We usually look for a good day and time to start something. The following astrological information can help you select a favorable starting point for any important plans, such as getting married, filing a lawsuit, opening a business venture, starting a new job, ground-breaking, or moving into a new home, and more.


–  The relationship of the transiting Sun and the Moon is essential to the success of any venture.  The matters will move quickly and easily to fruition if the transiting Moon is increasing in light, moving from New Moon (the Sun conjunct Moon)  to Full Moon (the Sun opposite Moon).  However, the period extending twelve degrees after the New Moon (approximately the first twenty-four hours following the New Moon) is considered adverse.

–  The Moon should never be void-of-course.   When the transiting Moon is void-of-course, decision-making proves unrealistic, creative energies bog down and lose focus, business ventures fail to generate profits, purchases do not meet expectations.

–  Avoid the transiting Moon in Scorpio (its fall), Capricorn (its sign of detriment), or in the Via Combusta, 15 degrees Libra to 15 degrees Scorpio.

–  The transiting Moon should not apply to major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) to a retrograde planet.

–   The transiting Moon should have minimal contact with the transiting Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  Unless these planets are well configured, or are significant to the matter under consideration.  The planet ruling the project should be free of such adverse contacts.

–   When the transiting Sun and Moon are conjunct (New Moon), it is a good time to begin new projects or embark on a partnership.  When the Moon is waxing, things usually get off to a better start.

–  A Full Moon (the Sun opposite Moon) typically produces a higher state of tension, which can be difficult to control.  So, it is best to avoid major tasks, job interviews, and other important business when the Moon is full.

–   Good aspects of transiting Jupiter or Venus to the Moon favor sales, lending and borrowing.  Good aspects of transiting Mercury to the Moon also favors sales.

–   The transiting Moon in beneficial aspect with your natal Sun, Mercury, Uranus, or Neptune favors public relations.

–   The transiting Mars, Neptune, Pluto, or Saturn in poor aspect to your natal Moon is a time to avoid making agreements and forming partnerships.

–    Avoid signing any papers if your natal Sun is poorly afflicted.

–    Beneficial aspects between transiting Jupiter or Venus and your 10th House or natal Sun  indicate the possibility of a raise or promotion, reward or recognition.

–    When the Sun is passing your Ascendant, you get the benefit of positive energy directed your way by other people.


Void-Of-Course Moon

The period between the transiting Moon’s last major aspect in one sign and its entry into the next sign is called the void-of-course Moon.  A void-of-course Moon can last for minutes or days, and during this time business proposals, recommendations and decisions turn out to be unrealistic or fail to bring in expected profits.

Human judgment is more fallible, which leads to false starts and errors, appointments and meetings get mixed up or cancelled.  To minimize the effects of the void-of-course Moon, avoid making major changes or decisions, and stick to the routine work when the Moon is void-of-course.  It is a good time to take a long lunch, meditate, and anything that is subjective and non-material.


Mars Accumulation 

Because the position of Mars in the birth chart signifies the accumulation and expenditure of energy, it is associated with new jobs, new projects and receipt of a well-earned raise or promotion.   Thus, the best time to ask for a raise or to find new job , or start a new project is when transiting Mars returns to the position Mars holds in your birth chart (which it does about every two years).


Money and Success

The major indicators of money and success in the birth chart are the 2nd House of money, possessions and values, and the 10th House of career, public image, and social standing.   The 5th, 8th, and 11th Houses are also sources of valuable resources.

The 2nd House represents your values, your potential to earn an income, usually carried out through the 6th House of everyday work and duty, and the 10th House of Profession.  The 5th House represents your creative ability and the resources that you are able to accrue through risk-taking, speculation and gambling.

The 8th House, which represents the resources you share with others (often a marriage or business partner), indicates your ability to secure a loan and whether or not you will receive gains through inheritances, insurance, taxes.  It can also show if you get monetary support for your individual needs.  The 11th House indicates the kinds of resources you can expect from various groups, and the 4th House represents real estate and property.

The signs that appear on the cusps of the Houses mentioned above indicate your potential for wealth coming to you from each respective area.  Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs associated with the easy accumulation of wealth.  Sagittarius can bring either material or spiritual wealth.  Libra indicates the benefits that may accrue from a partnership or joint effort.


Lucky or successful aspects in a birth chart

–   Good aspects between Jupiter and Saturn:  It indicates possible long-term wealth.

–   Good aspects between Jupiter and Neptune:  It indicates great wealth (often referred to as the millionaire aspect).

–   Good aspects between Pluto and Jupiter:  It indicates strength combined with desire to bring goals to fruition.

–   Good aspects between Jupiter and Mars:  It indicates that the accumulation of money will be greater than what’s being spent.

–   Good aspects between Jupiter and the Sun:  It indicates material wealth; the presence of individuals who can help the native reach his or her ambitions; or that the native will be satisfied with what he or she has.


Moon In  The Signs

The Moon’s transit through a particular zodiac sign sets an emotional tone and tempo that need to be acknowledged if you hope to make strides in your business affairs.


—  When the transiting Moon is in a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), you can collect on debts more easily.

—   The Moon’s presence by transit in a Mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), especially in Gemini and Virgo, is the best time to reach an agreement or develop a partnership.

—   The Moon waxing in a fruitful sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) favors the signing of agreements and contracts.

—   The transiting Moon in Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces favors both a lender and borrower.  The First and Second Quarter Moons favor a lender, while the Third and Fourth Quarter Moons favor a borrower.

—   The Moon’s presence by transit in Taurus or Scorpio makes it difficult to collect on a debt.


With the Moon in Aries:  People are likely to be abrupt, and impatient.  If you want to be a dynamo in sales, for example, you may have to adopt a low-key attitude.  If you are an Aries, be careful not to offend those around you, and avoid an overbearing approach.

With the Moon in Taurus:  People tend to be conservative, careful and hold onto what they have got, but at the same time they are greedy.  If you have something in the luxury line that appeals to their sensual streak, you may not have to work too hard.  If you are a Taurus, do not let your ambitions overrule your good sense.

With the Moon in Gemini:  Everybody is in the mood to chat, gather information and to be entertained at the same time.  If you can help persons you meet fulfill these particular needs, you are one step closer to your plan.  If you are a Gemini, make sure you are able to convince others that you know your business.  So, they know what you have to offer is what they need.

With the Moon in Cancer:  People are in somewhat of a homey mood, feel a need to be nurtured,  and more likely to stay in rather than go out.   It is a good time to make a visit to a friend’s house, or take him to a friendly neighborhood restaurant.  If you are a Cancer, you may have to work to avoid being taken advantage of.

With the Moon in Leo:  People are in a generous mood and tend to have party rather than fight.  They want entertainment and a little drama.  If you are a Leo, avoid making every presentation and being center of all occassions.

With the Moon in Virgo:  People are in a critical mood and want all the details, but they do not want to be pestered.  Present a neat appearance and have all your facts memorized before your appointment.  If you are a Virgo, follow up your impulse to clean up your office by organizing your files, and ordering new supplies.

With the Moon in Libra:  People are in a social mood and enjoy getting together with others, whether that’s at a cocktail party, art show, or some other type of affair.  Beauty and service industries like hair and nail salons, home decorating and florists will be a bit busier under this Moon.  If you are a Libra, do not lighten up too much, or you will lose your credibility.

With the Moon in Scorpio:  People tend to be either sly or noble, and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.  A sexy mood prevails, with strange encounters a distinct possibility.  Looking in all the wrong places is better than sticking to your standard locations.  If you are a Socrpio, use your sex appeal and charm to good effect, but make sure your intentions are clear, or you may get more than you bargained for.

With the Moon in Sagittarius:  People are in a generous mood and full of good will getting together for philosophical, religious, or charitable causes.  This is a good Moon under which to secure a loan, go to court, get something published, or to sell or place an advertisement.  If you are a Sagittarius, avoid getting so bogged down in your quest for acquiring and disseminating knowledge that you forget that you have business to conduct.

With the Moon in Capricorn:  People are not in the mood for nonsense.  They are more interested in getting things done, no matter how hard their tasks might be.  Your best approach to gaining the success you crave is to dress conservatively, and work hard.  If you are a Capricorn, accomplishing your goals is almost assured, because other folks are in tune with your mind-set.

With the Moon in Aquarius:  People tend to be more objective, so if you are used to getting your own way due to your forceful personality, you better rethink your tactics.  Folks do want to make the world a better place in which to live, so an approach targeted towards their temporary altruism might work.  Meeting new people is the norm under this moon.  If you are an Aquarius, avoid shocking others via radical behavior, and try to stay clear of any revolutions.

With the Moon in Pisces:  People tend to be more vulnerable and more willings to buy into whatever sob story you are prepared to tell them.  If you are after a favor, it is likely to be granted.  If your conscience can stand any stress, you can probably clinch any deal.  If you are a Pisces, you can avoid being taken advantage of if you verify the so-called facts, and get everything in writing