The Eight Trigrams




Trigram No. 1 “Chien”: The Heaven

Yin/Yang:  Yang;  Direction:  Northwest;  Five Elements:  Metal;  Family:  Father;  Animal:  Horse;  Body Parts:  Head, Face, Heart, Blood Pressure;  Lunar Months:  September, October.

Special Traits:  The Heaven, Sky, King, Leader, Father, Husband, Mentors, Helpful People, Authority, Creativity, and Strength.

Trigram No. 2 “Tui”:  Lake

Yin/Yang:  Yin;  Direction: West;  Five Elements:  Metal;  Family:  Youngest Daughter;  Animal:  Sheep;  Body Parts:  Mouth, Teeth, Throat, Chest, Breast, Lungs;  Lunar Month:  August.

Special Traits:  Lake, River, Talking, Eating, Foods, Harvest, Romance, Joy, Happiness, Wedding, Hobbies, and Leisure Activities.

Trigram No. 3 “Li”:  Fire

Yin/Yang: Yin; Direction:  South;  Five Elements:  Fire;  Family:  Second Daughter;  Animal:  Fowl;  Body Parts:  Eyes, Eye Sight, Blood, Brain, Mind;  Lunar Month:  May.

Special Traits:  Fire, Heat, Light, Energy, Brightness, Clinging, Fame, Prestige, Status, Power, Recognition, Wise, and Foresight.

Trigram No. 4 “Chen”:  Thunder

Yin/Yang:  Yang, Direction:  East; Five Elements:  Wood;  Family:  Eldest Son;  Animal:  Dragon; Body Parts:  Feet, Liver, Gall Bladder, Vein, Hair;  Lunar Month:  February.

Special Traits:  Thunder, Actions, Movements, The Rising Sun, Initiative, Invention, Innovation, Youth, Ability, Talents, Wishes, and Hopes.

Trigram No. 5 “Sun”:  Wind

Yin/Yang:  Yin;  Direction:  Southeast;  Five Elements:  Wood;  Family:  Eldest Daughter;  Animal:  Rooster;  Body Parts: Thigh, Hip, Legs, Intestines, Nerve, Artery;  Lunar months:  March, April.

Special Traits:  Wind, Follow, Penetrate, Marriage, Career, Trade, Credit, Skills, Wisdom, Education, Travel, and Honest.

Trigram No. 6 “Kan”:  Water

Yin/Yang:  Yang;  Direction:  North;  Five Elements:  Water;  Family:  Second Son;  Animal: Pig;  Body Parts:  Ears, Kidneys, Reproduction Organs, Tear, Sweat;  Lunar Month:  November.

Special Traits:  Water, Danger, Deep, Darkness, Subordinates, Sex, Children, Sensuality, and Hardship.

Trigram No. 7 “Ken”:  Mountain

Yin/Yang: Yang;  Direction:  Northeast; Five Elements:  Earth;  Family:  Youngest Son;  Animal:  Dog;  Body Parts: Hands, Fingers, Joints, Bones and Muscles;  Lunar Months:  December, January.

Special Traits:  Mountain, Stillness, Sibling, Relationship, Wealth, Savings, Reform. After the long  night, the Sun will rise and shine again;  At the end of dark tunnel, there is a bright hall.

Trigram No. 8 “Kun”:  The Earth

Yin/Yang: Yin;  Direction:  Southwest;  Five Elements:  Earth;  Family: Mother;  Animal:  Ox;  Body Parts:  Belly, Waist, Abdomen, Digestive System;  Lunar Months:  June, July.

Special Traits:  The Earth, Land, Soil, Real Estate, Property, Mother, Wife, Parental Love, Friendship, Docile, Devoted, Jobs, and Diligence.