The Chinese proverbs and sayings are hundreds or thousands of years old.  They express the obvious truth and offer advices.  Some of you might already be familiar with  the popular ones.  The majority of  the following Chinese proverbs and sayings are taken from The Warmth Modern  Dictionary.   You will find some of these proverbs and sayings to be your favorite ones.  Throughout this website, you will also find some sayings of Chinese sages, such as Confucius  and Lao-Tzu.  


If you stand straight, do not fear a crooked shadow.

A good nail does not  fear the hammer.

One day is worth a thousand gold.

Do not invite troubles.

Happiness is one who is content  with one’s lot.

Less empty talk and more hard work.

I drink tea and forget the world’s noises.

Only distance tests the strength of horses; only time reveals the hearts of men.

Do not let time pass without accomplishing something.  Otherwise you will regret when your hair turns gray.

Dig a well when one is thirsty; one acts without planning ahead.

Drain the pond to get all the fish; an impractical approach.

Where there’s life, there’s hope.

Embrace the Buddha’s feet in one’s time of needs; seek help at the last moment.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

When the river rises the boat goes up; things improve when the general situation improves.

When the water subsides the rocks emerge; the whole thing comes to light.

Cross a river in the same boat peacefully; people in the same boat help each other.

Dripping water wears through rock; constant effort brings success.

Bay at the moon;  one is worried about troubles of one’s own imaging; one invites troubles.

Heaven never seals off all the exists; there is always a way out.

Don’t seek water when you are a fish in the water.  Don’t look for the mountain when you are walking on it.

If the rice is not cooked, do not open the lid.  If the egg has not hatched, do not crack it open.

Fish do not come when water is too clear.  One who is too clever has no friends.

A thousand miles journey is started by taking the first step.

A goose feather sent from a thousand miles away.  A small gift that conveys great affection.

Fear neither Heaven nor Earth; one fears nothing at all.

Arrogance invites harm, humility begets benefits.

Words spoken during exuberant moments are likely to be unreliable.  Words uttered during angry moments are likely to be discourteous.

When a person dies, he leaves behind his name.  When a tree dies, it leaves behind its bark.

A single slip may cause lasting sorrow.  The error of a moment may bring the regret of a lifetime.

The spectators see the chess game better than the players.  Men are blind in their own cause.

A man cannot be judged by his appearance.   A tree cannot be judged by its bark.

Although one is poor, one has lofty ideas.

There is always one thing to conquer another.

Where there is precaution, there is less worry.

One careless move and the whole game is lost.

A prodigal who returns is more precious than gold.

Don’t be concerned with your position, but rather, place your concerns on whether you have set your goals properly.

The moon outside the window is always the same, but it looks more brilliant when the plum flowers are in bloom.

With affinity, people will meet even if they are thousand of miles apart; without affinity, people will remain as strangers despite standing face to face.

Three smiles form a matrimonial connection.  This means a smile can bind a couple for life.  Thus, a smile can also impact your destiny.

All human beings have the heart of sympathy.

Heavenly help or help from others is no match for self-help.

Troubles come forth from the mouth, disease enters via the mouth.

Gossip is a fearful thing.  Where there are people, there is gossip.

Gossip arises day after day; don’t listen, then it goes away.

Rumors stop at the wise person.

Forgive others as much as possible, just as we would forgive ourselves.

Reading thousands of volumes of books cannot compare to traveling thousands of miles of road.

To fish for the moon in the water is to make vain efforts.

Floods and fires have no mercy for anybody.

Where water flows, a channel is formed.  When conditions are ripe, success will come.

You cannot build up your constitution on one mouthful.

If you don’t want others to know about it, then don’t do it.

The miserable days drag like years.

Control your emotion, or it will control you.

A loss may turn out to be a blessing.

Human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food.

When a man is near death, he speaks from his heart.

Different people look at a thing in different ways.

A man must bear the consequences of his own actions.  One should answer for what he does himself.

A word once spoken cannot be overtaken even by a team of four horses.   A word spoken is past recalling.

A storm may arise from a clear sky; something unexpected may happen at any time.

The wheel of Feng Shui (or wind and water) turns constantly.  Thus, neither good Feng Shui (good fortune) nor bad Feng Shui (misfortune) lasts forever.

An error the breadth of a single hair can lead you a thousand of miles astray.

Deep faith moves mountain.

Failure is the mother of success.

Flowers will bloom again in due time, but man never regain his youth.

Friendships multiply joys, and divide griefs.

The net of Heaven lets nothing through; justice has a long arm.

A good companion on the road makes the long journey shorter.

Good courage breaks bad luck.

Great minds mature slowly.

If you run after two hares, you will catch neither.

Every ordinary person has a share of  responsibility for the prosperity of his country.

Be content with and specialize in what you do.

Nothing in the world is difficult, if you put your heart into it.

Hard as they are, diamonds and stones can be carved if you keep on.

Thoughtfulness is the first skill one should learn.

One was born to be useful somehow.

Good friends are sunshine in life.

You will become red when you are close to crimson, and you will become black when you are close to black ink.  So, surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.

To get along with others, one must learn to suffer losses.

You will be happy if you are virtuous, and you will live long if you are happy.

If you fail, make failure as a stepping stone to success.

It is never too late to mend the fold after the sheep are missing.

A wise man is always a good listener.