Each sign is built of three things:  An element, a quality and a polarity.


The Four Elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth are based on temperament, as seen in a person’s primary response to situation, relationship and most things in general.

Each sign is matched with one of the elements according to whether the primary response associated with that sign is basically to act (physical/Earth), to gain something (purposeful/Fire), to analyze (intellectual/Air), or to feel (emotion/Water).

FIRE:  Active, masculine, spontaneous, quick, initiating, impulsive, vitalizing,  energetic, and immediate.

The Fire Signs corresond with the spirit and the spiritual aspects of life.  They inspire action, attract attention and love spontaneity.

Fire is an element with two purposes:

(1) It is an expression of spiritual energy and the determination of the spirit.

(2)  It purifies, burns and destroys the old so that the new ones may emerge.

Fire is an element of transformation and regeneration.  To pass through fire is symbolic of transcending the human condition.  The direction or cardinal point of Fire is South.

FIRE SIGNS:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

FIRE HOUSES:  The First House, Fifth House, Ninth House


WATER: Passive, feminine, receptive, sustaining, subconscious, creative and generative.

The Water Signs correspond to the emotional side of our natures, as changeable, subtle, and able to infiltrate as water itself.

Water symbolizes the infinite realm of possibilities, which precedes all form and creation.  It is limitless and immortal.  The direction or cardinal point of Water is West.

WATER SIGNS:  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

WATER HOUSES:  The Fourth House, Eighth House, Twelfth House


AIR:  Active, masculine, intellectual, abstract, and communicative.

Air signs are all about the intellectual or mental side of life.  Like air itself, they are light and elusive.  They love conversation, communication, and mingling.

Air is related to the creative breath of life,  speech, scent and smell.  Air is a volatile element which is considered the offspring of the parental elements of Fire and Water.

It is the reconciler between the rival elements of fire (male) and water (female).  Air also relates to the human intellect and thinking process, which are quick, changeable and abstract.  The direction or cardinal point of Air  is East.

AIR SIGNS:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

AIR HOUSES:  The Third House, Seventh House, Eleventh House


EARTH:  Passive, feminine,  materialization, physical, stable, slow-moving and grounded.

Earth is solid, practical, supportive, and  reliable.  It represents the physical, materialized universe in which we live.   The Earth Signs are our physical envoys, and are concerned with our tangible needs, such as food, shelter, work and responsiblities.

Earth is the daughter of Fire and Water, just as Air is the Son.  This element encompasses all activities of productivity, fertility, growth and regeneration.  Earth is the practical, material approach to life.  If a person has no planets in the Earth Signs, or Earth Houses, making money is not the first priority in his/her life.

Earth is the fourth element and the result of the combined actions of the other three elements.  The direction or cardinal point of Earth is North.

EARTH SIGNS:  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

EARTH HOUSES:  The Second House, Sixth House, Tenth House


THE THREE QUALITIES (Functions):  Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable

The qualities show the way a sign’s energy flows.



THE CARDINAL SIGNS:  Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Angular Houses are the strongest houses, corresponding to the Cardinal Signs: First House, Fourth House, Seventh House, Tenth House.

They are called Cardinal Signs because they are the first sign in each season:  Aries, Spring; Cancer, Summer; Libra, Fall; and Capricorn, Winter.  They correspond with the first month of the Sun’s journey through a season.

Persons born during the time of cardinal signs are versatile, adapable, and readily capable of adjusting themselves to changing conditions as they occur.  Their energies initiate changes.



THE FIXED SIGNS:  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Succedent Houses are neutral houses, corresponding to the Fixed Signs:  Second House, Fifth House, Eighth House, Eleventh House.

They correspond with the second month of the Sun’s journey through a season.   They are the energies that endure.  They take projects to completion, and  tend to block changes at all costs.  They will keep at something regardless of whether or not it should be terminated.

People born in fixed signs are more set in their ways, and more fixed in their views.  They are likely to have more continuity, and are more difficult to move or change.  They do not readily change their minds, and are not so quick to adjust and adapt themselves.

The cardinal signs bring us into a change of seasons.  Then, the fixed signs see us firmly centered or set in those seasons.



THE MUTABLE SIGNS:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Cadent Houses are the weakest houses, corresponding to the Mutable Signs: Third House, Sixth House, Ninth House, Twelfth House.

They correspond with the third month of the Sun’s journey through a season.  They are versatile, flexible, and changable.  They can be scattered, fickle and inconstant.

People born in mutable signs have more or less the attributes of both the cardinal and fixed signs, and can adapt themselves to the natures of both signs.  Mutable signs seem to be unstable.

In the mutable signs, we finish up the duties that are common to the season and begin to prepar for the change in the next quarter.


THE POLARITIES:  The division of  the signs and planets into masculine (positive) and feminine (negative).

MASCULINE (Positive):  Creative, dry, and yang.

Masculine signs include all  the fire signs and air signs.  They are the odd-numbered signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius).  They  correspond to the First House, Third House, Fifth House, Seventh House, Ninth House, and Eleventh House.

Persons born under the fire signs are assertive, aggressive, self-initiating. Their energies flow is  linear.  They take action to achieve results, rather than wait for things to come to them.

Wherever these signs are placed in your birth chart, in these areas you are likely to take initiative or go after what you want.


FEMININE (Negative):  Receptive, moist, and yin.

Feminine signs include all the  earth signs  and water Signs.  They are the even-numbered signs of the Zodiac (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces).  They correspond to the Second House, Fourth House, Sixth House, Eighth House, Tenth House, and Twelfth House.

Feminine signs indicate passivity.  Persons born under the feminine signs are passive, receptive, and magnetic.  Their energies flow is circular.  They interact with what happens to come to their way.  They work by a principle of attracting what they desire, rather than attempting to go out and acquire it.  Usually, they wait for things to come to them before taking actions, although, sometimes, they may be capable of acting forcibly.

The terms of masculine and feminine should be not confused with “male” and “female.”