LIBRA:  The Scale (September 24 – October 23)

Key Word: Harmony;  Key Phrase: I Believe;  Element: Air; Quality: Cardinal

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Venus which rules the natural seventh house.  When a planet or house cusp is in sign of Libra, it shows where one will strive for harmony, peace and balance.

People born under the sign of Libra usually have an even temperament and they will try to avoid extremes of all kinds.  However, if they feel that they are being mistreated or imposed upon, they will fight back.  This may throw others off and lead them to view the Libran as cold or indignant.  Their strong sense of fair play and companionship make them extremely sensitive to this kind of response.

They do not like to be alone, and they are experts at behavior that is pleasing to others.  They specialize in manners, courtesy and small talk.  They are charming, sociable, and capable in requiring all parts of an entity to give and take equally.  They are excellent in restoring balance, creating harmony, and cooperation.

Their real work is to see  both sides of a situation.  Sometimes, they will make sacrifices for the sake of  peace, and give in to the demands of others.  Libra people should strive for not being knocked off balance by the burdens of emotional and/or physical attachments, either of themselves or others.

Libra rules the kidneys, veins, ovaries, and the lower back.

Positive Traits:  Harmony, balance, cooperative, gracious, sociable, tactful, diplomatic, peace, companionship.

Negative Traits:  Fickle, dependent, indecisive, sulking, peace at any cost.

Special Strengths:  Your gift is the understanding that nothing is ever black and white, but that everything is more complex and rich than that.  You can teach us all that to create peace is to make a bridge of understanding between one another instead of polarizing in enemy camps, selfishly assuming we are right and they are wrong.  You know that you can do more by relating to and respecting others than just defending your own desires.


SCORPIO – The Scorpion  (October 24 – November 22)

Key Word: Intensity;  Key Phrase: I Desire;  Element: Water;  Quality: Fixed

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Pluto which rules the natural eighth house.  When a planet or house cusp is in the sign of Scorpio, it will be influenced by the qualities of deep and intense emotion and desires, forced changes, and sometimes fatalistic attitudes.

Scorpios usually have perceptive abilities,  strong will and  highly  emotional drive in whatever they do.  Sometimes,  they may become susceptible to jealousy, hatred, possessiveness, or even violence. Planets in Scorpio are detective, good at spotting “clues”, and excellent at the art of strategy.  They are always searching for intimacy and may be crisis oriented.  Sometimes, They quickly change their moods, and become  unkind or obsessive.

On the positive side, they are hard workers and are willing to help those who are willing to help themselves.  They feel things deeply and forever.  They like having the  opportunity to experience life and death situation.

Scorpio rules the bladder and the sex organs.

Positive Traits: Regeneration, motivated, intense,  passionate, resourceful, investigative, penetrating, aware, positive, fearless,  devotion, patience, secrecy, emotional transformation.

Negative Traits: Intolerant, violent, jealous, resentful, distrusting, secretive, temperamental, detective, suspicious.

Special Strengths:  Your gift is fearlessness, a fierce desire and ability to search for and find the truth.  You can teach us all not to let our fear of what we might find out stop us from seeking the real answers, which we need to be able to truly know ourselves and to claim a personal power that we may never even knew we had. 


SAGITTARIUS – The Archer  (November 23 – December 21)

Key Word: Freedom; Key Phrase: I See; Element: Fire; Quality: Mutable

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet  Jupiter which rules the natural ninth house.  When a planet or house cusp is in the sign of Sagittarius, it will be influenced by the qualities of abundance, optimism and lack of discrimination, or the intuitive feeling playing a significant role.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are extroverted, straight forward  and outspoken.  They are opposed to the mistreatment of others.  They possess a quick mind and uncanny insight and intuition. They have good sense of humor,  sometimes, they talk too much.

Sagittarians can  be very restless people.  They want to know everything that is going on around them and want to go everywhere.  They tend to never feel satisified, and always seeking something more exciting over the next mountain. They want to explore, expand horizons and move outward in order to experience everything life has to offer.  They also have the power of laughter, sometimes, embarrassing themselves  to make someone laugh.

They are adventurous, easily bored by routine, freedom-oriented, generous and optimistic. They  enjoy outdoor activities and adore foreign places and foreign people. They become bored when they are surrounded by people or things they are not interested in.  They have a tendency to be not concerned or seem not aware of the thoughts and feelings of  others.  They also can be excessive, over-indulgent, and push the limits.

Sagittarius rules the liver, blood, hips and thighs.

Positive Traits:  Aspiration, Adventurous, love of freedom, generous, charitable, justice, logical, honest, open-minded,  ethical, exploration, speculation.

Negative Traits:  Exaggerating, blunt, impatient, over-indulgent, pushy, tactless.

Special Strengths:  Your gift is the ability not only to tolerate, but to embrace the differences in people — their philosophies and ways of life.  You can teach us all that learning from others and immersing ourselves in that diversity will make us more whole, not less.  You understand that extreme and fixed opinions only lead to rigid thinking and not an open mind.


CAPRICORN –  The Goat  (December 22 – January 20)

Key Word: Ambition; Key Phrase: I Use; Element: Earth; Quality: Cardinal

Capricorn is the tenth house of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet  Saturn, which rules the natural tenth house.  When a planet or house cusp is in the sign of Capricorn, it will be influenced by the qualities of self-discipline, seriousness, desire for status, responsibility, and hard work.

People born under the sign of Capricorn will have a tendency to build all kinds of things and be goal-oriented.  They build structures and create  careers for themselves.  They will start up an organization and turn it into the family business.  They seem automatically know how to run it, no matter what it is.

They are authority figures and  seek positions where they can have great control and authority.  They like good reputation and social status.   They do not function well in subordinate positions.  If they believe they can succeed in attaining a goal, they will persevere until it is reached. They exercise caution and discipline, do things the old-fashioned way, and pay respect to the elders.

Sometimes, Capricorns can lack self-confidence, making them extremely defensive because deep down they fear rejection or ridicule from others.  Sometimes, they can also hold a grudge for many years.  They should learn to make allowances for other people’s mistakes with no hard feelings.

Capricorn rules the bones and knees.

Positive Traits:  Ambitious, hard working, responsible, practical, perseverance, self-discipline, cautious, old fashion, conservative, organization.

Negative Traits:  Stubborn, overbearing, unforgiving, inhibited, fatalistic, depression, selfishness, limitation, restriction.

Special Strengths:  Your gift is integrity.  You can teach us all how to be steadfast when it comes to living a life that earns and deserves respect.  You understand how to make a plan and follow it through according to one’s own principles — and not just what’s easy or convenient.


AQUARIUS – The Water Carrier (January 21 – February 19)

Key Word: Independence; Key Phrase: I Know; Element: Air; Quality: Fixed

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Uranus, which rules the natural eleventh house.  When a planet or house cusp is in the sign of Aquarius, it will be influenced by the qualities of a need for independence, unconventional behavior, humanitarian ideals, and sudden changes.  Aquarius is the bringer of the unpredictable.

People born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be idealistic and open minded.  They are also extremely independent, determined and stubborn.  They do not mind being asked to do something, but they resent being told to do it.

They  like to rebel against whatever everyone else is doing, and to make sure others notice it.   They seem always ready to shock and amaze people.  They insist on fighting the policies and creating their own rules whenever possible, and  breaking the traditon.   They adore changes, especially sudden kind.  Unexpected reversals are their specialty.

Aquarius is a fixed sign. So, when they commit something to a cause, they are really committed.  When they suddenly change their minds or do somethings unexpectedly, they will do so for practical or advantageous reasons.  They are not limited to their environment and disappointments do not deter them from their goals.

They are often much better at friendship than love.  They value being with like-minded people. They often adopt a life style that goes against the trends because the odd and unique fascinate them.

Aquarius rules the ankles and calves.

Positive Traits:  Progressive, independent, inventive, innovate, friendly, humanitarian,  originality, freedom.

Negative Traits:  Unemotional, unstable,  aloof, temperamental, unpredictable, eccentric,  sudden change, fixed opinions.

Special Strengths:  Your gift is the courage to be yourself.  You can teach us all that you can make more of a difference by being yourself than by comforming to standards just to get along and be accepted.  You understand that a life lived by convention is a waste.


PISCES – The Fishes  (February 20 – March 20)

Key Word: Understanding; Key Phrase: I Believe; Element: Water, Quality: Mutable

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and is ruled by the planet Neptune which rules the natural twelfth house.  When a planet or house cusp is in the sign of Pisces, it will be influenced by the qualities of mystical experiences,  behind the scenes activities, and sympathy.  Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the Zodiac.

People born under the sign of Pisces tend to be very sensitive, and can feel everything, and are responsive to the thoughts and feelings of others.  They can not separate themselves emotionally from whatever they are exposed to.  They have good reputation for great compassion, but also the source of a tendency to escape reality.They always want to do the right thing, but sometimes there is a struggle between their desires and their needs.  As a result, they find it difficult to make up their minds.

Pisces people believe in transcedence and have  deep faith in spiritual life.  They prefer being alone and  do works or activities behind the scenes. They feel exhausted when exposing  to others, especially in crowds.

They are romantic and like to dream. They often make excellent artists in all fields because they have great imagination. They should avoid using drugs or alcohol  to escape the reality.  They have a tendency to take in stray people and animals.  So, they should watch for the possibility of being victimized or taken advantage of in some way.

Pisces rules the feet and immune system.

Positive Traits:  Understanding, universality, sensitive,  psychic, idealism, instinctive, compassionate, artistic, sacrificing, charitable, perception.

Negative Traits:  Pessimistic, impractical, unrealistic, fearful, emotionally restrained, melancholy, dreaminess, negativism, self-pity.

Special Strengths:  Your gift is intuition.  You can teach us all by your willingness to trust and be open to truths that come from any direction, even from sources we cannot see.  You understand that cynicism often comes from a small mind’s effort to protect itself, and that being open to beauty and innocence is the real strength.  Voluntary vulnerability makes one more courageous than any of the self-protective blustering we can do.