The Chinese believe that the extremities of the human body reflect the profile of a person’s mind, body and spirit.  Thus the appearance of hands, feet and head – the five extremities – offer clues to the destiny of any individual.  Lines and indentations on your hands can therefore reveal a great deal about how successful you will be in your life areas, including how well you will fare, and when, when it comes to your career and work life.

Your hands communicate with your mind, body and spirit all the time, so that their appearance, shape and lines, as well as tell tale signs on the palms, offer remarkably accurate clues to your fortunes and misfortunes.

The main lines on your palm are indications of major influences and movements in your life. Remember that not every line will show up on your palm.  These lines on your palms are not fixed, and can deepen or change slowly, such as new line showing up or existing line becoming lighter,  to reflect your life situations and health conditions.  A person who has lots of ups and downs in his/her life usually has deeper and complicated lines on his/her palms.  And, a person who has fewer lines usually has a simpler life, or  a smooth passage through his/her life.

According to a Western theory of the palm reading, there are dominant hand and passive hand.  The dominant hand is the hand you write with and reveals the conscious self – – your outward personality and your actual life.  The passive hand is your the other hand and reveals the unconscious self – – your inner personality and your life’s potential.  By comparing the readings of each hand, you will have an idea of how your actual life matches or differs from your inner potential.

The Lines of the Palm

The three principle (main) lines on your palm – the heart, head (mind, wisdom), and life lines – are regarded as heaven, mankind and earth  lines, as shown in the diagram here.  When these lines are deep, clear, and have no interruptions, this is a sure sign of a smooth and successful life.

All secondary lines branching off these main lines are good when they run upwards, and bad when they cross the main lines.  Joining lines (also known as root lines) means you have helpful people joining your camp to assist you.

There are also distinct symbols of success to be found on palms.  If your palms reveal tridents, fishes, temples, these are all lucky indications.  Crosses, spots, chained lines, broken lines, wavy lines, and islands on the other hand are unlucky signs.

When doing palm reading, we should compare both palms. Generally, the right palm indicates mankind luck (hard work, education, good deeds, etc.) and earth (environment and surroundings) luck. The left palm indicates heaven luck (what was born with).  There is saying:  Palms with lots of dark lines and very complex features indicate an old soul.  And, an extreme difference of lines features between the left and right palms indicate a strong personality and a not ordinary life with lots of ups and downs.

Index Finger

If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, this indicates natural leadership ability.  You swiftly identify what has to be done and are capable of directing and motivating others in helping you achieve your goals.

You will do well in a job that allows your natural leadership to unfold.  Your setback is that you may be hot-tempered and overly quick to react when you feel your position threatened.

Ring Finger

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, this indicates you have plenty of creative and original ideas.  You are good at marketing yourself and you thrive on other people’s appreciation of your telents.

You will enjoy a job where you can demonstrate your talents and skills.  Your weakness under stress is that you become defensive when you fear that people will reject your work.


Joining Lines (Root Lines) – They symbolize helpful people entering your life.

The Fishes – These are signs of great prosperity and wealth.  When this is found along your career line (also called fate line), it indicates that your massive wealth will come from your career.

The Temple – This is a symbol of influence.

Triangles – These are signs of achievement and success.  On your career line (fate line), they also signify a turning point in your career for the better.

Tridents – These are symbols of power and unanticipated good luck.  When a trident falls along the career line (fate line), it usually indicates a promotion or unexpected windfall in that period of your life.

Feathery Lines – These indicate anxiety  and worry.  It warns that something may be on its way to cause you much torment in your job.

Grid Lines – These are signs of being stuck or stifled.  When found along the career line, they could symbolize a jealous colleague politicking against you, a middle manager stifling your creativity or an unfulfilling job.

Islands – Islands on your career line could mean a dismissal or a severe illness that could cut short your career.  Or you could be the victim of vicious politics.  A most inauspicious symbol.

Small Lines That Cross – When these small lines cross the main lines, they signify obstacles and difficulties.


Which is your hand element?

As with face reading, Feng Shui and other astrological practices, the principles that underlie hand analysis are related to the categorization of hands according to the Five Elements.  Thus all hands are classified according to the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water.  Knowing your hand element gives you insights into your personality and also the type of profession you are best suited to.

Slender Palms (Wood) – If you have slender palms, professions from the wood and water industries suit you best.

Square Palms (Metal) – If you have square palms, you will do well in the metal and earth industries.

Heavy Palms (Earth) – If you have heavy palms, you are suited to the earth and fire industries.

Elongated Palms (Fire) – People with elongated palms will do well in the fire and wood industries.

Fleshy Palms (Water) – If you have fleshy palms, you will thrive in the water and metal industries.


EARTH Industries:

Architecture, Chemical, Construction, Consultancy, Earthenware, Hospitality Industry, Insurance, Mining, Politics, Property, Real Estate, Quarry.

FIRE Industries:

Acting (Show business), Advertising (Mass Media), Beauty, Entertainment, Energy, Food Industry, Light and Laser, Electronics, Interior Decoration, Jewellery, Psychology, Restaurants, Telecommunications.

METAL Industries:

Computer, Electronic Components, Engineering, Hi-Tech, Information Technology, Legal Profession, Martial Arts, Mining, Motor and Automobile Industry, Plant and Machinery, Public Services.

WATER Industries:

Astronomy, Communications, Consumer Goods, Import/Export Trading, Fire Fighting, Freight Forwarding, Transport Industry, Travel Industry, Retail, Sales, Shipping, Finance and Banking.

WOOD Industries:

Agriculture, Arts and Culture, Biology, Education, Fashion and Hair, Media, Medical Profession, Music, Writing, Philosophy, Printing and Publishing, Social Services, Textiles.