Each planet has its own basic characteristics, regardless of which house or sign it appears in.  The expression of each  planet blends with  and is influenced by the action of the sign and house it occupies.  The aspect a planet makes to other planets will also modify its expression.

The Sun,  Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are called “personal planets,” or “inner planets,” or “slow-moving planets,” or “character building planets.”

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are called “impersonal planets”, or “outer planets,” or “fast-moving planets,” or “event planets.”  The transit of outer planets usually brings major change of one’s life direction and adds knowledge to one’s personality.  That is why maturity and age bring wisdom.


THE SUN – Key Word: Inner Self

The Sun rules the sign Leo and the fifth house.  It represents your true self,  ego and the expression of your individuality.  It also shows by house and sign placement where  your ambitions, deepest character traits and personal fulfillment are.

The Sun also represents the principle of potential and unfolding power.  If the birth chart shows that the Sun is weak, the person is not likely to go far in life, because he/she will lack the basic energy and courage to make use of the opportunity life offers.

In a birth chart, the Sun can also represent those who have a great influence in a person’s life.  In a male’s chart, the Sun represents the father, and in a female’s chart, it represents the husband.

The Sun rules over authority figures, men, leaders, business and social advancement, employment, promotion, honors, public announcements, etc.

The Sun governs the  upper back and heart.  Its metal is gold; its colors are orange and golden shades; its flowers are yellow poppy and marigold.

It takes the Sun about one year to transit over all twelve signs and about 30 days to go through a sign.

Positive Sun Traits:  Ambition, confidence, strong will power, strength, loyalty and a desire for recognition.

Negative Sun Traits:  Arrogance, jealousy, laziness, conceit.


THE MOON – Key Word: Emotions

The Moon rules the sign Cancer and the fourth house.  It represents a person’s needs, desire, habits, instincts, and the subconscious mind.  The Moon  shows by house and sign placement how the person responds emotionally to others, situations, and experiences,  and how the public will react to you.  It also shows how well a person gets along with women regardless of his/her gender.

The Moon represents the mother, feminine, babies, and the  home environment.  It also connects with the faculty of memory, especially where emotional experiences are concerned.  Aspects made to the Moon can give clues to the person’s ability to retain information.

The Moon  also represents the type of behavior with which you are comfortable, and in which you find security.  The Moon’s sign further indicates your instinctive response to what you perceive as “attacks.”  For example, if you have the Moon in an Earth Sign, your defense is probably endurance; in a Fire Sign, it is anger.

The Moon symbolizes emotional and mental karmic patterns which can either help or hinder you in how you express yourself and make adjustments to the outer world.  Harmonious and favorable moon aspects reveal past conditioning and patterns that make self-expression easily and help the person  adjust to life and to society.  Stressful and unfavorable moon aspects symbolize a negative self-image and an inability to adjust to life, resulting in overly defensive behavior, or taking things the wrong way.

The Moon rules over domestic affairs, feelings, habits, women, feminine, the masses, short journeys, swimming, temporary plans, etc.

The Moon governs the breasts, stomach, female functions, brain matter.  Its metal is silver; its colors are pearl and opalescent; its flowers are lily and white rose.

It takes the Moon about 28 days to transit over all twelve signs and about two and 1/2 days to go through  a sign.

Positive Moon Traits:  Inspiration, flexibility, domestic, nurturing, magnetism, fertility.

Negative Moon Traits: Self-destructive, moodiness, smothering, dreaminess.


MERCURY – Key Word:  Reasoning Powers

Mercury rules Gemini, Virgo, and the third house and sixth houses.  Mercury represents the way a person thinks and communicates.  Mercury’s house and sign placement will show how the mind directs its thoughts, ideas and opinions.  It is the conscious or reasoning mind.

Aspects of Mercury, house position, and the house it rules, are the key to the way a person thinks and the kind of minds he/she has.  No one can achieve a high position without having a reasonably well-developed Mercury because the mind is the coordinating factor through which all other abilities must be focused and filtered.

When Mercury is in aspect with another planet, it will give additional information about how a person thinks.   For example, if Mercury is aspected with the planet Mars, it will show a person who will most likely act upon his/her thoughts and ideas.  If Mercury is spected to Saturn, it would show a serious and conservative thinker, a person who is cautious in communicating his/her thoughts.

Mercury shows how an individual goes from one place to another, such as slowly or quickly, depending on the sign placement.  It also deals with the day-to-day activities, short trips and siblings.

In birth charts comparison, if the Mercury is well-aspected betwen two people’s charts, the compatible communication between them can help resolve most problems in their relationship.  On the other hand, if Mercury is stressful through aspects or sign placement, there can be  a communication breakdown in their relationship causing misunderstanding and arguments.

Mercury rules over communication, correspondence, mind expression, power to learn, contracts, educational and literary matters, neighbors, siblings, business people, editors, reporters, messengers, etc.

Mercury governs the lungs, arms, hands, and nervous system.  Its metal is quick silver; its colors are blue and gray; its flower is lily of the valley.

It takes Mercury about one year to transit over all twelve signs and about 14 to 30 days to go through a sign, depending on  whether it is retrograde or in direct motion.

Positive Mercury Traits: Ability to learn quickly, resourceful, aware, intelligent.

Negative Mercury Traits: Indecisive, unstable, gullible, talk too much, two-faced, nosy.


VENUS – Key Word: Affection

Venus rules Taurus, Libra, the second and seventh houses.  Venus rules social attitudes, behavior, values, priorities, and moral tendencies.  Venus is also called “the lesser fortune.”  Its house position in the birth chart shows where good luck in a minor way can appear, where money may be gained or spent, and where the person will want to relate to others.

A well-aspected Venus indicates the capacity to create beauty, harmony and material prosperity, and the ability to attract the people and things which the person loves  and desires to have.  An afflicted Venus indicates there are problems to be worked out in social behavior and the desires for gratification.

In a male’s chart, Venue  indicates the kind of woman he may be attracted to.  It is the planet of marriage and partnership.

Venus rules over women, value system, love, beautiful things, pleasures, arts, music, social matters, marriage, beautificians, tailors, designers, florists, etc.

Venus governs the throat, kidneys, lower back, veins, and  skin.  Its metal is copper; its colors are bright blue and pastels; its flowers are violet and daffodil.

It takes Venus about one year to transit over all twelve signs and about 23 days to two months to go through a sign, depending on  whether it is retrograde or in direct motion.

Positive Venus Traits: Charm, appreciation of beautiful things, creativity, considerate, social.

Negative Venus Traits:  Vanity, laziness, self-indulgent, indicisive, possessive, jealousy.


MARS – Key Word: Energy

Mars rules Aries and the first house, and is the co-ruler of Scorpio.  Mars represents action and energy.  Its house position in the birth chart will show where a person is most likely to act alone, take risks, do physical activities, and the kind of things that he/she will put a lot of efforts into.

Mars has much to do with the desire nature of the individual.  If Mars has stressful or unfavorable aspects, the person tends to act rashly without considering the consequences.  It also signifies ill temper, and possible outbursts of anger and violence.  So, the Mars energy needs to be constructively and purposefully channeled.  A favorable aspect from Mercury to Mars will give mental insight.  A good aspect from Saturn to Mars will give discipline.

In a male’s chart, Mars  indicates the sexual potency and drive.  In a female’s chart, Mars  describes the kind of man she would be physically attracted to.

Mars rules over physical activities, self-defense, desire, energy, sharp things, structural workers, carpenters, men, machinists, police, soldiers, etc.

Mars governs the head, face, the external sex organs, bladder, muscular system.  Its metals are iron and steal; its colors are dark red and magenta; its flower is narcissus.

It takes Mars about 22 months to transit over all twelve signs and about one and 1/2 months to go through a sign, depending on  whether it is retrograde or in direct motion.

Positive Mars Traits: Courage, determination, independent, energetic, self-reliant.

Negative Mars Traits:  Impulsive, stubborn, violent, cruel, destructive, accident-prone.