The sounds of evening drum and morning bell in a monastery are timely exhortations to virtue and purity.

All that glitter is not gold.

Having wealth is good fortune; knowing how to use the wealth is wisdom.

Troubles are caused by words flowing out of mouth; illness is caused by food going into the mouth.

Life is a kind of art in a broad sense.  Everyone’s life is his own works.

We often do not cherish years when we are young, but we value minutes when we are getting old.

A person’s good health is a precious wealth of his own and of the society.

What cannot be cured must be endured.

Wisdom is more precious than wealth.

You are only young once.

Without learning, without eyes.

Words cut more than swords.

Work has bitter root, but sweet fruit.

A sudden thunderclap on the ground; a sudden rise in fame and position; an unexpected happy event.

Blot out the sky and cover up the earth; in an overwhelming manner.

A tiger went down to an open field; a man loses his high position and power; an evil-doer being handcuffed by a police officer.

Looking for a horse while sitting on one; hold on to one job while seeking a better one.

A magic hand brings back the spring; (of a doctor’s skill) brings the dying back to life; snatch a patient from the jaws of death.

Imbued with a spirit that could swallow up mountains and rivers; full of daring.

A thousand-weight held by a hair; in imminent peril; be in an extremely critical situation.

There are no poor soldiers under a good general; there are no weak troops under a good commander.

Even the cleverest housewife cannot cook a good meal without rice; one cannot make an omelet without breaking an egg.

Like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water; touch on something without going into it deeply.

Hit on a good idea in a moment of desperation; emergency stimulates one’s wits.

In the eye of the lover, his/her beloved is a beauty; love is blind.

Poverty gives rise to a strong desire for changes.

When all means are exhausted, changes become necessary, once changed, a solution emerges.

Put aside minor differences so as to seek common ground; seek common ground while reserving minor differences.

Bend the chimney and remove the firewoods (to prevent a possible fire); take precautions against a possible disaster.

Learn from others’ strength to offset one’s weaknesses.

Go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures; learn from someone else’s experience.

What is taken from the people is used in the interest of the people.

Highbrow (high class) songs find few singers; melodies of superior taste find few to join in chorus.

A host of dragons without a head; a group without a leader.

Dip one’s finger in the pie and claim the Lion’s share.

One’s mouth looks like a hanging river; let loose a flood of eloquence; talk volubly.

One steps down and gives room to better men.

Stir a fire only to burn oneself; invite or ask for trouble.

Neither men nor spirits know anything about it; keep a big secret from others.

People bustling and horses neighing; a busy and prosperous country scene.

Fame brings trouble for men as fattening for pigs.

A snake tries to swallow an elephant;  a greedy man.

Men’s hearts and minds differ just as their faces do.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

You cannot stand on two boats and sail.

A brave man smiles in the face of adversity.

Bad news travels quickly.

Don’t waste life in doubts and fears.

The worse luck now, the better luck another time.

Success won’t come to me unless I go to it.

A little pot is soon hot.

The benevolent sees righteousness and the wise sees wisdom; different people look at a thing in different ways.

Sit firmly in the fishing boat despite the rising wind and waves; one holds one’s ground despite pressure or opposition.

Softness can overcome the hardest; the soft can conquer the hard.

Like a fish bone getting stuck in the throat; necessary to give vent to one’s pent-up feeling.

Like a tiger that has grown wings; thing becomes stronger or greater; one with great power.

Like entering an unoccupied land (without people); breaking all  resistance.

Like melting snow with hot water; easily done.

Like the shadow following the person; very closely associated with each other.

Feel as if sitting on a bed of nails; in a state of anxious suspense.

Of the thirty-six strategems, the best one is running away; the best thing to do now is to quit.

Go fishing for one day and dry the nets for three days; work in short periods, not regularly.

There is no road to heaven and no door into the earth; no way of escape; in desperate circumstances.

Give up a castle to save the king (in a chess game); make minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests.

Unknown to god or ghost; without anybody knowing it, in great secrecy.

Lose at sunrise and gain at sunset.

When the cat  is away, the mice will play.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Time and tide wait for no man.

You cannot keep a good man down.

A young twig is easier twisted than an old tree.

Growing up in happiness, one often fails to appreciate what happiness really means; not appreciate the happy life one enjoys.

Doughty as a dragon and lively as a tiger; full of mental and physical energies.

The rice is cooked; what’s done cannot be undone.

Not to become arrogant because of victory, or discouraged in case of defeat.

It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to rear people.

The nerves of ten fingertips are linked with the heart; what happens to children is of vital interest to parents.

Fortune is smiling; time has moved in one’s favor.

Those who behave with virtues will thrive.

You never know how hard a task is until you have done it yourself.

Only one who drinks water knows its coldness or warmth.

Stop before going too far; know when or where to stop; not overdo it.

Things run counter to one’s desire; be just the opposite to what one wished.

When the snipe and the clam grapple, the fisherman profits; it’s the third party that benefits fromt the tussle.

Every injustice has its perpetrator;  every debt has its debtor.

Water afar won’t put out a fire close at hand;  a slow remedy cannot meet an urgency.

Distant water cannnot quench present thirst;  the aid is much too slow in coming to be of any help; slow help is of no help.

The clouds arise without any design; an inadvertent act; done not on purpose.

You cannot wrap fire in paper; there is no concealing to the fact; the truth will be out.

After considering one thousand times, a wise man could miss the insight.

A myriad of stars surrounding the moon; a host of lesser lights around the leading one.

Strings of pearls and girdles of jade; a perfect pair; a happy combination.

Draw water with a bamboo basket; all in vain.

The biter is sometimes bit.

A lifetime of cleverness can be ruined by a moment of stupidity.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

The blood of the soldiers makes the glory of the general.

The darkest hour is that before thd dawn.

The fish that nibbles at every bait will soon be caught.

The good seaman is known in bad weather.

Let the tiger return to the mountain; cause calamity for the future.

Look at flowers while riding on horseback; gain a superficial understanding through quick observation.

Take one step and look around before taking another one; proceed without a plan, but  with caution.

A man with downy lips is bound to make slips;  inexperienced young people cannot be trusted with important tasks.

The drinker’s heart is not in the cup (wine); one has inferior motives.

Look at the sky from the bottom of a well; have a very narrow view.

Sit on top of the mountain and watch the tigers fight; watch in safety while others fight, then reap the spoils when both sides are exhausted.

Make a law only to fall foul of it oneself;  get caught in one’s own trap.

Leap out of one’s skin, get dizzy with success and forget one’s own shape; have one’s head turned by success.

The best hearts are always the bravest.

The highest tower begins from the ground.

The overturned cart is a warning to the carts behind.

Don’t measure the sea by liter; don’t judge people by their appearances.

Constant effort brings success.

The benevolent has no enemy.

True love never grows old.

Vanity blossoms, but never bears.

Well begun is half done.

Good books are like medicine; reading good books may cure foolishness.

Friends are not books, yet books are friends.  Friends may betray you, while books are always loyal.

Achieving one’s goal is happiness, and being content is happiness, too.

Patriotism is a duty and an honor.

You will achieve nothing if you place your hope merely on opportunity.

Success comes from respect, failure from arrogance.

The best mirror is a good friend’s eyes.

The heart (mind) of a little child is like the mind of the Buddha.