Mercury and the Moon

In Astrology, Mercury is the head, the voice inside you which explains you to the world, and explains the world to you.  It is the part of you that makes decisions, that speaks of you, writes about these decisions.  Mercury tells you to do whatever makes sense, to go with the most reasonable response in a given situation.

The Moon is the heart.  She represents the earliest relationship in your life, the connection with your mother.  The Moon’s message is to take care of yourself emotionally, to feel most comfortable and secure, and to warm you, feed you and nurture you.


Fire Signs:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth Signs:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air signs:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Signs:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


If either Mercury, or the Moon is in a Fire Sign:  It will be connected with the drive for freedom and self-expression.

Mercury in Fire:  You have to think for yourself, and act courageously on your ideas.

The Moon in Fire:  Your emotions are direct, spontaneous, and compelling.  You will pick excitement over emotional safety.


If either Mercury, or the Moon is in an Earth Sign:  It will operate on a more practical level.

Mercury in Earth:  You seek the best way to assure material success and physical security.

The Moon in Earth:  You pay attention to whatever sustains you emotionally, and gives you physical safety.


If either  Mercury, or the Moon is in an Air Sign:  It will connect you to the world of abstract ideas, social theories, and human relationships.

Mercury in Air:  This is where Mercury is most intellectual.  You think in pure forms, and have an awareness of what others are thinking and saying.

The Moon in Air:   You have lighter, freer emotions, and the capacity to keep your distance from them and examine them.


If either Mercury, or the Moon is in a Water Sign:  It will be more instinctive and intuitive.

Mercury in Water:  This is not a particularly logical Mercury.  You are very subjective.

The Moon in Water:  The Moon is in her element in Water.  You will dwell for a long time on all your feelings.


Mercury and the Moon both  are in the Same Element:

Mercury and the Moon both in Fire:

You act spontaneously, both from your head and from your heart. You act quickly to catch the opportunity that comes your way.  You are confident, but arrogant.  You have a positive outlook.  You do not accept that sometimes you might be wrong.

Mercury and the Moon both in Earth:

You are cautious. Both your mind and your emotions are focused on physical reality.  You do not like to be on unfamiliar ground intellectually.  You prefer emotional stability and permanence.   Sometimes, you can miss opportunities, because you are afraid of letting go of whatever is established.

Mercury and the Moon both in Air:

You are an interesting person, and a great conversationalist.  You never have trouble connecting to others.  If you have no planets in Water Signs or Water Houses, you will have a hard time relating to anything that’s purely emotional or instinctive.

Mercury and the Moon both in Water:

You are very subjective.  Your feelings are strong, although you may not always feel safe enough to show them.  You follow your heart, and your mind goes right along with it. You begin with thinking about how something feels, and proceed from there.


Fire and Earth

The fiery part of you is always charging ahead, while the earthy part of you puts on the brakes.  The fiery part of you sees potentials, and can carry you away to magical places.  The earthy part sees realities, and works hard to keep your feet on the ground.

Mercury in Fire and the Moon in Earth

You think with passion, but feel more prudently.  You have very ambitious ideas, but you may not always feel safe enough to implement them.  Emotionally, you prefer to keep the situation as it is now.

Your words are exciting and challenging, but when you go home at night, you want everything to be the same as it was yesterday.  The stability and comfort of your domestic life can function as a good foundation to support you, while you go out and express yourself to the world.

Mercury in Earth and the Moon in Fire

You think and speak more cautiously, but inside, you feel everything intensely.  People assume that your are totally practical because of the language you use, and the issues you raise.  When they get close to you, they may be amazed that your inner feelings are very passioante.

Your head  always draws your attention  toward the practical, efficient approach, but your heart pushes you toward generous, dramatic expression.   Although you can live a very practical and realistic life, you need to listen to your heart, and to express your love of live.


Fire and Air

The fiery part of you is passionate, while the Air part of you is much more logical and reasonable.  There is much more focus with Fire, while Air generally likes to move around and experience a little bit of everything.

Mercury in Fire and the Moon in Air

You have a passionate mind and a more objective heart.  Your intellectual tendency is toward large, exciting projects, and whatever promises the most drama, adventure and success.

Emotionally, you are not quite so focused.  You like to do a number of things, such as watching TV, talking on the phone, or surfing on the internet.  Without all these mental stimulation, you feel stifled and unhappy.  Your Air Moon gives you excellent communication skills, and you charm everyone with whom you come into contact, because you almost share some interests with everyone.

Mercury in Air and the Moon in Fire

You are logical on the surface, but passionate and excitable underneath.  You love to do things, and your heart keeps busy figuring out how to make your dreams come true.

However, your mind sometimes hesitate to follow up.  You know what you want, but your mind persists in checking out all the options.  Your  mind has the task of cooling down your heart, but it should never totally blow out the flame.


Fire and Water

Both Fire and Water are very emotional, but in quite different ways.  Fire wants to move through experiences at a quick pace, while Water wants to linger and feel everything.

Mercury in Fire and the Moon in Water

You think quickly, but your feelings never fade away totally.  Your fiery Mercury gives you a tendency to be impatient with people and situations.  Your fiery Mercury also gives you independence, drive and a strong need to define with your own terms.

Your Water Moon is your weak side.  If you deny or repress it, you can act out in unhealthy ways.  You can be manipulative or insincere, or try to feed your emotional hungers with food.  You need to accept your vulnerability, and allow yourself to fully experience your heart.


Mercury in Water and the Moon in Fire

Your mind is open and  easily influenced, and your emotions is quick and intense.  You realize that life is not all that logical, and you trust your feelings and intuition to tell you what to do.  At the same time, you are always want more passion and more excitement.

Water is more cautious than Fire, so you don’t always find it easy to fulfill your desires.  You may sometimes find yourself running away from your own mind, rushing off to do something mad and risky. When your head and heart work together, your excellent instincts help you fulfill your heart’s desires.


Earth and Air

The earthy part of you is practical,  realistic, and want to deal with things,  while the Air part of you is abstract, and want to move around.

Mercury in Earth and the Moon in Air

Your mind is practical and sensible, but your heart tends to float off into the clouds. The Air Moon tends to be romantic, dreaming and  seeing what’s beautiful and ideal.  Your earthy Mercury focuses on necessary skills to do the hard work required to bring a dream to life.

The danger of this combination is that your mind can step on your dreams, and judge those dreams “unrealistic.”  If so, you will lose something beautiful, and you will also lose the part of yourself that is most open, flexible and curisous.

Mercury in Air and the Moon in Earth

Your mind is most interested in abstract principles, but your heart needs what gives you a sense of security and comforts.  You seem very light and not serious on the outside, but you have a realistic heart.

You enjoy information, communication, and intellectual pursuits.  Your mind is always a wonderful resource.  You enjoy talking to people, gathering information, and traveling for pleasure.

Emotionally, you are very cautious.  You want money in the bank, a  warm, comfortable home and family.  You need to figure out a life-style that is both intellectual stimulating, and emotionally safe and secure.


Earth and Water

Earth and Water both prefer security.  However, the earthy side of you focuses on physical area, while the watery side relies on instincts.  They can look at the same things, and see them very differently.

Mercury in Earth and the Moon in Water

Your mind is concerned with practical results and values, but your emotions are fertile and imaginative.  You deal with whatever is in front of you, focusing your attention on practical plans, but your feelings go much deeper than this.

Your need for intimacy may not always be practical,  but you feel it is a part of your life to get close to others. On the outside, you are a materialist, you focus on your business, your financial security.  Yet,  only your close friends and intimates realize how vulnerable you are .  When they work together, your head keeps you safe on a physical level, while your heart gives you joy, pain, and lots of love.


Air and Water

The logical part of you wants everything to make sense, while the emotional part of you is conscious of less clear-cut alternate realities.  Your air side organizes, but your watery side feels, senses and becomes part of everything that’s felt.

Mercury in Air and the Moon in Water

In your intellectual sphere, everything has to make perfect sense.  In your emotional sphere, nothing has to make sense, and you can operate totally on instinct.

This works well until you have to make an important decision that impacts both areas of your life.  When this happens,  the Air Mercury can try to talk the watery Moon out of her feelings.  When they work together, your intellectual gifts and communication skills make for a very smooth and successful life, and the warmth of your watery Moon fills in the gaps.

Mercury in Water and the Moon in Air

This is a complex and sometimes confusing pattern.  The watery Mercury thinks according to instincts and intuitions.  So, it is hard for you to know  anything absolutely.  Yet, your heart is inspired by the search of knowledge, communication and connection.  You love words, ideas, principles, and are always being distracted by them.

Yor heart is full of a variety of ideas, but you can not always follow through on them.  You have to make sure they feel right.  If it never feels right, you may never get around to it.

You need to make peace with the emotional information that comes from your watery Mercury.  And, you need lots of mental stimulation, such as reading, talking, so that you will feel happy and alive.



Your Mercury tells you how to make sense of the world around you, giving you coping mechanisms, and tools for self-expression.  It tells you how to satisfy yourself on a very basic level, and what you need to strive emotionally and physically.

Mercury is more often felt as a conscious choice, while the Moon can operate unconsciously.  But, the Moon’s needs are so strong that they can not be ignored.

You need to find ways to own both your Mercury and your Moon.  You need to accept each, and give each what its needs to express itself fully.