One draws a cake to satisfy one’s hunger; one makes plan based on illusions.

A mind enlightened is like heaven; a mind in darkness is like hell.

Each and everyone of us can be free and successful.

The greatest value of life lies in selfless dedication.

You may lead the horse to the river, but you cannot make him drink.

To say you don’t know is the beginning of knowing.

Eat one’s own bitter fruits; reap what one has sown.

A small leak will sink a great ship.

Don’t fish in a troubled water; don’t become involved in shady affairs.

A family that lives in harmony will prosper; avoid domestic arguments.

Know the enemy and know oneself,  and one can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.

You may know a person’s face but not his mind; you may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.

Going at too fast a pace will achieve nothing.

Show respect, patience and maturity  with elders and the wise ones.

Don’t get involved in half-baked schemes.

A truly happy individual is one who accepts his life the way it comes, realizing that neither good nor bad thing is permanent.

There’s an end to the words, but not to their messages.

Simple words, but deep meanings.

Still water runs deep; a man of great wisdom often appears slow-witted.

Not feel ashamed to ask and learn from one’s subordinates,

One does not stop until reaching the Yellow River; one refuses to give up until all hopes are gone.

To catch the moon in the water, or to fish in the air are vain efforts.

How can you catch  tiger cubs without entering the tiger’s Lair; nothing venture, nothing gain.

Bearing one’s hardship without complaint.

He who feels contented is wealthy.

Honest advice is unpleasant to the ear.

Casting a brick to attract jade; offering a few common remarks as the introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions.

You can catch sparrows on the doorstep; where visitors are few and far between.

You can reach the same destination by different roads.

One looks for a needle in the bottom of sea.

Give him an inch and he will take one foot; one is greedy and insatiable.

One takes the rough with the smooth; to grin and bear it; submit to adversity meekly.

One’s love for a person extends even to the crows on one’s roof; love me and love my dog.

One takes the bull by its horns;  one makes a decision promptly.

Diligence can make up for lack of intelligence.

One climbs a tree to catch fish, or tries to wring water from a stone; a fruitless approach.

What’s done cannot be undone; split water cannot be gathered up.

Be mindful of possible danger in times of peace.

Live and work in harmony and contentment.

All rivers follow to the sea; all things tend in one direction.

Dispel the clouds and see the sun; restore justice.

As easy as blowing off dust; not needing the slightest effort.

Not shed a tear until one sees the coffin; one refuses to be convinced until faced with grim reality.

One spends one day in fishing, and three days in drying one’s fishing net in the sun; a lazy man.

It is much too late to mend the leak of a boat when it has reached the middle of the river.

If the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold; things share a common lot.

Follow good advice as naturally as a river follows its course.

A wise man undersands the will of Heaven.

Beat the grass and frighten away the snake; act rashly and alert the enemy.

Slap one’s own face until it’s swollen in an effort to look imposing; puff oneself up to one’s own cost.

No one pockets anything found on the road; honesty prevails throughout society.

Pass through the hall into the inner chamber; reach a higher level in one’s studies or profession.

One single tree does not make a forest; one person alone cannot accomplish much.

One single log cannot support a mansion; one person alone cannot save the situation.

One day seemed like a year; time seemed to drag.

A wrongdoer achieves salvation as soon as he gives up evil.

One ant-hole may cause the collapse of a thousand-mile dike; slight negligence may lead to huge disaster.

Set free a tiger back to the mountain; lay oneself open to future trouble.

A moth darting into a flame; bringing destruction upon oneself.

Eat in the wind and sleep in the dew; enduring the hardship of an arduous journey or fieldwork.

Phoenix singing in the morning sun; good omen for the country.

May your fortune be as boundless as the East Sea and may you live a long and happy life as the South Mountain.

Joy comes never more than once, but sorrows never comes singly.

Shake up the pillow and have a good sleep without worry; sit back and relax.

The difference in one’s profession makes one feel being blocked by a mountain.

When the root is deep and vigorous, a fruit tree will bear abundant fruit.

Work hard and live simply and frugally.

Let everybody participate and help to promote this worthy undertaking.

One may excel oneself in any trade.

When you drink water, think of those who dug the well.

Work together with one heart in times of difficulty.

Harmony and peace bring wealth.

Wish iron could turn into steel at once; set high demand on someone in the hope that he will improve himself.

One’s abundant joy and happiness are as high as the sky.

The little red bean inspires the fond memory of one’s love.

The lucky star that governing marriage is in the ascendant.

Great virtue carries lasting happiness with it.

Be generous to others, but be frugal with oneself.

The waves in the back pushing the waves in the front; make progress steadily.

The late-comers surpass the old-timers; the younger generation surpasses the older.

Go in like a lion, but come out like a lamb;  good start ,but poor finish.

Blooming flowers and full moon;  perfect conjugal (wedding) bliss (in old days).

A long night filled with many dreams; a long delay means many obstacles.

Every single step leaves its print; work steadily and make solid progress.

A sheet of loose sands, in a state of disorder; lack of unity.

Cover up the Heaven with one hand; hide the truth from the masses; mislead the public.

Once bitten by a snake, one is afraid of a coiled rope for the next ten years; once bitten, twice shy.

One day apart seemed like three years; two lovers apart missing each other.

Each crab is smaller than the one before; each one is worse than the previous one.

Put a leaf before the eyes to shut out the view of the giant Mount Tai; have one’s view of the important thing overshadowed by the petty thing.

Leave a stink for ten thousand years; go down in history as a byword of infamy.

Be terribly suspicious;  be even afraid of one’s own shadow.

One must be a servant before one can be a master.

Out of debt, out of danger.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Practice what you preach.

Say well is good, but do well is better.

Fan out from one point to area; use the experience of a selected unit to promote the work in the entire area.

Use one’s neighbor’s field as a drain; shift one’s troubles onto others.

Set your own spear against your own shield; refute somebody with his own argument.

Breathe through the same nostril; sing the same tune.

A single word statement may bring a disaster to the nation; a timely warning may avert a national crisis.

As easy as turning one’s hand over; as easy as falling off a log.

Give up eating for fear of choking; refrain from doing something necessary for fear of a slight risk.

When you drink water, think of its source; never forget where one’s happiness comes from.

Drink poison to quench thirst; seek temporary relief regardless of its consequences.

Invite a wolf into the house; open the door to a dangerous foe.

A hero with no place to show his prowess; a fish out of water; no scope to exercise one’s abilities.

Virtue, just like rare spices, will send off a pleasant smell when burning.

There are long roads ahead, I will explore all fronts in search of the destination.

Those who are good at being teachers perfect their teaching and are careful about their behavior.

We feel so close to each other if we are good friends, even though we live far apart from each other.

Sincere and lasting love is not “love at first sight.”

Love is valuable because it is irreplaceable.

Meet a tiger at the door; confront trouble half-way.

Look at the weather when you step out, and look at the man’s face (the owner of the house) when you step in the door.

Love me little, love me long.

Man struggles upward, water flows downwards.

Misfortunes tell us what fortune is.

Come to this world with a heart of love, and leave it without claiming anything.

To be a good person in society, one should be loyal, hardworking and observe promise.

Only by promoting your life can you make your life meaningful.