Jesus was the most famous teacher of His day.  His teaching explores many facets of normal life.  He supported marriage, opposing divorce as well as condemning adultery.  He also valued family life, especially children.  At the same time, he remained single himself, with his community of followers as his family.

For the Jews, Jesus was a notable teacher and healer with strict moral standards.  For Christians, He is the Son of God and the focus of their faith.  They believe that following Jesus‘s teachings and believing in him as their Savior will lead to their salvation.  For Muslims, He is a major prophet:  a man who caused miracles, healed the sick, and told people to worship Allah.  He is not seen as the Son of God.  (Source:  “Religions – Visual Reference Guides,” by Philip Wilkinson.)   The following image is my painting of  “Jesus as the Good Shepherd.”

Jesus said, “Blessed are you when you are hated and persecuted.  Wherever you have been persecuted they will find no place.”   Whatever persecution or opposition you might encounter is a blessing upon your soul if you maintain your faith and endure it, for your faith will naturally grow stronger and your soul gain refinement in the process.  Persecution may come for many reasons.  We are to respond to it the same and seek to draw out the hidden blessing in whatever situation of oppression we might encounter.  (Source:  “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas,” By: Tau Malachi)




A New Day

As the mist rises up from my garden

When the sun warms the earth from above,

I feel the pain in my heart also lifting

And I give thanks to my Lord for His love.

There are times when life seems all a burden,

The woes of each day bring more pain;

It is then I pray to our Father in Heaven,

Thank Him for blessings He’s given again.

As I look from the earth to the Heavens,

There are signs of His grace given to me,

The warmth of the sun as the day has begun,

It gives warmth to the day and to me.

The mist left fresh dew on the flowers,

Their bright blossoms they soon will display –

These things all come from our Father

And He sends us a precious new day.

(By: Milly Patzer)


By Faith

By faith we walk that lonesome road

That leads us through despair,

And trust in Him who lights the way

To gently lead us there.

He guides us past the detours

That lead the weak astray,

And keeps our feet on solid ground

Along life’s narrow way.

By faith we find the courage

To leave our comfort zone,

And when we slay Goliath,

We find that we have grown.

By faith we can move mountains

That blocked our way before,

And rest beside still waters

To renew our strength once more.

By faith we see beyond our fears

The path to victory,

When we follow in His footsteps

Where He wants us to be.

There are no problems He can’t solve,

No mountains we can’t climb.

By faith we walk that lonesome road

One step at a time.

(By:  Clay Harrison)