Drawing of Buddha:  Gazing at the image of  Buddha you will find a quiet and peaceful mind.   He reminds you to turn towards mindfulness, live in the moments and take steps towards a simpler life.   

Drawing of Kuan-Yin:  When you see the silent and elegant figure of  Kuan-Yin, she reminds you to stand serenely in your own power. Calmly gazing upon the gentle face of Kuan-Yin’s various manefistations, you will feel peaceful in moments.  Her tranquil smile lifts your spirit and transforms your mood.  Display her image where you need her most will bring you the peace and wisdom to your life.

I had done these drawings of Buddha and Kuan-Yin in 1992. The following are the prefaces of  “A Mind at Ease – Collection of Works” that I published on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1993.

The following family pictures of my son, my husand and myself  were the introductory pages of my “Collection of Works.”  (Notes:  My son, who is my only child, died of Leukemia, at age of 8, in year of 1982.   My husband of 30 years divorced me and remarried in year of 2000.)

The reasons why I practiced the drawing of Buddha and Kuan-Yin  are complex, but my main purpose was to search for peace, because drawing of Buddha and Kuan-Yin  with a gentle and harmonious expression gave me that tranquility.

At first, I could not draw even a smooth line.  Many times, I would give up.  But gradually, I was able to calm myself down enough so that my hand was able to hold a pencil steadily and confidently.

Little by little, I cultivated my mind through the simple process of drawing.  I began to experience an indescribable joy in my heart as I learned more about Buddha, Kuan-Yin and life.  The impermanence of life has made me treasure what I have in my possession and  be content with not having more than I have.

Since I have been drawing Buddhas and Kuan-Yin, my personality has changed.  Most of the time, I am happy.  But, sometimes when I experience sadness, I think of the Virtue and Harmony, Wisdom and Compassion on Buddhas’ and Kuan-Yin’s faces.  I remind myself not to become angry, but to be understanding towards others and be patient towards myself.

The desire to draw Buddha and Kuan-Yin has brought serenity and peaceful transition into my life.

“I truly thank you, Buddha and Kuan-Yin.”  





Praise of Kuan Yin

Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin) Bodhisattva,

Honored and worshipped by all

As the fully Enlightened One.

Her great vows are profound and vast.

On the turbulent sea of life,

She provides the ferry-boat to those in needs

And guides the way.

She brings the comforts to the sufferers

Who invoke her name sincerely and mindfully,

And bestows blessings.

She, the Most Merciful and Compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva,

 Manifests herself and showers mercy just in time in all realms.




On 04/22/2015,  I added the following family pictures to this webpage.  These family pictures were the introductory pages of my “COLLECTION OF WORKS”  which was published on 02/14/1993.