Ever wondered why you chose that color for your living room?  Does the color theme shout at you or coax you into chilling out?  Maybe celestial cosmic forces are guiding you in designing the interior living space you call home.  In choosing the items and colors with which we are going to live — from the fabrics we select for furnishing our rooms to what we use to cover our floorboards — we need to make decisions that reflect our individual reactions and yet allow for compromises that will keep our partners sweet.

But first, lets look inward, at ourselves.  What makes you what you are?  In astrological terms, we are a bundle of cosmic energies laid down in an instant by that heavenly snapshot taken at the moment of birth, namely, our birth-chart.  The map of our potential characteristics is not written in stone but is dynamic.  The interplay of the constant movement of the planets influences our lives and causes us to react to such interactions as transits to our natal and progressed charts, guiding our evolution through life’s journey.  We can and must learn from ourselves and those around us about  how best to improve our lot in life.

We are all aware of the huge generalizations about our Sun-Signs — Virgos pay attention to detail, Leos like center-stage.  There are some nuggets of truth in looking at our Sun-Signs, but that is only the tip of the personal proverbial iceberg that makes up you or me.  The depth of our personal astrological make-up is more than our public face.  One way to find out is to go into your living space and observe the real you.  Sometimes it’s not the one you want to see, such as the groaning clutter of a crowded, unkempt space or the zealous barrenness of the tidy, unlived-in, almost anxious room.    What does your living room say about you?

While we may think that magazines and TV makeover programs have an impact on our home styles, maybe a greater, invisible force–cosmic energy–is at work shaping our interiors.  Each sign, which is ruled by a planet, has its own characteristics and style when it comes to home interiors.


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all fire signs, and that can influence which way their style pendulum swings.

Aries natives favor fiery colors, such as oranges, yellows, and reds.  They also like things to make a strong impression, so patterns should be large and bold.  Furniture should be modern and angular; soft curves rarely have a place in their hearts.  They also shy away from repeating patterns in wallpaper and want something that they can put up quickly, but that can be taken down just as quickly, as they tend to be impulsive and like to change things often.

Leos gravitate towards regal colors such as purple and royal blue and also tend to hone in on patterns featuring symbols such as crowns and lions.  They also have a fondness for golds and yellows, and velvet and soft leathers are their fabrics of choice.  They like furs, too, the more luxurious the better.

Sagittarians are so busy travelings or out and about pursuing hobbies that they don’t spend a lot of time at home and therefore even less time on decorating.  They tend to be attracted to big, bold patterns and vibrant colors to match their outgoing nature.  Shiny fabrics will always catch their eye.  Swirls and whirls in patterns are also attractive to Sagittarius, and everything should be low maintenance.  Yet they do need a place to chill out and allow their natural urge to explore their inner selves and reach a higher understanding.  It is likely they will have stashed away the odd Buddha or other icon to meditate upon.  Anyone providing a complete home-decorating service would appeal to a strong Sagittarian weighting in a chart.


The earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — can present the most challenges for shop assistants.

Taureans are fond of their creature comforts and like big squashy sofas with lots of cushions.  They also tend to favor autumnal colors, such as earthy browns and greens, and are patient when it comes to decorating.  They will go for things that take a little more time to put up, but once it’s there, it will be there for some time, so it must be made to last.  Patience is needed if dealing with this sign.

To a Virgo, it is the small details that matter.  So small, repeating patterns attract them, while big, bold colorful patterns are a turn-off.  The finish on a product and its quality will be crucial, and anything that can be used to control clutter will find a place in their hearts.  Possibly they may possess the “his” and “her” towel set or the shoe organizer rack.  Everything does have a place, and if life runs smoothly in the home, it’s surely because a Virgo is present.

Capricorns are all about discipline and self-control, which is often reflected in their decoration likes and dislikes.  They tend to appreciate somewhat somber colors, such as black, gray, and dark browns, and if there is a pattern, it should have order to it, even be geometric in shape.  Swirly patterns seem out of control and haphazard to them.  Capricorn homes tend to be very monochromatic, so white and cream could also be colors of choice and used to create the minimalist interiors that are both “in” and a throwback to the mid-nineties.


The air signs of the Zodiac — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — tend to go for lighter color schemes in their homes, to give that feeling of airness and open space.

Geminis have a fondness for pale colors and light, floaty fabrics such as muslin and silk, and tend to steer clear of the heavy or dark.  They are fashion-conscious, so whatever is “in” is the mood of the moment.  They are changeable like the wind and will often be the first in line to exchange or return goods.

Libras like balance in their lives, and their homes are no exception.  They like to combine colors and textures, but prefer them to be in harmony rather than extremes.  A sense of symmetry and balance is important, so both plain and patterned styles will be attractive, as they can spend hours experimenting with different combinations to see which one creates the greatest harmony, but watch out for those indecisive moods.  Pink is a favorite, but not a shade that is too pale.  They also like blue, but always in a medium shade, otherwise it will jar the eye.  Gray and cream often figure, but not black or white, as they are not balanced colors.

There are two types of Aquarians:  those who like things traditional and those who hanker for the new.  The traditionalists go for old-fashioned furniture; Regency or reproduction are an attraction.  The traditional garden art brought into the home by William Morris with his floral wallpaper could be a turn-on.  The modernists like everything new, sparkling, no matter how odd it may seem.  They are attracted to the far-out and the psychedelic.  Mixing colors to get that unique shade or using strange materials such as rubber or even foil can satisfy an Aquarian’s need for the unusual.


Water signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are greatly influenced by the sea when it comes to interiors.

Cancerians are very touchy-feely, so they like big, fluffy blankets and duvets to delight their senses.  They love pastel shades, especially blues, but patterns don’t tend to find favor with them.  They are drawn to the kitchen as the hub of the house, bringing that nurturing instinct out, so kitchenware will figure prominently on their list of essentials, from tablecloths to napkins.  They also have a fondness for silverware and translucent and shiny fabrics.

Scorpio is the deep, sensuous sign of the Zodiac and so tends to prefer intense colors, such as deep reds, purple, and dark hues.  Although they are deep, they are never dull.  Their sensual side draws them towards satins and silks, particularly in the bedroom.

Pisces are dreamers and tend to like the colors from the sea, such as sea greens, blues, and aquamarines.  Natural mementoes of  that special holiday may fill their homes, such as shells, stones, and rocks brought back to reflect a moment gone by.  They are the masters of illusion and deception, so they like anything that is likely to fool the eyes, where murals trick the viewer into believing the painting is reality, or pictures that contain hidden images that you only see only after having stared at them long and hard.

If you know your birth-chart well, you can look and find out what dominates your chart.  For example, you may have Libra rising with Venus on your Ascendant, making you very focused on harmony and balancing energies, whether they be colors or people around you.  So what has been said for each Zodiac sign can also be said for those who have a strong emphasis (planet or stellium) in a particular sign.  If you have the Moon near the Ascendant, it gives your chart an added water energy.  The Moon, which is the ruler of Cancer, makes you quite intuitive, moody, imaginative, and emotional, depending especially on which phase it is in when you are undertaking a task.