The Minor Arcana (4)

Granting Wishes and Fearless (Pentacles – Earth: A down-to-earth, practical person)

Buddha’s teachings are a source of strength for everyone confused by the pressure of modern life.  He respected our intelligence and encouraged us to think, to analyze and explore issues from various viewpoints.  Just as the sun shines everywhere without discrimination or restriction, Buddha helped everyone equally.  However, the sun’s ray can not go into an upside-down pot.  If the pot is on its side, a little light can go in.  If it’s upturned, the Buddha’s light floods into it.

Buddha’s graceful hand gestures (mudras), that offer blessings, changed the world.   His different types of hand guestures represent different types of blessings.  The most popular ones, granting wishes and granting fearless, provided solace and comfort to  countless people around the world.



Themes and Possibilities:

Maximum economic realization; personal and social prestige; beginning related to physical aspects of life; a cure for an ailment; having desires over-satisfied; the overcoming of desire; take the big step into the unkown; remains calm in every situation; offer praise and gratitude up to the heavens.  The joy of giving will provide a richness to your soul.

Compassion is the key element in a happy life and in a harmonious society.  Compassion is honest and direct communication with others.  It is the ability to understand others  and help them the same way we help ourselves.

“Cause and effect” is the truth of life and the rule for conducting all matters.  If we want to live with positive fortune, fulfillment and joy, we have to cultivate positive causes and conditions.


Themes and Possibilities:

The embarrasment of choosing between two equally positive opportunities; inner conflicts; a fixed, stagnant and dormant stage. Meditate near and within reach of water or place a bowl of water in your quiet place.  Learn Buddhism and you will come to love it.

We need to learn how to get along with those around us.  Greet others with sincerity and honesty.  Treat others with courtesy and respect.  Encourage and support others through knowledge and morality.  And, we need to work on correct views, speech and action.

Without attachment, there will be space in our hearts for genuine affection and impartial love for others.  We can still have friends and these friendships will be richer because of the freedom, respect and mutual interests  they will be based on.  The wish to help each other becomes enlightened.



Themes and Possibilities:

Creativity; works and success in the realization and achievement of objectives; creative work, art and concentrated study; having both spiritual and material support; don’t give your creative power away; support friends in spiritual studies.

The quality of our lives depends largely on the state of our minds. An unstable, fluctuating mind can make life feel like a heavy burden.  Negative emotions such as depression, tension and anxiety can limit our natural potential and retard our progress on the path to happiness. 


Themes and Possibilities:

Favorable moment for investment in real property or emotional life; purchase of real estate; saving wisely for retirement needs; don’t be stingy; sharing your wealth with less fortunate ones. True understanding of possession: it is yours only if you use or spend it. Use the energy and strength of your mind  to find the spiritual side of life.  Life is for experiencing, explore the spiritual path.

For those who really want to learn, to grow and to mature, criticism provides a wonderful opportunity.  We should take constructive criticism as material for growth, but don’t let it affect our emotions.  We are going to grow if we are willing to understand our weakness, faults and inappropriate behavior.  Be thankful to them for opening our eyes.  All we need is the willingness to see.



Themes and Possibilities:

Resolution of outstanding affairs; disease or illness as a result of inner imbalance; release the sense of poverty and need; exchange those old feelings into new patterns for growth. Visit a shrine or holy place and let the fresh wing of change to bring needed resources for spiritual  and intellectual growth.

Gratitude is a great virtue that helps everyone’s spiritual growth.  The first thing to be grateful about is the blessing of the new day.  It also means totally accepting yourself for who you are, and the world around you, which is here to support you.  If you feel there is nothing to be grateful about, you can start by being grateful for each breath you take.  Then, there is the sunrise and the sunset and the sunshine in between, which supplies the energy that keeps us ticking.  Then, the trees, the birds, the flowers, and so on.


Themes and Possibilities:

Vague and insubstantial projects; lacking basis for continuing; fleeting uncertainties; giving to those in need will gain spiritual benefits; feel the joy and spread your funds or time to those in need; extend a generous heart and loving thoughts in every direction;  give with a loving and joyful heart; wisdom of the heart provides you with a generous spirit on your spiritual path. Get your life back in balance and move forward to study spirituality with new found fresh energies.  The gift of your time and energy may be the richest gift, seek no reward for these acts, extend warmth and kindness to all.

Why does one feel insecure?  It is our wants that make us insecure.  The only security we will find in the world is in giving love.  Insecurity is the lack of love.  There is no one in this planet who does not want love.  Be it a human, an animal, vegatation — all want love.  Nothing should make us unhappy whatever happens.  We should keep loving because it is our nature.



Themes and Possibilities:

Progression of spiritual energy; going through stages to advance toward your goal of spiritual development.  Stop the negative daydreaming and act on what positive outcome you desire. The cycle of change can bring you the outcome you wish. Sharpness of mind which will be profitable in social, family and economic circles.

When you have deep emotional wounds that have not healed, or if you are faced with constant hardship and struggles, it is easy for you to distance yourself consciously. This is almost like shutting the door and walking away from yourself.  If you are a spiritual seeker, you need to open the door to welcome yourself again and be closer to yourself in order to get in touch with who you are.  This closeness and acceptance is essential for inner growth and spiritual awakening.


Themes and Possibilities:

Success in arts, trades and professions; deserved income and success. Progress spiritually by spending  time in activities that are beneficial to your consciousness. Develop your intuition and live, learn and grow spiritually.  Let your inner beacon shine the light in the spiritual path that you are to take.  Find joy and peace from learning Buddhism and continue on the journey to enlightenment with fresh energy.

At work, there are supervisors and managers.  But, to be responsible for what you do, you need to think of yourself as the boss in your mind.  You will gain real satisfaction knowing that you are the responsible master of your self and that you do your work with care and dedication.  Your job is transformed from being a mundane routine to becoming a part of your spiritual journey. Regardless of what you do in life, white-collar or blue-collar, everyone is an equal partner on the journey to enlightenment.  A spiritual person respects every human being and recognizes everyone as equal.



Themes and Possibilities:

Achievement of  a prestigious position; reaching one’s  goals; having it all: longevity, prosperity and abundance. Real wealth is to be in harmony with nature.  Opportunities for generosity and good will abound now.  Success is already yours, abundance and prosperity overflows in your direction.  Use your abundant resources freely on your spiritual path. For additional comfort, expand your knowledge outside your education, such as learning Buddhism.

We need to balance material and spiritual concerns, because external progress alone does not make the world a happier place.  The external progress must be coupled with internal development.  We need compassion, tolerance and wisdom to enjoy the progress.  Balance is essential.  Finding a middle way and developing a balanced view, we will be less-attached and be more relaxed and less anxious.  Thus, we will  relate to our environment and to other people in a more caring way.


Themes and Possibilities:

Peace and inner, spiritual stability and safety. Keep in mind all the negative effects of recognition and fame; searching spiritual side of life to balance rewards. Put forth extended energy from accomplishment to achieve knowledge and growth on the spiritual path. Don’t let the greed push you and don’t go beyond prosperity. If wealth comes from improper activity or unfair deals, prosperity will suffer.

A kind heart is not condescending.  A kind heart is the root of harmony and mutual respect.  When opportunities arise to help others, we won’t lack courage or compassion.  Peace comes through each person eliminating his or her own selfishness and developing a kind heart. 

We should honor and respect the truth, therefore we should not lie.  We should respect all life, therefore we should not kill.  We should respect the welfare and prosperity of others, therefore we should not steal.  We should respect personal relationship, therefore we should not engage in sexual misconduct.  To remain mindful and sober, we should not drink alcohol or use drugs illegally.


Laymen (Page) 

Themes and Possibilities:

Gratifying news to come; feeling a sense of inner self-confidence; reaching out for pursuing spirituality that are within your grasp.With a calm mind to guide the decision necessary for increasing knowledge on the spiritual path. Youth who wants to study, grow and make a career. Open spaces will increase your ability to focus and implement the actions for spiritual growth.

We should cherish and appreciate what we have, and express our gratitude for our parents nurturing us, for those who guide and encourage us, and for the nation that protects us.  We should be grateful for the opportunities that we have been given, and we should contribute our resources, wisdom and talents to the society to repay our gratitude.

Sangha (Knight)

Themes and Possibilities:

Mature, competent and reassuring man at work, within the family. Speed, energy and psychic energy that is associated with the breathing exercise, meditation.  Use your time and resources in the pursuit of studying spirituality.  Right thinking and focus achieves the brilliant foresight necessary to travel with joy on the journey to enlightenment.

When we are trying to improve ourselves, it is important to be around people who encourage us in this pursuit.  So, Dharma friends are very important  to us on the spiritual path.  When we are near people who value self-cultivation, their examples and encouragement will influence us positively.  Although mentally we can have equal love and compassion for everyone, physically we should remain near those who influence us positively.  When our own minds become stronger, then we can be around anyone without being influenced by his/her bad habits.


Master (Queen)

Themes and Possibilities:

Well-to-do and generous woman; with loved ones in social relations and with others; to help others is actually to help ourselves; develop truthfulness; overcome conceit; sincerity and empathy; creativity and maturity; get more artistic pursuits and spiritual endeavors. Spiritual development provides insight and inspiration for creative works. Meditation and time spent in shrine or holy place renews your soul.

We can develop self-confidence by recognizing our inner potential to become a complete, satisfied and loving person, and become an enlightened person with many magnificent qualities.  Then, we will seek to increase our love, compassion, generosity, patience, and wisdom to share these qualities with others.

All life forms should be respected, cared for and treated proeprly.  Regardless of our religions and personal beliefs, we are together to share the truth and explore spiritual wisdom that will help all of us realize our common goal to find joy, peace and spiritual happiness.

Buddha (King)

Themes and Possibilities:

Beauty, prosperity and generosity; intelligent man with a practical spirit; excellent at work, within the family and with friends. Allow a generosity of spirit to flow freely through your finger.  With a down-to-earth attitude and clarity of mind, use your resources to provide joy and peace to others on your spiritual path. Visit a shrine or holy place and let the peace and serenity surround yourself for a deeper inspiration. Take a trip outside of your comfort zone and visit homeless shelter or children’s facility.  Generosity is the key now, so give freely to those less fortunate.

We have endless treasures within waiting for us to explore.  We need to know ourselves well and maintain self-awareness.  We must be self-confident and develop our inherent Buddha nature, and become assured that “Buddha is me; I am Buddha.”  We must be able to shoulder responsibility.  We must develop our talents and skills and serve our community.  Poeple who know how to develop their innate resources are truly wise and wealthy.


Shakyamuni Buddha was once an ordinary person like us, with the same problems and doubts we have.  By following the path to enlightenment, he became a BuddhaShakyamuni Buddha is respected because he purified his mindstreams of  every obscuration and developed his good qualities to their fullest extent.  His teachings show us the path to overcome our limitation and develop our full potentials.  Each of us has the ability to become fully compassionate, wise and skillful.  Each of us has the potential to become enlightened.

We are responsible for our own personal peace and happiness.  But the happiness and peace of the entire society is everyone’s concern.  Each of us has the individual responsibility to do what we are capable of to improve our world.  Without the individual inner peace, it is impossible to have world peace.

You can make a difference in the world.  There are many ways that you can contribute.  Do something that really matters to you.  Something you are good at. Something you have time for. Something you would like to learn or teach. Something the whole family can do together. Something that makes you feel less alone….do something positively.  Give the gift of time, give the gift that really matters. And, in order to save this planet of ours, each one of us needs to  look for ways to live harmoniously with nature, to not destroy the hand that feeds us, but to nurture and care for the earth.

Now, I use the following Kuan Yin’s saying about Buddha to finish this Buddha Speaking Cards:


Wherever we are, wherever we go, be it alone or in a crowd,

the Buddha is there.

The Buddha is everywhere,

setting an example for us to follow and showing us the way.

He is there to guide, encourage and support us.

But, like good parents,

he knows that we must take responsibility for our choices,

that we must live our own lives.

Trust in the Buddha

and draw inspiration and direction from his teachings,

but realize that you must take responsibility for all that you do.

Stay on the path, you will find a special peace,

and feel the warmth of the Buddha’s smile.



(By Spring Liao, 10/10/05)