My good neighbor of one and one half years, Mr. Henry Hong, is a devout Christian.  On the Easter Sunday, April 8th, 2012, which is about one month before my birthday, he gave me a very spiritual, uplifting gift for my birthday.  With his deep inspiration, I did the following Chinese brush painting of ‘THE LORD.”

Easter, which celebrates the mysteries of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, is considered the most important Christian feast.  Because the date of Easter is determined by the spring moon, the feast is movable:  it falls between the end of March and the third week in April, and is preceded by a forty-day period of fasting.  Present-day Easter customs are a mixture of Christian and heathen customs.  Easter, the feast of the resurrection, coincides with the awakening of nature in spring; accordingly, fertility symbols, such as rabbits, chickens and eggs all find a place in the celebrations of various countries.  (Source:  “World Religions“, By: Franjo Terhart and Janina Schulze)

Jesus said, “Love your brother, like your soul, guard him like the pupil of your eye.”   Practice loving your brothers and sisters as you do your very own soul and self.  It is a love and compassion so deep that one holds the interests and welfare of one’s spiritual companions equal to one’s own self-interest.   We can begin to cultivate our love and compassion with those we can see.  And, if you wish to be loved, then be loving, for it is in being loving that the depth of love is experienced.  Not knowing love within oneself, one cannot recognize one’s love manifest.  The activity of love is its own blessing.  In truth, there is no greater spiritual power than love.  (Source:  “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas,” By: Tau Malachi)




The following inspirational poems were taken from “Salesian Inspirational Books.”  I wish to thank the authors and Salesian Mission Publication for their kind contributions.

Blessed Assurance

Dear Lord, You walk beside me,

I feel Your presence there;

Your gentle touch assures me

Of tender, loving care.

You give me inspiration

To follow in Your way;

You bring me consolation

Throughout each passing day.

From break of dawn till sunset

I’ll leave the world behind

To travel with You always,

With but one goal in mind…

To be with You forever

Where saints and angels sing;

But, until then, I give You thanks

For all the joy You bring.

(By: Edna Fontaine)


The Eyes of God

God’s eyes are always watching,

They are never far away;

His ears are always open,

To hear us when we pray.

His hands are thus extended,

To lift us should we fall;

His voice will give an answer,

If upon Him we will call.

His heart is always broken,

When we turn away from Him;

Yet, he is more than anxious

To send light when life looks dim.

His feet will walk before us,

Leaving footprints we can see;

His love will wrap around us,

And His grace will set us free.

(By: Frances Culp Wolfe)


The Paths We Take

Life is such a winding road…a path we take,

And follow it awhile and then forsake

It for another path or open door….

Not knowing what the future has in store.

Yet, we can trust and know with certainty

That God does have a plan for you and me.

His ways are perfect and if we abide

In Him, we’ll find He always does provide.

We never can begin to understand

What wonders lie ahead that He has planned

For our life when we simply hold His hand.

(By: Martha Mastin)