Hexagram No. 1  –  Hexagram No. 16 

   Hexagram No. 1:  Chien

 Above: Chien – The Heaven

Below: Chien – The Heaven

Image:  One  with heaven luck – success, good fortune, and prosperity.

Meanings:   This character has two different pronunciation: (1) When pronounced “Gan”, it means dry, dried.  (2)  When pronounced “Chien” (in I Ching), it has the following meanings: The Heaven; father; pure Yang energy – strong, firm; creativity, origination, justice, success, power, great fortune, extraordinary.  Both of the Trigrams are the same – The Heaven repeated.    It is a very lucky Hexagram.

Hexagrams No. 1 (The Heaven) and No. 2 (The Earth) together represent the universe.  They are the basics and sources of all 64 Hexagrams.

Comments:  Be prudent, diligent and  workhard. Don’t be impulsive, arrogant. Take a leadership role. Assume heavy responsibilities. You are capable of becoming an authority figure. You can improve your finance, home life, and increase the  prestige. Take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves.

     Hexagram No. 2: Kun

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Kun – The Earth

Image:  One is  kind, caring, tender, tolerant and forgiving.

Meanings: The Earth; mother; pure Yin energy – gentle, soft; tender, tolerant, receptive, enduring harship. Both of the Trigrams are the same – The Earth repeated.  Good fortune will come one’s way.

Hexagrams No. 2 (The Earth) and No. 1 (The Heaven) together represent the universe.  They are the origins of all 64 Hexagrams.

Comments:  Be kind, generous to all you meet.  Be considerate  and patient when performing duties.  Respond to others’ needs in a caring and helpful ways.

Difficulty at the beginning, but progress slowly toward success.  Seek a  partner who is a Yang type – strong, firm.  Don’t act too aggressively. Mentors, helpful people from Southwest will come your way.

     Hexagram No. 3:  Tun

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:  The difficulty at the beginning.

Meanings:  Difficulty.  The seeds that have been planted in the soil are waiting for water and fertilizer to grow.  A new plant breaks the ground with great difficulty.  So, we must sometimes push against difficulty in bringing forth our dreams.

Comments:  It is likely that you may have to deal with delays, obstacles, and frustrations.  Everything seems going very slowly.  Be patient, persistent and work diligently.  Think positively and improve your skills.  Lay some solid plans in advance and stick to them.  Your future is bright.

     Hexagram No. 4:  Meng

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below: Kan – Water

Image:  Things are being covered, not clear.

Meanings:  Being covered up; mask. The circumstances are uncertain.  There are doubts, suspicions.  It also indicates the process of throwing off the mask to see clearly.

Comments:  You will need all the patience.  Examine your undertaking and take time to understand your connection to the people around you.  Improve your skills and learn from others’ strength with an open mind.  Be more organized, efficient and use your talents to put your life in order.  Don’t ignore the opinions of others.  It is not a good time  to travel, change job, file a lawsuit, or get married.

     Hexagram No. 5:  Hsu

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Chien – The Heaven

Image:  Waiting for rainfall.

Meanings:  Need, want, require.  The sky was full of dense cloud, and heavy rain was expected.  But, suddenly it changed from cloudy to a sunny day.  Your goals seemed so close to be achieved, yet it took a sudden turn, and did not go as you wished.

Comments:  Don’t panic. Don’t give up. Examine what went wrong.  Stay calm and be patient, help will be on the way, difficulty and obstacles will be resolved.  Don’t try to force yourself into a new project.

Your feeling is a bit unstable.  A new romance you start now will not bring positive result.  If you are planning to get married, show a little wisdom to postpone the wedding plan.

     Hexagram No. 6:  Sung

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:  The process of  disputes and litigation

Meanings:  Lawsuit, litigation, and legal matters. Openly discuss fairness and injustice, right and wrong in the public.  One’s undertaking may get involved in a conflict of interests or law suit.

Comments:  Be wise, consider all factors carefully, and avoid any disputes, conflict.  Think twice before making any promises.  Read the fine print before signing any papers.  Do not ignore the details if you are  involved in a legal matter.  Think a bit before you make any alternation that might bring resentment or litigation.

     Hexagram No. 7:  Shih

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:  An intelligent, capable, and  experienced leader.

Meanings:  The troops, the army; dispatching the troops. The commander who dispatched his troops for the right cause have gained ardent support and assistance.

Comments:  Don’t act rashly.  Don’t be self-willed, head-strong.  Listen to the opinions and good advices of parents, or seniors before acting alone.  A leader who is in charge of heavy responsibility should act for the best interests of all, not for personal gains.

     Hexagram No. 8:  Pi

Above:  Kan – Water

Below: Kun – The Earth

Image:  Things holding together.

MeaningsCompare, neighbor, near, together, union, be close with each other.  The Earth and water are harmonious with each other.  There are more Yin (5 broken lines) than Yang.  So, don’t be too aggressive, or arrogant. This is a lucky Hexagram.

Comments:  You will be in the center of things and become popular.  Maintaining a harmonious relationship with those you meet will bring good luck. Assistance from older people or friends could bring you the success, or help you achieve your goals.  Share your good fortune with those less fortunate.  It is a good time to get married.

   Hexagram No. 9:  Hsiao Chu

Above:  Sun – Wind, Gentle

Below:  Chien – The Heaven, strong

Images:   One feels the gentle breeze.

Meanings:  Minor things; the taming power of the small.  Soft can conquer the hard.  However, the soft will confront some obstacles before conquering the hard.

Comments:  Think positively, act confidently, and work diligently. Good fortune will come your way.  Your talents will be recognized.  You will gain small amount of material prosperity that should be kept for retirement needs.  And, don’t forget to develop some spiritual side. Watch out for the minor things that are not worth mentioning.  It might be the cause of quarrels in the family or close relationship.

     Hexagram No. 10:  Lu

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Tui – Lake

Image:   One is performing duties.

Meanings:  Perform, fulfll; tread on, walk on.  When performing duties, one should be strict with oneself and be kind, generous toward others.

Comments: You are  well-respected and  have achieved a good degree of success. Be humble and create a harmonious environment wherever you are.  Be thoughtful and considerate when performing duties.  Acting rashly or reckless will bring minor misfortune.

     Hexagram No. 11:  Tai

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Chien – The Heaven

Image:  The world is at peace.

Meanings:  Peace, safe, harmony.  It is a good time to start new business or make investment. Small investment yields huge profits.  The leader who contributed to the welfare of his people was well-respected, and has received ardent support.

Comments:  People tend to seek excitement in days of peace.  Don’t over-expand business without  a sound and solid long term planning.  Dormant disease can develop even when one feels healthy.  Everything has its peak and limit, so be alert in the days of peace and prosperity.  Be prepared in  case of unexpectedness or sudden changes.  Be compassionate,  generous to those who are less fortunate.

     Hexagram No. 12:  Pi

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Kun – The Earth

Image:   Things are coming to a standstill, stagnation.

Meanings: This character has two different pronunciation: (1)  When pronounced “Huo,” it means negative.  (2) When pronounced “Pi” (in I Ching), it means standstill, stagnant.  This Hexagram indicates  no interaction between Yin and Yang.  Each does things in his/her own ways.  Hexagram No. 12 is the opposite of  Hexagram No. 11 “Tai”.

Comments:  The “Chi” (energy, life force) becomes stagnant. All  things appear to be falling apart.  Things are going in adverse direction.  You may not receive the rewards for your hardwork and efforts.

You will need all the patience.  Don’t be pessimistic.  Remember, the extreme of negative will become positive.  All the negative things are just temporary.  When the storm is over, there will be sunny days again.  Be sure to rest, eat properly and get a health checkup, if you feel tired much of the time.

      Hexagram No. 13:  Tung Ren

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:  Fellowship with like-minded people.

Meanings:  One works with friends who share the same or similar interests, views or experiences towards the common goals.  United, obstacles can be overcome and goals can be achieved.

Comments:  Start new business or make investments with people who share the same interests and experiences to obtain financial success.  Your hardwork combined with assistance from like-minded people can make your dreams come true, and remember to share the honor and success with them.  Watch out for disputes, disagreement that can cause the breakup.  Selfishnees and dishonesty will bring failure.

     Hexagram No. 14:  Da Yu

Above:  Li – Fire

Below:  Chien – The Heaven

Image:  Possession in great measure.

Meanings:  Abundance, good fortune, great wealth, high reputation.  One Yin is in command of five Yang. The  position of the fifth Yin line represents a Monarch (King) who was ardently supported and loyally protected by his people (other Yang lines).  The Monarch made decisions and acted for the best interests of all, not for personal gains. The fifth line is regarded as the highest position.  It is the most lucky Hexagram.

Comments:  Good fortune will come your way.  You will achieve a great success that is more than your efforts deserve. You will have a lot to offer to others, on both a personal and social events.  So, join charitable organizations, seek ways to help others and enhance life in the community.  Remember to share your profits and power with those who contributed to your success.

The fullness and top can easily be attacked.  Abundance and scarcity follow each other in succession.  There is a saying: “One loses by pride and gains by modesty.”  So, you should play down your arrogance and ambition to avoid adversity.

      Hexagram No. 15:  Chien

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:  One is modest, humble.

Meanings:  Be modest, humble; sharing; open-minded. The secret of  a successful business is sharing  of profit and power, harmony and creativity. There is a saying: “The modesty receives benefit, while the conceited reaps failure.”

Comments:  Don’t be rash, reckless.  Act with prudence and modesty.  Difficulties and obstacles will be dissolved gradually, and good fortune will come.  A leader should be open-minded, listen to the opinions of others, and share the profit and power with those who contributed to the success. Create a harmonious environment wherever you are, especially in home.

      Hexagram No. 16:  Yu

 Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Kun – The Earth

Image:  The universe is full of thunderous cheers.

Meanings:  Loud thunder shaking up the earth. One is enthusiastic, energetic, and courageous.  When Springtime comes, all vegetations start growing, sprouting or budding.  After the hibernation (winter sleep), the withered plants revived in the thunder shower.

Comments:  After resting and developing spiritualty, you have plenty of physical and mental energies to work creatively towards your goals.  You can proceed the sound business schemes that will enable you to increase the financial holdings or bring your career success.  Be prepared in case of contigency.

Act promptly, prudently and don’t be greedy when good opportunity knocks at your door unexpectedly.  Indulging yourself in much sensual pleasures or negative activities will offset your good fortune.  Things are not settled yet, don’t change residence.