing story.  The following images are some pages of a story book that was written by him.



On Friday, October 21st. 2016, our big sister called me and said that she has just finished re-arranging her interior decorations which include her collections of our father’s artworks.  And, it was a pleasant surprise that she has found some of our parents’ favorites.  I was so glad to hear that and told her to send me the photos for those family treasures.  While growing up, we had always been astonished by our father’s artistic talents.  Today, we feel both blessed and grateful that our big sister has still kept his precious artworks.  Special “Thank You” to her for providing me with the following photos of our father’s artworks of wood-carving, wood related designs and more.  The last two photos were the Happy New Year cards that were signed by our parents in our big sister’s home in Marina, California, in year 1975. (10/24/2016)
















The Buddha said,  “All things in this world are insubstantial.  All conditioned things are subject to change.  Nothing is permanent.”

Loss and difficulty, just like birth and joy are simply the stuff of life. As we understand the nature of “impermanence,” and come to terms with these stuff of life, we’re becoming more prepared:  to enjoy life’s easier moments and to appreciate our fortunate existence, but also to be more present and at ease when things don’t happen as we want them to.  When others are facing trouble, illness, and death, we are also facing these stuff of life ourselves.  Hope you will be enlightened and find yourself better prepared for whatever comes.

We all age.   While growing old, may we always be well, happy and in good health.