The Minor Arcana (1)

Overcoming Obstacles (Wands – Fire: A fiery, passionate and energetic person)

Mara, the Evil One, realized that Siddhartha was nearing his goal finding an end to suffering.  This would be a threat to Mara’s power, and he was determined to interfere. Mara tried last effort to challenge Siddhartha’s right to do what he was doing.  Siddhartha merely touched the earth with a finger of his right hand, and in a voice like thunder the earth answered, “I bear you witness.”  Mara was defeated.



Themes and Possibilities:

Beginning; new direction; creativity; energy toward new endeavor or a new love.

Life is full of challenges, difficulties and struggles.  Is there a meaning in all of those obstacles?  Is there a purpose to life?  How often do you feel that something is missing in your life?  Where can yo find fulfillment, inner happiness and peace?  It is called the spiritual path which helps one overcome all the pain and suffering in life.


Themes and Possibilities:

Objectives; assertion of authority, harmony; team work; commitment; work with others; broader scope of a new reality.

When somebody displays anger or jealousy toward you, consciously choose to respond with self-confidence and calmness.  When things do not come your way as expected or people are not what you want them to be, choose acceptance.



Themes and Possibilities:

Struggle; exchange; negotiations; reflection; commercial; remain true to oneself; renew energy and freedom.

If the situation can be changed, rather than be unhappy or be angry, it is wiser to work calmly to improve it.  If the situation can not be changed, anger is equally useless.  Worrying about or fearing something that has not happened immobilizes us.  Getting angry at something we can not alter makes us miserable. 


Themes and Possibilities:

Economic and emotional stability; country home; serene family; growth and joy; faithful partnership; gratitude; appreciation.

Every crisis might be worked on positively to make it an opportunity for improvement in both our personal life and work situation.  We develop wisdom by correctly dealing with crises.  The best way to make progress is to put all unhappiness behind us and to  have a new start.



Themes and Possibilities:

Battles recurring in life; achieving and keeping deserved positions; trust; smooth flow of creative energy and opportunity; releasing the feeling of fears.

A selfish love can break your heart, unconditional love can not break your love because it has no hook.  Only selfishness can break the heart, because selfishness is the hook in conditional love.  To get over a heart-break, you need to find a way to let go of your selfish, attachment, and you will find love within you.  Love can never break your heart.  True love can only heal it.


Themes and Possibilities:

Perseverance; waiting and patience; be mindful; receiving recognition and achieving success; being praised for accomplishments; triumph and glory.

Use compassion in dealing with worldly matters and protect ourselves against humiliation by developing self-respect, self-discipline, and act in a responsible manner.  Be humble, not arrogant.

The inner beauty: kindness, openness, honesty, love, joy is always within us.  But like rust that forms on metal with the passing of time, impurities have covered our inner beauty.  In order to see it, we need to remove the rust.



Themes and Possibilities:

Diplomacy in solving problems and difficulties; dealing anger with kindness and a calm mind; improving health and vitality; improving family’s finances.

We can hire someone to clean our house and move in new furnitures, but we can not have someone to clean our minds and install compassion and wisdom.  However, we can practice Buddha‘s teachings in our daily life to help purify our minds and improve our lives.


Themes and Possibilities:

Long-standing situations leading towards final resolution; clarified and revealed truths; a time to harvest; not to push ahead; making use of what we already have; cutting back on activities and spendings.

Because our lives are busy, we are often unaware of what is going on inside us.  So, it is important to have some “quiet time” each day, time to relax and be alone.  It is good to review what has happened each day.  This quiet time gives us the opportunity to digest what we experience, to be aware of what we thought and felt.  During our quiet time each day, we can gradually train ourselves in a more open and compassionate perspective.



Themes and Possibilities:

Confusion and misunderstandings cleared up; sacrifice; let go of the fears; lower the wall of fears; opportunities abound; growth potential.

The way out of suffering requires training ourselves to live in the present.  Dwelling in the past prevents us from experiencing wisdom, joy and peace.  We should exercise our spiritual awareness.  No matter what happened, try to greet the day with joy, with a heart that is full of compassion, gratitude and love.


Themes and Possibilities:

Changing places or work; transfer; achieved career; change of life; rebirth; renewal; phoenix rising from flames; new perspective; be ready to change and willing to explore.

If you have been hurt by love, make a choice to let go of your attachment to the expectations or anger, and be grateful for the experience just as it was.  Let love into your heart.  Let the hurts be replaced by the positive energy of love.  Practice meditation to ease your pain.  Your mind will begin to get clear.  The sadness and anxiety will move away.  Calm and pleasant feelings will arise in you.


Laymen (Page)

Themes and Possibilities:

Luck; cheerfulness; optimism; comfort zone; be ready to; determination and discretion; faithful youth in love; a feeling of love deep in one’s psyche; a feeling that can bring comfort and joy; in the right place at the right time; making new decisions based on reality and feasibility; asking guidance from wiser individuals; seeking calm, peace and joy from spiritual development.

No matter how much loving, kindness, and compassion we practice towards others, some people will benefit from it, and others will reject it.  No matter how well we do our jobs, we will have disappointments.  We need to invite our disappointments and failures into our hearts as well as our successes.  We must be understanding and accepting that failures and successes all belong in this world.  In Chinese, there is a saying, “Failure is the mother of success.”   Failure is an opportunity to learn how to be a more effective person.  So, we need to combine our understanding minds together with compassionate hearts.  Practice compassion and embrace the failures.

Sangha (Knight)

Themes and Possibilities:

Independence; strong emotions; enthusiastic in Dharma; transformative power; using new found energy to learn Dharma; feelings of joy, peace and contentment surrounding you; bless all those visiting the Sangha; participating short-term monastic retreat.

Clinging makes separation even more difficult.  Attachment is the source of grief and depression.  When our loved ones passed away, we experience pain and refuse to accept the fact that life is transient.  Bringing our understanding of impermanence from our heads to our hearts enables us to appreciate the time we have with our loved ones.  So, we will rejoice at what we share with others in the present, here and now.  Thus, avoiding attachment our relationship will be enriched.


Master (Queen)

Themes and Possibilities:

Intelligent; sincere; a trusted individual with extrasensory gifts;  wisdom of love; protective light; blessing for previous good deeds; meditation to cure distraction and discontentment; flow of wisdom into your mind; be a loving counselor to all you meet.

Being so dependent, we don’t allow ourselves to develop our own qualities and we set ourselves up for depression, because no relationship can continue forever.  We separate when life ends.  So, we should not over emphasize our needs and expect too much.  We have our own dignity as human beings, we do not need to cling to others as if they were the source of all happiness.  We must recognize our unrealistic needs and slowly seek to eliminate them.

Buddha (King)

Themes and Possibilities:

Protective; faithful and affectionate; infinite light; immortal light; glorious, peaceful and joy;  not to act from emotion but making decisions based on inner wisdom; a gift of opportunity and spiritual change; an increased opportunity for growth; reaching new heights of  progress.

When there is annoyance, worry or anxiety, there is bodhi: awakening to one’s Buddha nature. The way to see Buddha nature is to stop clinging to delusion and be without desire, without attachment.  When we do this we will eventually attain complete enlightenment.  We all have Buddha nature, good qualities within us.  It can never be lost or taken away from us.  Thus, we have a stable and realistic basis for self-confidence to develop our beneficial, positive qualities on the journey to enlightenment.