Are you going through a difficult time? 

Your face tells your age luck.

Face reading has been around for thousands of years.  In ancient Greece, Aristotle wrote expansively on physiognomy and his findings.  Classical scholars such as Hippocrates wrote of face reading as a method of philosophy.

In the Middle Ages, face reading was combined with astrology to become an integral part of the divination arts.  By the 19th century, it was even used as a method to identify potential criminals.

In China, the art of face reading has always been considered an indispensable tool to understand the human psyche and the fates.  Chinese philosopher Gui-Gu Tzu is widely acknowledged as the father of face reading and his book Xiang Bian Wei Mang is still in print today.

The Chinese art of face reading is a complex technique that categorizes individual facial features according to color, shape, disfigurements and birthmarks on specific areas of the face.

One of the methods used in face reading to determine times of your life where you will face obstacles and difficulties involves the demarcation of the plane of the face into different age periods.

In general, your ears and the top part of your face represent the early part of your life when you are in your pre-teens, teens and early twenties.  As you live through your life, you progress down your face towards your eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips, and finally, your chin.  The diagram here shows in more detail where your current age falls within your face.

Using the diagram to determine which part of your face you are currently at. If your age is on the right side of your face, leisure dominates your times.  If you are on the left side of your face, it is work and career matters that take up your time.  If you are at the center part of your face, you are at a crossroads in your life.

Marks, discolorations, spots, creases and indentations indicate problems.  And where they are found on your face gives you an idea at what age you will be facing such problems.  Problems can be in the form of illness, bad relationships, money troubles and so forth.  The bigger and the darker the mark on your face, the more serious the problems you will face.  The smooth skin is an indication that you will have a trouble-free time.

If you have a birthmark on one of your ears, for example, this indicates a difficult time during your childhood years.  Marks on the bridge of your nose indicate a tough time in your twenties.  Discolorations at the end of your nose point to troubles in your forties.

Generally, when your forehead is flawed, it means you will have a difficult relationship with your parents.  (Or it could indicate you were a bit of a rebel when you were a troublesome teen.)  When your forehead is small or bony, it indicates that your parents were not well heeled and could not afford expensive schooling fees.  If you have a broad, round and smooth forehead, it indicates easy and pampered growing up years.

Markings, spots, scars and indentations on your face can change over time, which denotes that your life fate is not fixed, but can change through the years.  This could be the result of trinity of luck working together, where good mankind luck (education, hard-working, good deeds, spiritual life, etc.) and earth luck (good Feng Shui — nice environment and surroundings) influence your heaven luck (what you were born with).

If you find you are at a difficult age period in your life, one way to deal with it is to grit your teeth and be even more determined to improve the other two thirds of your lucks to compensate for the unlucky fates, in the mean time to get yourself a bottle of moisturizing cream for the trouble spots on your features.