Coping with the Stress

Stress is a part of life.  But, too much stress can be harmful emotionally, mentally, and physically.  We need to learn to find equanimity by making peace with the moment that exists instead of focusing on what we like and dislike around us.  When we embrace the difficulties as well as the pleasures as essential elements of life, we will be on a path towards a more peaceful and joy-filled existence.

In addition to your favorite meditation,  yoga, or Chi Kung exercises, the following simple ways will help you relax temporarily:  You may repeat doing them several times.

1.  Grip your hands very tightly so that your fingers dig deep into your palms and then let go.

2.  Tighten your forehead, close your eyes, and contort your face into an ugly frown.  Keep frowning until you can not go any further and then release.

3.  Stretch your arms out horizontally so that they are parallel with the ground.  Stretch them far out until you can not stretch anymore.

4.  Place your palms flat against a wall and then push.  Keep pushing the wall until you can not push anymore, and then release.

5.  Open your mouth as wide as you can and make it into a big O.  Then close it tightly.

6.  Rub your hands together until they warm up, then place them flat against your face.  Close your eyes and feel the relief.

7.  Lie on your back and put your feet straight up.  Feel the blood rushing to your head.

8.  Lie completely flat with your back to the floor and systematically flex and release every part of you.  Start at the feet and move up through the legs, to the face, and even your scalp.  Feel tension drain out of you completely.

9.  While lying on your back, breathe in through your nostrils slowly and deeply.  Feel your abdomen expanding like a balloon.  Then slowly breathe out through your mouth and feel your abdomen flattening and releasing air.  Visualize fresh, energizing Chi (life force) flowing in; and stale, stagnant Chi flowing out.

10.  While lying on your back, close your eyes and begin to daydream.  Think pleasant thoughts, and then visualize a positive outcome to something you are working on at the moment.  Smile happily to yourself.

11.  Use your right thumb and right index finger to press hard on the both sides of each finger nail, and then each entire finger of your left hand.   Change hand to do the same.

12.  Use your right fist to hit your left palm 10 times.  Change hand to do the same.

13.  Use your thumb and index finger to press hard on the both sides of each toe nail, and then each entire toe.

14. Use your right fist to hit the arch (the bottom) of your left foot 10 times.  Change hand to do the same.

15.  Push your both shoulders upward as close to your ears as possible, then push your both shoulders downward as close to your feet as possible.

16.  Use your right thumb and  right index finger to gently  rub your entire right outer ear in the directions of up and down.  Then, slowly cover your ear hole with your ear by using all of your fingers  to slowly press the back of your ear toward your face.  Then, let go slowly.  Change hand to do the same.

17.  Stretch your both arms up vertically, hold your head up, both palms facing up horizontally and  joining both middle fingers.  Count to ten and let go.

18.  Turn your tongue making circles from right to left, then change the direction.

19.  Stand on your right leg, hold your left leg up horizontally (parallel with the ground) to draw circles from right to left, then left to right.  Change leg to do the same.

20.  Stand on your tiptoes, stretch both arms upward trying to reach the ceiling with your fingertips, stretch as far as you can.  (11/22/04)


Numbers  Oracle

Everything in the world is constantly vibrating with energy.  Numbers are viewed as symbols of the constant cycle of energy, and are thought to reveal the patterns of life itself.  Each number has its own unique vibration, and each represents specific powers and opportunities.  According to traditional Chinese numerology, odd numbers are “Yang” and masculine, and relate to heat, fire, the sun and daytime.  Even numbers are “Yin” and feminine, and relate to cold, water, the moon and darkness.

When you notice a particular number repeating frequently in your life, you are correct to think that that number holds some sort of significance for you.  So it is a good idea to be subconsciously aware of the numbers that keep popping up in your life.  Here are the preliminary meanings associated with some numbers to assist you in understanding the relevance of numbers appearing in your life.

Number One (1): It indicates the start of something.  It is the number of beginning typically representing your intentions.  It is usually the number associated with urgency.  When you see the number one frequently, it can mean that you are about to begin a new project or adventure and you are destined to pursue it.  Following your heart here will bring you many new opportunities and even much happiness.

Number Two (2):  It indicates a development involving another person and this is because two is the number of balance and relationship.  It represents all things dualistic.  It also represents a fork in your path requiring you to make a decision.  When you see ‘2’ appearing frequently, it is telling you to get off the fence, make a choice.  It is telling you to be brave, to not be afraid to commit, to be firm when trying to resolve a relationship issue in your life.

Number Three (3)It suggests that trinity of time (past, present, and future).  Seeing “3” frequently means you need to look at your past as well as your current situation to chart your course for the future.  It is reminding you not to make the same mistake, not to repeat something you did previously that may have caused you heartache or disappointment.

Number Four (4)It is the number of the square.  It suggests being fenced in and can signify being grounded into a certain situation.  It can also suggest you feel imprisoned into your life situation and can indicate that you could subconsciously be trying to break free.  There are four directions, four seasons, and four worlds (physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual).  Four is telling you to create a firm foundation for your life, something which has lasting foundation.  If you have recently moved home, it suggests that you plan on settling down more permanently.

Number Five (5):  It deals with movement, as this is a fluid number associated with activity and motion.  Five signals travel or change, which can be good or bad.  It suggests you may be at the center of  a hurricane and even be the victim of someone else stirring things up in your life and in your relationship.  If you keep seeing “5,” it is a good idea to wear a strong and powerful protective amulet.  And, be cautious in your daily life.

Number Six (6):  It is the number of the Patriarch and the mentor.  When you see “6” frequently, you could well be on the way to benefiting from someone’s patronage or you could be getting ready to start a family.  Or you may need to focus on family matters or on corporate affairs more closely.  It may also call on you to be more responsible for your current situation.  Basically, “6” tells you to be a leader!.

Number Seven (7):  It is generally regarded as a “lucky” number to encounter, and to many people, “7” is the number of wisdom.  Seeing “7” means that you should use your intellect a lot more than you are, asking you to focus on your goals.  Doing so will almost certainly ensure success.

Number Eight (8):  It is the number commonly associated with wealth and abundance.  It is a cyclical number suggesting repetition of good things occurring again and again; so it is a good number to see on an everyday basis.  If you encounter the number “8” unexpectedly, and you have recently worked on something promising, it suggests a favorable result.  It is a very lucky number to encounter and its frequency in your life is definitely a very good sign!  Thus it is such a great number to have for your car, as this ensures that you will encounter the “8” daily.

Number Nine (9):  It beckons you to work long term, and it is the number of attainment, especially through hard work.  Seeing “9” encourages you to move forward in anything you do, as it suggests ultimate success.  Nine is also the number that favours anyone engaged in charity, fund raising for a good cause or any kind of charitable work.  It is also a rather grandiose number and if you see “9” a lot, it suggests you could well have the karma and the talents to make a positive and meaningful difference to the world.  Nine assures you of success, so it is a very encouraging number to encounter.