The Major Arcana (2)


12.  Clarity and Simplicity (The Hanged Man – Neptune)

Themes and Possibilities

A new perspective; lessons learned; trial; transformation; sacrifices; transition through sacrifice in order to achieve noble objective. Mental clarity brings spiritual and positive growth.  The dawn will bring clarity.

The nature of clarity and awareness is one of our evolving Buddha potentials.  The obscurations of angers and other bad qualities are temporary.  We are not our anger.  We are not our bad qualities.  These are obscurations that can be removed.  With simplicity, we leave behind hypocrisy and selfishness, and letting compassion growing in our minds.  With clarity, we abandon the confusion of ignorance, replacing it with direct perception of reality. 

With clarity and simplicity, we live with a minimum of possessions that give us a degree of tranquility and peace.  If we want others to truly respect us, we need to work on both inner and outer beauty.  When our spirit begins to shine and the qualities of our hearts begins to surface, we will not worry so much about external beauty.

13. Cessation of Suffering (Death – Scorpio)

Themes and Possibilities:

Endings; transitions; changes; conclusion; break from old value. Turning over a new leaf will bear new fruits. All death points to a new beginning.

When we have no power to change certain karmic effects, when we may not be able to do anything about them, then experience the consequences and face it with an attitude that brings peace of mind.  We all have the significant potential to change the direction of our lives with the creation of positive present karma.

According to the Buddhist view, the wealth of dishonest people results from their generosity in previous lives.  Kind people who die young are experiencing the result of negative actions in past lives.  However, their present kindness creates the imprints on their mindstreams for them to have happiness in the future.


14. Awareness (Temperance – Sagittarius)

Themes and Possibilities:

Blending; combining; being moderate; being careful; in the middle; meditation; averaging; balance perfectly; moderation and good sense; peace and serenity; peace, patience and the middle path; visualize the true nature of oneself.

Watching your mind and your speech.  Be aware of what you are doing, saying and thinking. Speak and think in beneficial, positive way.  Mindfulness prevents us from getting distracted. 

We need to be more aware of our dependency on the air, the Sun, the earth and the rain.  We are just the visitors, like all other living beings, on this planet.  We need to know the spiritual relationship between all living things and act in harmony with that knowledge.

15. Emptiness (The Devil – Capricorn)

Themes and Possibilities:

Material; greed; addiction; physical pleasure; manipulation; profit; negative aspect of the ego; hope and fear; non-existence; be humble; always learning something new. Cravings and worries that stops one from achieving peace.

To a enlightened person, there is no difference between joy and sorrow.  All phenomena are the same; they are all equal; all without distinctions, all interdependent, all empty.  Emptiness is the liberation from all greed, anger and ignorance.  It is the joy of having no regrets from the past, no anxiety with the future, and no doubt about what to do right now.  It is everything and yet it contains or attaches to nothing. 

Slowly, the darkness is turning into light, death turning into life, and emptiness turning into fullness.  It is emptiness for the ego, it is fullness for the Being and it is fullness for the inner experience.  Starting with emptiness for spiritual growth.  On the spiritual path, be humble and always learning something new.


16.  Open Heart, Clear Mind (The Tower – Mars)

Themes and Possbilities:

Disruption; shake-up; sudden changes; destruction; revision; breakage; failure; collapse; expectations; disappointed; physical contraint; transformation; the shattering of illusion; needs for help.

Open heart is sincere, compassion and altruism.  The heart is complemented and enhanced by concise wisdom, a clear mind.  Practice using a positive and constructive view in life, we will have a harmonious relationship with friends and loved ones.  We no longer expect to be hurt or upset by what others do or say.  With open minds, we will be tolerant.  We will approach every idea and situation as an opportunity to learn and to share with others.

17.  Impermanence  (The Star – Aquarius)

Themes and Possibilities

Hope; goals; dreams; beauty; honest responses; break through;  ladder to reach higher state of consciousness;  an opportunity suddenly becoming available; a calm after a storm; to weed out what’s not important and making room for spiritual growth.

Our universe is always in motion,  although it appears firm and stable to our ordinary perception.  In fact, it is transient.  Understanding this helps us avoid attachment and the pain and confusion which accompany it.  Recognizing impermanence, we will be able to appreciate things and experience them fully while they last.  It is true that none of the people, possessions or situation we now have will last forever.  However, impermanence also means new things can happen.  Impermanence allows for a helpless baby to grow into a skilled adult.  Impermanence means our love, compassion, wisdom and skills can increase.  Impermanence assures us countless opportunities to overcome past failures or lapses, countless chances to refine our practice and modify our habits.


 18.  Liberation (The Moon – Pisces)

Themes and Possibilities:

Rapid changes;  passion; getting wild; getting loose; taking risk; inversion; sensitive person; confusion situation; unconditional love; compassion; forgiveness; night; time of rest; meditation; reflection; turning inward; finding true mind; finding tranquality and strength; into the path for spiritual growth.

Liberation is the cessation of the undesirable experiences and their causes.  Liberation is a state of having removed all disturbing attitudes, such as ignorance, attachment, anger, pride, jealousy, and closed-mindedness.  These attitudes disturb our mental peace and cause us to act in ways harmful to others.  We should improve our minds and open our hearts so we are more beautiful internally.  The inner beauty of patience and openness lasts longer than physical beauty. 

19.  Enlightenment (The Sun – Sun)

Themes and Possibilities:

Celebration; warmth; openness; truth; freedom; satisfaction; achievement; appreciation; brightness; positive; vibrations; completeness; harmony; peace; greatness; profound spirituality; sharp mind; high energy and powerful force in the universe.

Everyone has the Buddha nature.  The way to see Buddha nature is to stop clinging to delusion.  When you abandon delusion and be without desire, without attachment, you will eventually attain complete enlightenment.  We should follow the circumstances, remains calm in whatever happens, and do our best positively.  A carefree, calm, liberated life is built on enlightenment.  To a enlightened person, there is no difference between  sorrow and joy, they are the same.  So, life with enlightenment is carefree, pure, simple, natural and easy.


20.  Nirvana (Judgement – Pluto)

Themes and Possibilities:

Waking to possibilities; sudden excitement; decisions; opportunity; reality; unlimited authority; conclusion; spiritual discipline; care of the body and spirit; closing of cases; newfound wisdom; call to a high state of being; wake-up call; a spiritual path that is available; relax and be your better self; receipt of ultimate reward.

Nirvana is a Sanskrit term which can be interpreted roughly as perfect stillness.  It is the ultimate liberation from greed, hatred, ignorance, revealing our uncluttered True Self.  One common misconception of Nirvana is that it is the same as death.  It is not.  Nirvana is the deathless state of liberation from ego.  It is eternal; it is past, future, and now.  Nirvana is impossible to define directly because it is beyond communication; it can only be experienced and realized.  In the state of Nirvana, the mind is peaceful, concentrated and wise.

21.  Buddhahood (The World – Saturn)

Themes and Possibilities:

Fullness; having it all; completenes; happiness and joy; realization; new vibration in your life; at the highest level with unlimited abundance; heal the suffering wounds and join in the celebration of life; attaining oneness with the universe; the culmination of goals; having order and harmony in life; eternal life. The energies of the cosmos hears the call of your wishes and dreams.

There is a higher level of spiritual happiness that is attainable by the human mind because we are provided with great capacity for development.  Through mind development, we can activate the dormant capacities and realize a higher level of spiritual achievement.  This potential exists in all of us that we said the Buddha nature is within us, but we need to realize it.  We can accept ourselves for what we are and have faith in our ability to become kinder and wiser people.  We have the potential to become a Buddha, one who has eliminated all obscurations and fully developed all beneficial qualities.