The Minor Arcana (3)

Speaking Teachings (Swords – Air: An intellectual, logical person)

Siddhartha sitting under a fig tree (later named the Bodhi Tree, which means “the Tree of Enlightenment)in the village of Bodh Gaya in Northern India, he vowed not to arise until he had attained his goal.  Many forces, internal and external, tried to distract him from his meditation.  But at dawn of the Full Moon in the fourth Lunar month, he succeeded in freeing his mind from all obscurations. He was fully enlightened, but  he was no longer Siddhartha.  He was now Buddha, which means “the awakened one.”

For forty-five years, the Buddha taught all over Northern India and what is today part of Nepal.  Men and women wished to take ordination from him, thus the Sangha communities of monks and nuns began.  Laymen and women also studied with Buddha and took the five precepts: Not to kill, steal, have unwise sexual relations, lie or take intoxicants.

The five fingers of Buddha’s hand represents the five perfections:  Generosity, morality, patience, effort, and meditative concentration.  His hands, with the thumb and index fingers in a circle, symbolizes the dharma wheel set in motion; and the hands held to the chest means he is speaking straight from the heart.

Buddha’s first teaching is the Four Noble Truth.  These truths are (1) The truth of suffering – All life is suffering; (2) The truth of the origin of suffering – Suffering is caused by selfish desire; (3) The truth of cessation of suffering – The desire can be overcome, which ends suffering; and (4) The truth of the path leading to cessation of suffering –  Entering the Eightfold Path throughout life to gain liberation from suffering.  The Eightfold Path is composed of Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. The last three elements are concerned with the practice of meditation.

In five ways a person should minister to his friends and companions: by generosity; by courtesy, by benevolence; by equality, treating them as he treats himself; and by being true to his word.

The Buddha teaches that there is no permanent subject.  We are like an ever-flowing river – constantly changing.  The hopes, fears and disappointments of the self are illusory.  Every Being has the Buddha Nature. If we recognize this, then we will live lives that are detached, peaceful and free from suffering.

When the Buddha was about to pass away, he said to his followers:  “This worldly life is transitory; separation is inevitable; and nothing is permanent.  The time to go has come, I must be on my way…”   The Great Buddha’s teachings and his virtuous actions help us remove the sufferings, conquer the illusions, attain the liberation, and we are on the path to enlightenment.



Themes and Possibilities:

Growing activity; determination; achievement; new beginning; new idea; positive direction; positive thinking; constructive ideas and affirmations; giving an old idea new life; promoting family unity; children’s  activities involving art and education; Buddha’s Light enlightens you for growth in new direction; sense the feeling of newness entering your mind.

When you have the opportunity to make a positive difference, don’t let it slip away.  Volunteer your services, show gratitude, donate to a worthy cause, and celebrate a friend’s success.  Pay attention to each moment, and its opportunities.  Joy and happiness will not be missed.


Themes and Possibilities:

Intellectual environment; solidarity; consolidating relations; a calm attempt to find truth; free to accept or reject other’s opinions; respect other’s opinion in debate; restore your trust in love of yourself; listen intently for a clear voice of spirituality inside your mind.

Every being deserves respect simply because he or she has feelings.  People who are poorer, less educated or talented than we have many good qualities and abilities that we lack.  Confident people are kind, humble and learn from everyone positively. They generate harmony and mutual respect among others.  Pride is one of the chief obstacles to increasing wisdom and developing inner potential.



Themes and Possibilities:

Infeasible projects; postponements; obstacles; misunderstanding; immaturity; troubleshooting and problem solving; change brings second chances; heartbreak and loneliness; to restore peace and love into your mind; release the negativity and lightens your spirit; keep loving thoughts in your mind.  Not to deny pain and sorrow, let it run its course and you will heal.

Do not allow the gray and gloomy storm clouds overstay the time necessary to learn the lesson, readjust yourself in thought and action to turn around the situation.  The arrival of adversity should be the time when we put on our best effort.  We should keep striving with courage to overcome any setbacks.  People who can not overcome their setbacks are not reliable.  They can not be counted on to be successful in the future.


Themes and Possibilities:

Physical and moral sacrifice; temporary contrasting and difficult relations; meditation that brings concentration and freedom to refresh our minds; reaching a turning point and finding quiet time in the regrouping process; concentrating your energies and focusing on your spiritual advancement.

Eliminating our selfishness does not mean we give everyone everything they want.  Altruism must be coupled with wisdom.  When there is a difference of opinion between ourselves and others, it is wise first to free our minds from anger and attachment.



Themes and Possibilities:

Adverse situations; family dispute; worries and economic difficulties; ability to heal or fix; something that needs healing or fixing; your prayers are being answered in a spiritual way; allow new growth in new direction; release the pain into the flowing river of healing.

If you have been abused or abandoned by someone, forgiving can free you from the karmic bond.  Use all your strength to forgive and let go of the hurt.  You will be blessed with a calm mind that brings you the courage and confidence to move forward in a new direction.  The best way to make progress is to put your unhappiness behind and start a new life.


Themes and Possibilities:

Change of plans for unexpected events; obligatory steps that help growth; a higher power that protects from harm or obstacles; go with the flow of spiritual growth; replenish your being with joy and love; let go of pain and hurts; find solace in a water source; move forward into the calmness of still waters.  Lucky happenings will benefit and bless your home and family.

Although we can not control all of what happens, we should stay around while things happen whether positive or negative.  It requires that we transcend our sense of personal comfort and that we be with whatever is going on at the moment. Adversities are some of the important causes and conditions of success.  When faced with adversities, we just strive on diligently.  We must learn from them, and develop, grow in our own way.



Themes and Possibilities:

Hope, will and struggle for achieving one’s own aspirations; winning causes; avoid dishonesty of various kinds; cultivate positive behavior, such as honesty, generosity, and truthfulness.

The middle way can free us from extremes and we learn how to relax. Destructive emotions and attitudes prevent us from being happy.  We understand how to enjoy the life without clinging, obsession and worry.  What a wonderful peace is achieved by the givers as well as the receivers when we choose to love with no strings attached.


Themes and Possibilities:

Struggles; worries; disputes; restraint; psychic block; release accumulated pain and grief; give freedom a chance to flow freely; stop suffering and ingest harmony; allow the free flow of energies from within to surface. Change your methods for solutions so progess can be made. Loosen the self-imposed restrictions and let calmness, peace flow around you.

In trying to reap more benefits from others, one ends up with nothing.  In one’s attempt to take advantage of others, one may actually lose more in the end.

When our friends, relatives are too demanding and not loving enough, they are actually assist us in maturing.  If our children are disobedient, they just want us to be great parents.



Themes and Possibilities:

Moral strength; meditation; sacrifice; discomfort and inner imprisonment; a fearful vision; fear of the future; do not fear more than you need to; do not make yourself more uncomfortable than you need to; be confident, not fearful; not to overspend; get professional advice before making commitment; develop a relationship on a new and more spiritual level.

The working of cause and effect is a central idea in Buddhism.  Its principal meaning is that our actions bring results.   Just as it takes time for a seed to sprout and become a tree, the time is needed for our actions to bear their results.  The situations we encounter in life don’t happen to us by accident.  They result from actions that we have done in the past. 


Themes and Possibilities:

Supremacy over adversity and negative forces; period of well-being and tranquility; facing misfortune with inner wisdom and clarity of mind; a longtime dream is within reach; lift up your thinking with more positive thoughts; don’t feel lost or get into depression;  taking a long-distance journey related to spiritual matters; spread your positive beams of light to uplift your spirit. Get out to help at a homeless shelter or children’s facility and you will be shown your blessings.

Karma means both “action and reactions,” or “cause and effect.” We are the bearer of our own karma, the receiver of our own karmic results.  Everything we do either good or bad, will bring reward or retribution, and nobody else can experience on our behalf the joy or suffering  resulting from our behavior. 


Laymen (Page)

Themes and Possibilities:

Watchful and attentive of everything that happens; know how to love unconditional; a good and clear thinking; wisdom in one’s psyche; weed out unnecessary accumulations; accept invitation to spiritual events and development. Allow the gifts of the higher being to flow  through your mind.

Many of us are used to rushing around all the time, and we miss the opportunity to learn and grow.  Our actions are the instruments for our growth, and learning from them awakens us spiritually.  At work or home, we take responsibility for our actions and not to give others control our moods.  Don’t let our emotions to get inflamed and to get our blood pressure up high.  Don’t let other’s weakness ruin our day.  We want our behaviors to be governed by our values, not by other’s negative reactions.

Sangha (Knight)

Themes and Possibilities:

Dynamic and courageous man; loyal to discipline; know how to defend just causes; a creative and spiritual power; move forward to the spiritual path; become the master of creativity in thinking, ideas of spirituality. Climb on the vehicle toward the ideas already formulated in your vision.

Imperfections are the essence and reality of life.  The beauty in life comes from its imperfections.  We must not allow them to become our regrets.  We should understand and appreciate imperfections and transform them.  We should develop our potential, learn to live a meaningful, beneficial life and fill in the missing part of our imperfect life with spiritual and religious development.  If our minds are free from confusion, we will be brighter and more alert.  We will be able to accept whatever situations we encounter and we will actively work to benefit those around us.


Master (Queen)

Themes and Possibilities:

Mother; talented business woman; exceptional companion; the clear-visioned one; pure awareness of the truth; develop kindness and not to harm any living creature. Gain mastery through positive direction, not through fighting with negative thoughts.

A relationship that is based on the genuine love has no strings attached to the loving.  No returns are expected, only an interest in the other person’s happiness and well-being.  Love is not an investment.  Returns that do happen to come are accepted thankfully as a bonus and not as due.  When one has no desires and expectations, one feels strong inside and free of burden.  Often, the lack of genuine love causes pain and hurt.

Buddha (King)

Themes and Possibilities:

Middle-aged man with established career and family; wisdom and confidence that are immovable and unshakable; mastery of the thinking function; break down the walls of fears and loneliness; join humanity and rejoice. Release accumulated useless thoughts and make room for spiritual growth.

We should learn to look beyond mere outward appearances and see into the inner spirit of people.  We will be able to respect them and so extend love and compassion toward all human beings regardless of who they are.  The seeds of enlightenment are present in all of them, with no exception.  Each of us has within us the seeds of perfection, the natural and evolving Buddha potential, and these seeds can be neither stolen or destroyed.  There is always a basis for self-confidence and positive aspiration.  Everyone has the basic goodness and has the potential to become a Buddha.