Basic Chinese Animal Astrology

8.  Sheep Years (Earth, Yin, South-Southwest)   Key Word:  Creative

02/13/1907  to  02/01/1908 (Fire),  02/01/1919  to  02/19/1920 (Earth),  02/17/1931  to  02/05/1932 (Metal),  02/05/1943  to  01/24/1944 (Water),  01/24/1955  to  02/11/1956 (Wood),  02/09/1967  to  01/29/1968 (Fire),  01/28/1979  to  02/15/1980 (Earth),   02/15/1991  to  02/03/1992 (Metal),  02/01/2003  to  01/21/2004 (Water),   02/19/2015  to  02/07/2016 (Wood), 02/06/2027 – 01/25/2028 (Fire).


Sheep people are kind and gentle, intelligent and wise.  They have a love for beauty, and are often artistic, cultured, elegant and well-read.  Sheep people are usually very romantic and sensitive.  If one is a Sheep’s object of affection, it will be hard to resist their loving and caring demeanour.  Sheep people are also often insecure deep down inside, and need to feel loved and wanted.

Elegant and creative, Sheep people are timid and prefer anonymity.  They shy away from confrontation and are likely to give way to a more aggressive opponent in a disagreement just to keep the peace.  They tend to be pessimistic and capricious at times.  The intrinsic element of this sign is earth, and its direction is south-southwest.  The Sheep is the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Lucky directions:  (Facing) West, North, South

Most Compatible Signs:  Rabbit, Boar, Horse

Least Compatible Signs:  Ox, Dog, Dragon, Rat

Lucky Years: Rabbit, Boar, Horse Years

Unlucky Year: Ox Year (Opposite)

Colors:  White, Cream, Green.

9.  Monkey Years (Metal, Yang, West-Southwest)  Key Word:  Intelligent

02/02/1908  to  01/21/1909 (Earth),  02/20/1920  to  02/07/1921 (Metal),   02/06/1932  to  01/25/1933 (Water),  01/25/1944  to  02/12/1945 (Wood),  02/12/1956  to  01/30/1957 (Fire), 01/29/1968  to  02/16/1969 (Earth),  02/16/1980  to  02/04/1981 (Metal),  02/04/1992  to  01/22/1993 (Water),  01/22/2004  to  02/08/2005 (Wood),  02/08/2016  to  01/27/2017 (Fire), 01/26/2028 – 02/12/2029 (Earth).


The Monkey is universally perceived as being mischievous, and  accordingly people born in the year of the Monkey have that characteristic inherently.  They are very intelligent and are able to influence people.  More than this, Monkey people are also ingenious, imaginative and resourceful, possessed of a keen intelligence.  However, they have a tendency to be restless and rather superficial.

Monkey people are enthusiastic achievers, yet are easily discouraged and confused. Their natural flair for cunning ensures that they have the ability to slip out of a tight situation as quick as a flash when they feel threatened.  The intrinsic element of this sign is metal, and its direction is west-southwest.  The Monkey is the ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Lucky Directions:  (Facing) South, East, West

Most Compatible Signs:  Rat, Dragon

Least Compatible Signs:  Tiger, Snake, Boar

Lucky Years:  Rat, Dragon Years

Unlucky Year: Tiger Year (Opposite)

Colors:  Yellow, Gold, Silver.

10.  Rooster Years (Metal, Yin, West)  Key Word:  Pioneering

01/22/1909  to  02/09/1910 (Earth),  02/08/1921  to  01/27/1922 (Metal),  01/26/1933  to  02/13/1934 (Water),  02/13/1945  to  02/01/1946 (Wood),  01/31/1957  to  02/17/1958 (Fire),  02/17/1969  to  02/05/1970 (Earth), 02/05/1981  to  01/24/1982 (Metal),  01/23/1993  to  02/09/1994 (Water),  02/09/2005  to  01/28/2006 (Wood), 01/28/2017  to  02/15/2018 (Fire), 02/13/2029 – 02/01/2030 (Earth).


People born in Rooster years are brash, passionate, honest and outspoken.  They have a tendency to be too blunt for their own good, and this, coupled with disdain for those who don’t share their own high ideals, make them appear abrasive and aggressive — even rude — to others.  Rooster people are pioneers in spirit and are devoted to work and quest after knowledge.

They are diligent and efficient, typically succeeding in anything they set their mind on doing.  Roosters are also very concerned about their appearance, and enjoy grooming and preening.  Sometimes, they are selfish and eccentric. The intrinsic element of this sign is metal, and its direction is west.  The Rooster is the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Lucky Directions:  (Facing) South, North, East

Most Compatible Signs:  Ox, Snake

Least Compatible Signs:  Rabbit, Rat, Horse, Rooster

Lucky Years:  Ox, Snake Years

Unlucky Year: Rabbit Year (Opposite)

Colors:  Gold, Yellow, Orange.

11.  Dog Years (Earth, Yang, West-Northwest)  Key Word:  Loyal

02/10/1910  to  01/29/1911 (Metal),  01/28/1922  to  02/15/1923 (Water),  02/14/1934  to  02/03/1935 (Wood),  02/02/1946  to  01/21/1947 (Fire),  02/18/1958  to  02/07/1959 (Earth),  02/06/1970  to  01/26/1971 (Metal),   01/25/1982  to  02/12/1983 (Water),  02/10/1994  to  01/30/1995 (Wood),  01/29/2006  to  02/17/2007 (Fire),  02/16/2018  to  02/04/2019 (Earth), 02/02/2030 – 01/22/2031 (Metal).


Like the animal that represents their sign, Dog personalities are honest, faithful and sincere.  They are stubborn,  reliable and unselfish, and they enjoy helping others.  They make friends easily, and many of these turn out to be lifelong friendships.  Diligent and resourceful, Dog people are steady  and devoted workers who quickly become trusted and valued members of any community.

In matters of the heart, they need a very understanding partner, as though generous,  and loyal, they can also be moody, anxious and pessimistic.  The intrinsic element of this sign is earth, and its direction is west-northwest.  The Dog is the eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Lucky Directions:  (Facing) North, East, West

Most Compatible Signs:  Tiger, Horse, Rabbit

Least Compatible Signs:  Dragon, Ox, Sheep, Rooster

Lucky Years:  Tiger, Horse, Rabbit Years

Unlucky Year: Dragon Year (Opposite)

Colors: Black, White.

12.  Boar Years (Water, Yin, North-Northwest)  Key Word:  Noble

01/30/1911  to  02/17/1912 (Metal),  02/16/1923  to  02/04/1924 (Water),  02/04/1935  to  01/23/1936 (Wood),  01/22/1947  to  02/09/1948 (Fire),  02/08/1959  to  01/27/1960 (Earth),  01/27/1971  to  02/14/1972 (Metal),  02/13/1983  to  02/01/1984 (Water),  01/31/1995  to  02/18/1996 (Wood),  02/18/2007  to  02/06/2008 (Fire),  02/05/2019  to  01/24/2020 (Earth), 01/23/2031 – 02/10/2032 (Metal).


People born in Boar years are pleasant, unpretentious and sincere.  Natural homebodies, they are generous and devoted to their family and loved ones.  Optimistic and industrious, they can become extremely successful in business.

Boar people are also nobel and chivalrous.  They often have a wide and varied circle of friends, and  their friendship can be lifelong.   They get along well with most people, yet they are prone to marital strife. Boars tend to be naive, and it may be easy to take advantage of their gullibility.  The intrinsic element of this sign is water, and its direction is north-northwest.  The Boar is the twelfth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Lucky Directions:  (Facing)  South, West, North

Most Compatible Signs:  Sheep, Rabbit

Least Compatible Signs:  Snake, Monkey, Tiger, Boar

Lucky Year:  Sheep, Rabbit Years

Unlucky Year:  Snake Year (Opposite)

Colors:  Blue, Purple, Pink.

 Five Elements

The Five Elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

The Productive Cycle

Water nurtures plants, producing woods; wood keeps the fire burning, which burns into ashes, forming earthEarth is a source of metal. Metal melts into liquid or water.

The Destructive Cycle

Water destroys fire by putting it out.  Fire destroys metal by melting it.  Metal can be fashioned into blades to cut down trees (wood).  Wood destroys earth by growing roots into the earth.  Earth destroys water, as water disappears when poured into the earth.

The Exhaustive Cycle

Water exhausts metal; metal exhausts earth; earth exhausts fire; fire exhausts wood; wood exhausts water.

It is always better to “exhaust” than “destroy.”





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