The Rising Sign (the sign on the First House cusp), also called  Ascending Sign, or the Ascendant,  is very important.  It is the Zodiacal sign rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth.  It changes every two hours all day long.  So you need an exact birth hour to calculate your rising sign.

The Ascendant is not the same as the Sun or Moon, or any  other planets.  The Sun indicates your individuality – who and what you actually are. The Moon indicates how your nature, as shown by the Sun, will express in your life.  The Ascendant indicates how you show yourself to others and what you choose to show.  You are on stage throughout your whole life, and the Ascendant indicates what kind of character you generally will play.

The following basic descriptions of the effect of the Rising Signs are for the signs alone without  any planets in those houses.  A planet in the house, its aspects to other natal planets, and the placement of the ruling planet  will modify these description.


ARIES RISING  (Aries on the First House Cusp)  Ruling Planet: Mars

You act alone, move fast, love sports, and like the color red.Youare competitive, ambitious, independent, and  have the urge to excel in everything you do.  You want to be at the head of things and leaders in thought and action.  You are fond of your own way and happy only in activity and command. You are enterprising, quite versatile, and usually rather headstrong, impulsive, and forceful.  You are determined in effort, expressive in speech, and  intense when interested.  You do not become discouraged easily  because you possess a sharp and  penetrating willpower.

With Cancer on the Fourth House cusp, your mother probably does all things that make your home a comfortable place.  You gain deep emotional satisfaction from home life, and you are dedicated to your family.

With Libra on the Seventh House cusp, you tend to choose gentle and vulnerable marriage partner.  Your spouse is usually skilled in public relations.  You often marry without considering the major factors involved.


TAURUS RISING (Taurus on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet:Venus

You have a great deal of endurance, latent power, and energy.  You are reliable, practical and have organizing ability. Usually, you are quiet, reserved, and somewhat secretive concerning your affairs.   You love the good things of life, and create beauty in some forms, and are influenced greatly by sympathy.  You are careful, steady, and able to carry to  completion the projects you undertake.  You have the ability to earn money for others and are good at all executive work. You possess a magnetic quality that is able to benefit those who are irritable or nervous.  You express your potential for power through your financial dealings and through structuring materials and resources.

With Leo on  the Fourth House cusp, you express your power through your home and family.  Your home is the showplace through which you express your creativity and status. You like to invite people to your home and treat them with warmth and love.

With Scorpio on the Seventh House cusp, you seek a marriage partner who is sexy, energetic, and with power and status.  However, you must guard against jealousy and possessiveness with your partner.  You need to be concerned with the Scorpio’s need for regeneration and spiritual detachment.


GEMINI RISING (Gemini on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Mercury

You are curious, aspiring,  quite idealistic, and fond of all mental recreation. You love change, diversity, and must be constantly busy to be happy, because inactivity creates impatience.  You possess excellent conversational and literary ability, and  are capable of engaging in two or more pursuits at the same time.  You like adventure, science,  and educational pursuits.  You are a creative thinker and tend to dominate your circles intellectually.  You have the power to visualize your ideas, and express them effectively.  You tend to identify yourself with your ideas.  You act with your mind, not with your heart.

With Virgo on the Fourth House cusp, you often conduct your profession and business in the home.  You provide service to your family.  You see and understand things well and are quick to find faults in the home.

With Sagittarius on the Seventh House cusp, your marriage partner probably is from foreign country, or with a different religious or cultural background.  You are usually lucky in marriage and have good relations with the public.


CANCER RISING  (Cancer on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Moon

You are fond of home and family, and  have a tenacious memory for family or historical events.  You have a fertile imagination, are somewhat sentimental, sympathetic, and talkative. Your emotions are strong and you delight in beautiful scenery, and  in romantic or strange experiences and adventures.   You are conscientious, receptive to new ideas, and have the ability to adapt yourself to your environment.  You appreciate approbation, and are easily encouraged by kindness. You are adapted to pursuits of a fluctuating nature, such as catering to public needs and desires.

With Libra on the Fourth House cusp, you cultivate art, beauty, and refinement in the home and are emotionally attached to your household objects.  You consider the family a partnership, and insist on strict justice and fairness for all members, and maintain your home environment with balance and peace.

With Capricorn on the Seventh House Cusp, you are cautious and reserved in forming partnership, and tend to be shy in public relations.  Since large crowds frighten you, you do not like to remain in a crowd for very long.  You are cautious in marriage.  You tend to marry late in life and often for status.  You seek a spouse with solid earning and high-prestige.  You like older, conservative and powerful type man.


LEO RISING  (Leo on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Sun

You are generous, loyal, charitable, and aspiring.  You have great hope, faith and fortitude. You are excellent in public relations and easily meet new people.  You are energetic, and lavish in the expenditure of energy and vitality when your sympathy or interest is aroused.  You are fond of power and command, usually popular and leaders in your social activities.   You are generally good-tempered, though high-strung and quick to anger, yet you are very  forgiving, and do not hold a grudge for long.  You receive and grant favors readily and are usually fortunate in the long run.  You succeed best where you have authority and responsibility.

With Scorpio on the Fourth House cusp, you often have  a great deal of activities in your den or private room of your home.  You are the king of your home, and the outsiders should not step on the toes of any members of your family.

With Aquarius on the Seventh House cusp, you like to be free in partnerships.  You are humanitarian in public relations and enjoy your good image of altruism.  You want to know the whereabouts and all the activities of your spouse.


VIRGO RISING  (Virgo on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Mercury

You are modest, thoughtful, contemplative, and industrious.  You are not easily contented, learn quickly, have good endurance, and do not show your age. You have a tendency to be too critical, especially of small faults.  You are prudent, economical, and usually act with forethought. You are cautious regarding your own interests, and will not reglect the interests of others.   You are sensitive to the surroundings,  to the conditions of others, and  are eager to provide services to others.   No detail is too small for you to notice, and your success is due to this careful attention to details overlooked by others.

With Sagittarius on the Fourth House cusp, a spacious and comfortable home is important to you.  You like to provide a place for everything and see to it that everything is in its place.  You are generous in treating  your visitors,  especially generous with your own family.

With Pisces on the Seventh House cusp,  you attract people who are not nearly so well organized as you.  Your spouse helps you expand into new fields, enhance your human understanding and emotional involvement.


LIBRA RISING  (Libra on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Venus

You love justice, neatness, order, peace and harmony.  You are  courteous, pleasant, and fond of beauty in all forms.  You are idealistic, artistic, adaptable, and inspirational.  Your actions express beauty and grace.  You greatly enjoy the company of happy, sunny, and brave people.  You do not like to be alone, and you feel lost when you are forced to depend entirely on yourself. You are affectionate, sympathetic, kind, generous, and compassionate.  You are capable of restoring balance, and  have the great ability to see any matter from the viewpoint of all parties involved.

With Capricorn on the Fourth House cusp, you want everything in its proper place.  You are a great household organizer, and your family tend to be conservative. Much work and responsibility are concentrated in your home.

With Aries on the Seventh House cusp, you can be aggressive in order to gain the cooperation and attention of others.  You also have the power to motivate other people into action without their being aware of it.  Your spouse must understand that if he/she wants peace, he/she must maintain a high activity level and work hard.


SCORPIO RISING  (Scorpio on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planets:  Pluto

You were born with curiosity, and are fond of investigating mysteries and things occult. You are tenacious, determined, secretive, and somewhat inclined to be suspicious, and skeptical.  You are quick-witted, quick in speech and action, alert, forceful and positive.  You fortify your objectives with a tremendous, fixed, and emotional intensity.  You possess grit and enterprise that will enable you to reach high attainments.  You have the strong will power, and have the ability to draw on hidden source of power to achieve your purpose.

With Aquarius on the Fourth House cusp, your home environment is unusual and distinctive.  There is probably something out of the ordinary about your home and/or family.  Rather than going to visit your friends, you like to have your friends come to visit you.

With Taurus on the Seventh House cusp, you attract marriage partner who has the wealth to offer.  You also spend money on your partner, and take pride in the fact that he/she looks well.  You are cooperative in partnerships, but expect some practical gain as a result.


SAGITTARIUS RISING  (Sagittarius on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet:  Jupiter

You are inclined to be bright, generous, and charitable.  You love liberty, freedom and are very independent. You are generally aggressive, progressive and aspiring, and have a fiery, alert, and happy look.  You are fond of giving advices and like to teach kids. You respect religious customs, enjoy outdoor sports, and are fond of animals.  You have great  interests in travel, law, medicine, and philosophy.  Your power come from your ability to influence other people for your advantages.  Your optimism is a positive source of inspiration to those who you have the contact with.

With Pisces on the Fourth House cusp, your home is often the place of retreat.  You enjoy privacy in your home.

With Gemini on the Seventh House cusp, there is usually more than one marriage or partnership because you often have your eyes on greener fields.  You attract people who are intelligent and versatile, and who can help you in practical ways.


CAPRICORN RISING  (Capricorn on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Saturn

Your characteristics are discipline, hardwork, and patience.  You are ambitious, persevering, and can work hard and long without becoming discouraged.  You possess organizing ability, and are able to plan and carry out any important projects, especially in business.  You are cautious, prudent, practical and thrifty.  Everything you do has a purpose, and is designed to achieve some solid practical results.  You are serious, quiet, strict and reserved. You are not demonstrative in feeling and do not readily show your sympathy, you prefer ideas to words and acts to promises.

With Aries on the Fourth House cusp, you want new and modern furnitures for your home, prefer red color decoration and a lot of metal. Your home is generally filled with mechanical devices and implements.  You are aggressive in matters relating to your home and family.

With Cancer on the Seventh House cusp, you are strongly and emotionally attached to your spouse and partners.  You are also emotional about your relationships with the public and with dear friends.


AQUARIUS RISING  (Aquarius on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet:  Uranus

You are fun-loving, people oriented, and friendly in an impersonal way.   You possess a sympathetic, goodhearted, pleasant, and generous nature.  You are fond of honor and dignity, active in reforms, progressive in ideas.  You are an inventor, writer, and like to redo, reform what was done before. You are original, creative, independent, and wish to make your unique contribution to the common good.  You find your source of power in group activities, and  you always have a different opinion, and like to dissent from the ideas of your  groups.

With Taurus on the Fourth House cusp, you probably have an elegant home with a big garden. You  spend a lot of money into creating a beautiful personal environment where you like to be surrounded by music and art. Your home is where you express your personal and parental instinct to your family.

With Leo on the Seventh House cusp, you need a powerful and well established marriage  partner.  You are very independent, and allow your partner to have his/her own place.  You give your big-hearted loving Leo spouse the space  to grow.


PISCES RISING  (Pisces on the First House Cusp) Ruling Planet: Neptune

You are sensitive, sympathetic, emotional, and imaginative.   You love art, scenery, and animals, and have great artistic, and musical abilities.  Your mystical insight allows you to penetrate the complexity of human nature.  You are modest and timid, and  hesitate about putting yourself forward.  At times, you are inclined to be over-anxious, indecisive, dreaming, or escaping from reality. You are quick to observe deficiencies in others, or lack of completeness in anything.  You are capable of developing telepathic, intuitive, and inspirational faculty.

With Gemini on the Fourth House cusp, you probably travel a good deal, and often change residence, or establish two homes.  You have a large library in your home, and communicate often with your family members.  You show great deal of thought to domestic affairs.

With Virgo on the Seventh House cusp, you attract hardworking, efficient, and exacting marriage partner who helps you manage your practical affairs.