There are many ways to explore the beauty and grace of Chinese culture.  One of them is through the Chinese brush and ink painting that is done on very thin and delicate  paper.  It is a traditional Chinese art and the quintessence of Chinese cutlure.

Philosophy and symbolism play significant roles in Chinese brush and ink  painting.  In Chinese culture, certain flowers, animals, and things represent a number of meanings, such as good fortune, long life, and abundance, etc.  From a very detailed and colorful figure paintings to animal paintings done with  bold  strokes in black color, the artist expresses his/her feeling and wishes, and the spirit of the visual images.

In addition to the painting itself, there  are also date, calligraphic description saying a beautiful poem, and the red seals representing the artist’s signature.

In 1972, while  I was in Taipei, Taiwan waiting for a Visa to enter U.S.A, I took a beginning Chinese brush painting class.  Most of these paintings for my Figure and Animal Paintings Greeting Cards were the ones that I had done in 1972.