Wisdom from Thousands of Years of Experience

We hope for better things. We wish to improve our lives and luck. And, we like to display auspicious things that empower us to think and act positively.  However, we can not obtain every auspicious thing we would like to have.  An alternative to using real things would be to properly display the good fortune symbols.

The Chinese have always used symbols with good meanings in the forms of statues, paintings, calligraphy and amulets to express the feelings and wishes, to improve lives and luck, and to communicate with each other and with the Divinity.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art about the way of wind and water, and about elements working in harmony.   Having good Feng Shui means enjoying peace and prosperity; having healthy and harmonious lives.
According to Feng Shui theory, a person’s destiny is determined by his/her heaven luck (Karma and what he/she was born with), man-made luck (hard works, education, and compassionate acts, etc.) and earth luck (environment and surroundings).  The practice of Feng Shui is to improve and enhance our earth luck.  A pleasant and harmonious surroundings will bring good flow of energy.  If you think that just because you do Feng Shui, it will help you to change from homeless to  millionaire, it is just not possible; this is related to your own heaven luck and man-made luck.
Feng Shui has been used throughout China for thousands of years  to improve  the  environment to generate a good flow of positive energy  and to motivate the consciousness.  Sometimes, it is impossible to change the environment,  various auspicious symbols are used  to ward off or redirect the negative  energy and to attract the positive energy for good luck.
In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, everything is made of energy (Chi).  When the energy (Chi) in certain areas or directions of our house is interrupted or stuck, it can have negative influence, such as pain or illness.  We can create homes and workplaces that not only prevent us from getting sick, but also promote our health and success in life.  One of the  most easiest and simplest  ways is to properly display  auspicious symbols  or  paintings with good fortune meanings.
Symbols are very powerful.  Fill up your homes and work places with all the good fortune symbols or paintings to provide the needed protection and  invite the good energy to help bring harmony and success.  Feng Shui is not a religion, and can be used by people of all cultures and religions. It is always a good Feng Shui to place religious symbols or statues in the homes or work places.
Keep in mind, you can not be enhancing your Feng Shui (earth luck) without doing anything on yourself to create the opportunities.  So, while improving your earth luck, at the same time be kind to people, be hard working, and  think and act confidently with a positive image in your mind.
Good luck and hope good Feng Shui be with you.