The Minor Arcana (2)

Meditation (Cups – Water: An emotional, creative person)

Our minds are generally calm and peaceful.  We have no fears or worries because we do not feel threatened by other people or events.  This stage of happiness is called “mundane” level of happiness.  The way to the spiritual level of happiness, beyond the mundane happiness, is through meditation.

Meditation will make one feel peaceful. Meditation is done entirely with the mental consciousness, not with the visual consciousness.  We should not try to “see” anything with our eyes during meditation.  Learning to meditation is learning to be free of expectations.  When your mind is free of all expectations that real peace begins to sprout within.  The peace you experience will help you calmly face the challenges of the day.  The meditation can help bring the mind into a restful and relaxed state.  It can heal the body and mind.



Themes and Possibilities:

Abundance; material well-being; gratification; unity of production forces; seeds of love and compassion; beginning of growth; to be nurtured and to grow.

When you wake up first thing in the morning, make a conscious choice to enjoy the blessing of the day.  Choose to be mindful of your daily conduct so that you will never hurt anybody with your thoughts, speech and actions.  You are aware that beauty is only skin deep, so a greater amount of your time and energy is channeled to develop the inner self.


Themes and Possibilities:

Alliances; society; a couple living in harmony; family reunion; new positive opportunity in life; love and attraction; unconscious waking to consciousness; sharing inner feelings of love; joining of feminine and masculine energies.

Whatever we experience, happiness or misery, comes from our own minds.  If we wish to achieve a true state of happiness, the best way is to train ourselves to eliminate our negative state of mind.  With a calm mental state, we are content, patient, and forgiving.  And, our environment and the people we encounter seem very pleasant and enjoyable.



Themes and Possibilities:

Prestige; success; harmonious environment; excellent relationship with family and loved ones; adjust your new lifestyle and direction; support and guidance to overcome frustration and negativity; you and your family’s well being. Look for the rainbow that brings colors of harmony to absorb your sorrow and pain.

A sound, clear and rested mind is essential if we are to fully enjoy the many blessings that life offers us.  Such a tranquil mind can be realized through meditation.  The calm mind can help uncover and reawaken unused resources within us.


Themes and Possibilities:

Stable family with solid foundation; new home; cautious choices for the future. Intelligence and energy that are essential for progress on the path to enlightenment.  Appreciate the wonders of nature and take in the serene beauty of creation.  Overcome problems and challenges with inner wisdom and spiritual attitude.

A patient person is one whose mind is serene.  When the mind is free from anger, or when the anger is stilled, there will be space for compassion and patience.  A clear mind, free from anxiety and anger, can examine ways to act and decide which is best for everyone concerned.



Themes and Possibilities:

Awarded efforts; reconciliation with friends; help in economic operations.  Learn and cherish Buddha’s teachings. Don’t hide your inner pain, look deeper to examine the reason of the sorrow. Making blessings from the lessons you are experiencing and lift your head to visualize a brighter vision in your future.

Take a little time every day to center yourself –  practice Meditation, Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi, or Yoga.  Whatever technique you choose, put yourself on a schedule and do it regularly.  Your mind will be calm and relaxed.  When we are upset or angry, deep and controlled breath will help us to calm the mind which in turn will help us to relax the body.  A healthy cycle of mind-body reaction will help to heal both mind and body.


Themes and Possibilities:

Long term projects; general stagnation; difficult ambitions slow to be realized; to nurture love without selfish interest; to observe, to listen and to do it right without self-interest.

It is important to have a peaceful mind before acting.  If we act under the influence of anger, we are likely to use physical or verbal force.  Anger corrupts what we say and do.  To speak our understanding of what is correct and incorrect with  a calm mind can deal with the situation in a beneficial way.



Themes and Possibilities:

Fortune; excellent earnings; positive exchange; exceptional opportunity on the way; love is the answer; good health and strength to soothe pains; love towards a spiritual interrelationship; contemplation of the spiritual side of life.  Rebirth in the area of love brings hope. Visit a shrine or holy place to recharge inner strength.

What brings us pleasure at one time makes us unhappy at another time.  The things we are attached to don’t consistently bring us pleasure.  Supreme happiness comes from transforming our minds.  For example, if we regard food as a medicine to cure hunger and nourish our bodies, we will eat peacefully and will be satisfied with what we eat, and not being picky.


Themes and Possibilities:

Joyous sound; music and creative expression; breaking an old routine and replacing it with creative endeavor; resolution of long-standing problems or situations; developing a positive affirmation to wipe out the negativity; recharging energies and promoting family unity; emotional house cleaning; getting rid of emotions that taking room for spiritual growth; searching for new insights and wisdom; a detached emotional state to guide your spiritual path.

Breaking long-established addictions is difficult and can be painful.  Develop an awareness of our inner universe and a willingness to work at eradicating these habits with diligence and patience. Trying meditation, cultivate mindfulness.  It is certainly possible to break away from them.  Think of the rewards you reap from the hard work:  a sense of self-worth, self-control, well-being and peace.  It worths the painstaking effort.



Themes and Possibilities:

Faith; resolution; having faith on the universe; trust the world; having faith on the higher being; looking to the future with confidence and optimism; tranquility; harmony; love for the arts; achievement of happy and serene objectives; relax and enjoy the joy of abundance;  start the spiritual path with the great vision.

The power of faith is not just religious.  It can be a strong trust in anyone or anything.  Have faith in yourself, have faith that your spiritual potential can liberate you. Have faith in goodness, happiness, peace and love.  Real faith will always be faithful to you.


Themes and Possibilities:

Pleasant and spiritual encounters; friends that favor the spiritual developments; invisible bonds that connect people; life force that connects all living creatures; a group or network that one is connected to by spiritual development.

We can accept ourselves for what we are and have faith in our ability to become kinder and wiser people.  Confident people are able to admit what they don’t know, and are happy and willing to learn from others, appreciate and respect others.  Thus, their own good qualities and knowledge increase.


Laymen (Page)

Themes and Possibilities:

Intelligent youth; affectionate and generous soul; reliable and available; fearlessness; facing stress and turmoil with inner confidence; fearless when life seems threatening; fearless about death and suffering.

Attachment makes us possessive of the people we are close to.  However, we don’t possess our loved ones like we own objects.  Recognizing that we never possess others causes attachment to subside.  It opens the door for love, which genuinely treasures every living being.  We may still advise our loved ones, but we respect their integrity as individuals.  When we don’t pressure them to follow our advice, they are more open to listening to it.

Sangha (Knight)

Themes and Possibilities:

Travel and vacation with a spiritual purpose; opportunity for new friendships and new horizons, a great healer and protector; relax and enjoy the peaceful and serene surrounding of shrine or holy place; enhance your spiritual growth by being a part of lay Sanghas.

Emotional insecurity makes us continuously seek something from others.  However, when we recognize how much we have already received from others, we will want to repay their kindness and our hearts will be filled with love.  True love emphasizes giving rather than receiving.  Without cravings and expectations from others, we will be open, kind and sharing. We will maintain our own sense of integrity and inside we will feel strong with strength.


Master (Queen)

Themes and Possibilities:

Mother; friend; colleague; companion; wisdom of action; cultivate generosity and compassion;  individual with a noble and loyal soul; meditation on the impermanence of life; to cure self-centered activity; showing your loving energy and compassion on your spiritual path.

If we are content with what we have, we can still work to improve things, but our minds will be relaxed.  Without attachment, we can allow our minds to rest in an open state of contentment.  Without attachment and clinging, inside we will feel strong and confident.  Being free of attachment, we can enjoy things.  When we use our possessions, it is helpful to think that many people worked to produce the things I enjoy, and I am grateful to them.  Doing so, we will be peaceful and free from anxiety.

Buddha (King)

Themes and Possibilities:

Reliable and generous man; protector of the family and loyal in friendship; unobstructed accomplishment; infallible success; fearless and wisdom; mastery of the intuitive function which allows one to act wisely.

To observe the outer universe, we step into an open field.  To observe the inner universe, we need to step into a quiet place within our hearts.  Our Buddha nature is like a mirror that is being covered by the dust.  We need to remove the dust by purifying our mindstream and develop our good qualities.  Our spiritual journey requires us to undertake serious self-inquiry, so that we can remove the dust, so we can cleanse our hearts of the elements of prejudice and discrimination.  When our hearts blossom like the lotus, we will see the world through the eyes of such a pure heart.  We will see all human beings with respect, caring and love.