The transit is a position of the planets on any given day.  The transit can be thought of as a river of energy flowing through time.  The transit of planets are used to make prediction, and are interpreted by comparing your birth chart to the ephemeris (astrological calendar), usually by placing (in pencil) the transiting planets in the appropriate spots of your  birth chart.  Then, looking at the house and planets they are affecting.

Transiting planets represent the incoming influences and events that your natal planets will be asked to handle depending the natures of the transiting planets and your natal planets.

When a planet transits through a house, or aspects a planet in your birth chart, you will have the opportunities for change and growth, depending the nature of that house and what kind of aspects.

The transit of outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) will usually bring  changes of your life direction, and add knowledge to  your personality.  That is why maturity and age bring wisdom.



A Sun transit points to the areas in your birth chart where you will want special attention and appreciation.  In that particular area, you are currently the star of the show and where you want to “shine.”  These are often the time you are recognized, praised for what you have done.    The Sun returns to its natal place on one’s birthday that usually is a day of joy.



The key word of the Moon is feelings.  You always become more involved in the area of life when the Moon is transiting.  A Moon transit often points to your mood, the highs and lows you feel that often lasts about one or two days.  You are more aware of what is going on around you than to consciously know.



A Mercury transit creates communicating activity of all kinds in the area of life it visits, such as conversation, letters, short trips, running errands, making appointments.  Because of Mercury’s nature of duality, you often do at least two of those things at the same time.



Venus is also called “the lesser fortune.”  During Venus transit, you usually receive a small nice thing, gifts, a well-deserved break, enjoy good food, or have a friendly, sociable meeting.  A favorable Venus transit also shows a time when you will receive financial rewards.

For example: Transiting Venus conjunct Ascendant (Firt-House Cusp):  You are popular, and your charm may bring you friendship or romance.  You may develop interests in art, or music.



During the Mars transit, you are suddenly getting busy around the house or office, and being angry for no good reason.  It can create high  energy times. You are engaging physical activities.  And, you are stronger, more energetic and restless.  During unfavorable Mars transit, you may be accident prone, or violent.  During Mars transit, it is best to work or exercise hard to use up your energy.  These are great time to start projects that require a hard push of energy to begin.

For example: Transiting Mars square natal Mars:  This transit indicates a period of hard work and abundant energies.  Harsh energy could leave you feeling emotionally blocked and frustrated.  Protect health and nerves from excess; be objective and detached; and let reason rule the emotions.

For example:  Transiting Mars conjunct natal Mars:  Control impulses.  You are starting a two-year cycle and should establish the line you want to continue on for the next twenty four months.

For example:  Transiting Mars conjunct natal Jupiter:  It is a perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions.



During Jupiter transit, you are in the good mood to go with the courage where you have never gone before.  You get the desire to travel, register for a class, or learn some new things related to that particular house Jupiter transiting.

You grow under a Jupiter transit,  sometimes, even physically, gaining weight.  During a Jupiter transit, you are a little luckier, a bit bolder, and a lot more likely to succeed, if your birth chart shows the potential.  The transit provides the opportunities.  For example, this is a favorable period for harmony in marriage and in partnership of all kinds, if it makes favorable aspect while transiting the seventh house.

Jupiter has a strong reputation as a planet of good luck.  When Jupiter is activating your birth chart, negatives can be turned into positives.  The seeds of hope and new beginning are initiated during Jupiter’s favorable transit.  During Jupiter’s transiting conjunctions with your natal planets, and important angles (Ascendant, Descendant, I.C. and M.C.), you have the opportunities to expand and grow positively, if you are willing to work a little harder.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Sun

This transit gives you the opportunity to expand your personal horizons.  It is a great time when good fortune and plain old luck surround you.  It is easy for you to make correct decisions.  Your self-confidence is strong, but it is up to you to direct it into a potentially successful channel.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Moon

This transit gives you the opportunity to get in touch with your true feeling.  The support from family and friends is often stronger than usual during this transit.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Mercury

You can expand your intellectual horizons during this transit.  This can be an ideal time to learn, to explore, to travel, or to start your investment.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Venus

During this transit, your powers of attraction to draw people is strong.  This is your good opportunity to make some new friends, to renew old friendship, and to enhance your close relationship.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Mars

During this transit, your vitality and enthusiasm are often high. This is the good opportunity to take confident action in your life to explore new interests, and to pursue new adventures.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Jupiter (Jupiter Return)

This transit happens about every twelve years.  It is a period in your life when growth and maturity are marked.  It is a time to grow in self-awareness, to search for positive new horizon, and to better understand your own desires for the future.  This is a period in which important plans and ideas are revised.  It may indicate big new steps, like marriage, business partnership, or independent or cooperative ventures that have long-term implications.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Saturn

During this transit, you often receive rewards for past efforts and good deeds.  This is an excellent time to put your plans into actions, to begin working new projects, and to make your dreams come true.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Uranus

This transit will bring a lot of excitement, new interests and positive changes.  You have the new energy and enthusiasm for life.  The opportunities for  educational or travel activities will brighten your horizons.

Transiting Jupiter Sextile Natal Uranus   It is a time to take risks and dare to be a little unconventional.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Neptune

During this transit, your creative imagination and sense of spirituality are high.  It gives you the time to look within to better understand yourself. This is the best time to explore any  neglected talents or inner sources of inspiration.

Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Pluto

This transit gives you the perfect chance to wipe out your negative habits, and to start a new cycle of growth.  During this transit, you need to be prepared to accept some major losses or changes of your life, and plan for the new things to come in.  You have the opportunity to use your influence, magnetism, and skills in a more constructive way for your own good and for the benefits of others.



When Saturn comes along reality arrives, you see things as they truly are.  These are not usually great times during an unfavorable Saturn transit.  You often receive your greatest rewards you deserve from hard work, if the Saturn transit is favorable.

It can be an extreme difficult time, if Saturn transit forms stressful aspects.  A Saturn transit also brings you the will power and self-discipline to stop doing something.  It is not traditionally a good time to begin a new project.

If Saturn makes stressful aspect to other natal planets or transiting planets while transiting through your second house, you may experience financial loss and limitation.

When transiting Saturn trines natal Uranus, events may make it easy for your to be original, and have breakthroughs.



An Uranus transit usually brings sudden and unexpected changes.  During  an unfavorable  Uranus transit “temporary people” often enter your life.  Their only purpose is to jolt you.  Usually, you are feeling “stuck” in your present circumstance.  Those “temporary people” provide you with the courage to break it, then they disappear.  The lessons from  an unfavorable Uranus  transit is to allow those “temporary people” to break you out of your rut.  At the end of the transit, you have the opportunity to start a new beginning and a new life.

When Uranus transits through your Fifth House, it may bring about unusual and exciting romance or friendship, group activities involving children.  If the transit makes stressful aspect to other planets, the romance will be unstable.  Financial speculation during  Uranus transits through Fifth House is likely to bring about either sudden gains or sudden losses, depending on aspects with other natal planets or other transiting planets.



During a Neptune transit, you dream more, and  your sensitivity and imagination are high.  Your compassion deepens and you begin spiritual development.  You do not see things clearly at all during an  unfavorable Neptune transit.  When the transit is over you realize that everything about you is different. The lesson from a Neptune transit is to develop an interest in meditation or  Yoga, and spiritual things.

The person’s health will be probably influenced psychologically, if Neptune makes unfavorable or stressful aspects to other natal planets or transiting planets while transiting his/her First House.

For example:  Transiting Neptune Trine Natal Jupiter:  Your career could become almost ideal, or you could find yourself taking an interest in more spiritual and mystical matters.



A Pluto transit is often associated with the inevitable changes.  It is painful during the Pluto transit.  You are forced to see yourself as you truly are.  The lesson from an unfavorable Pluto transit is to accept the losses, changes, and to make plans for the future.  Whatever broken is beyond repair.  The end result usually is positive, although the process is painful.

Drastic changes can occur in home and family affairs, if Pluto makes stressful and unfavorable aspects while transiting  the Fourth House.  The person’s  home and family may be disruppted, or destroyed by force that is beyond his/her personal control.  The Pluto transit usually eliminates the old ones and replaces it with the new ones.

For example:  When transiting Pluto sextiles natal Pluto, continual discovery, persistent search, and continual change and transformation keep you on the move and growing.