Jesus told His disciples that He came not to be served but to serve; that they should act like servants, not masters; that the greatest should act like the least; that they should never lord it over anyone; and that the real master serves others out of love.  He said that one penny from a poor woman was more pleasing to God than the gold of a rich man.  He loved the very young, the very old, the very poor, and the very ill.  He loved widows and orphans and sinners, all of whom ranked low on society’s A-list.

His unusual emotions, His gentleness, and His vast reserves of compassion for the lonely, the rejected, the abandoned and the suffering brought nonviolent revolution to the world.  He radiated warmth and wisdom, and inspired confidence.  Anyone could approach Him, and did.  (Source:  Lina Accurso, “Horoscope Guide,” September 2004 Issue.)   The following image is my painting of “Jesus as the Good Shepherd.”

Jesus said, “Blessed is the man who has suffered and found life.”   The life is naturally full of sorrow and suffering and great challenges.  When trials come and you fall into yourself and close your heart, suffering is increased and intensified.  When you open your heart, making room for everyone and everything, suffering is decreased and passes more swiftly.  Seek to draw from it the blessings that may be found, so that, when the period of sorrow or suffering has passed, you will have the good from it.  When you meet the challenges of life in this way, you will naturally be blessed and your faith will grow stronger, and your soul more refined.  You will find Life.  (Source:  “The Gnostic Gospel of St. Thomas,” By”  Tau Malachi)



 Talk with Jesus

Every time you talk with Jesus,

He always understands.

You don’t have to bow your head

Or even fold your hands.

When you’re at work, or at school,

It doesn’t matter where,

If you have things to say to Him,

He’ll always be right there.

He’s used to hearing secret thoughts

And listening to prayers,

So you can tell Him anything,

Because He really cares.

So talk to Him and tell Him

All the things you have in mind –

And He will be

The dearest friend

That you could ever find.

(Author:  Unknown)


Place Your Trust in God

In the wintertime of my life

I was burdened with great sorrow.

As storm clouds gathered everywhere,

I yearned for a better tomorrow.

I thought the sun would never shine,

It seemed I was always complaining,

The sun was hidden from my eyes

As I feared what life would be bringing.

Misery and grief were my constant companions;

I was drowning in my pain.

I pleaded for God to help me

And relieve me from the misery of complaint.

My Savior lifted me up to Him

And released me from my disgust.

He whispered softly, “Have you forgotten child,

In me you must place your trust.”

I felt the mighty power of God

Lift the weight I so heavily bore;

I watched the dismal clouds part

And saw the sun shining once more.

(By: Shirley Hile Powell)