Is your glass half empty or is it half full?  How do you see the world around you?  What is your perception of your own life, environment, and loved ones?  When you wake up in the morning are you happy, sad, or indifferent about the day ahead of you?  Do you enjoy the work that you do?  Are you in love with your spouse and do you like your spouse as a good friend, or even a best friend?  In short, do you like who you are and the life path you are living?  It has been said that life is an attitude and I tend to agree.  Life is an attitude and depending upon what your attitude is, life can be a joy or a burden.  It is all up to you.

Just as it is true that love begets love, joy begets joy.  You can have more joy in your living, but you need to know how to create it, sustain it, and send it back out into the world around you.  The key to finding joy is to create serenity in your life.  The best way to create serenity is to meditate.  At the height of the chaos in your day, you can bring back the joy if you meditate to become calm, serene, and loving.  The world may be falling apart around you, but you can become a pillar of strength and serene calm if you meditate and listen only to your inner guidance and wisdom.

Meditation allows you to contact the deeper recesses of your consciousness, thereby connecting to your soul self, the seat of your personal wisdom and connection to the Universe and spiritual intelligence.  In the deeper recesses of consciousness, you become enmeshed in the seat of joy, love, and serenity.  With these three emotions well grounded in your consciousness, you can then utilize the powers of visualization to out-picture perfection and love in your immediate surroundings.  Often, your surroundings will, in a short period of time, correct the challenging situation and positive energy will begin to move forward once again.

The importance of finding joy is simple.  Joy is a higher energy vibration.  It is a great magnet for your highest and best good to draw into your life and stay there.  Joy is a recognition of all the good that exists in life and the Universe.  Joy is a fast-moving force of energy that draws you to your path of destiny.  Establishing joy may be different for each Zodiac sign.  Below are some key thoughts for the 12 signs.  You can use these ideas to promote joy in your everyday living.  A sincere dedication to keeping joy an active emotion in your life will open new doors of opportunity for you and your loved ones.  Establishing joy in your life will bring you fulfillment and a serene sense of peace and security.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I seek joy through the expression of courage, commitment and curiosity.  I look for new ways to express myself in life and I look for ways to encourage growth and joy in others.  I share myself with others unselfishly, especially with my spouse and children.  I keep an open mind and give way to the spontaneity of the moment.  I complete what I begin and take joy in the accomplishment.  I use my energy and creativity wisely and bless others every chance I get.  I remember, too, to give to myself with joy.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I feel gratitude for all that I have drawn into my life as material possessions.  I express gratitude to my loved ones for their participation in my life.  I feel and utilize the laws of abundance and prosperity.  I feel the joy that ownership can bring and I accept the responsibility that comes with it.  I nurture joy in ways that uplift others and I use my voice (singing a song) as a means to express joy and brighten the day of those around me.  I keep a check on my attitude daily and adjust it in the direction of love and joy.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I keep thoughts of love and joy uppermost in my mind at all times.  I accept the concept of joy and work to assimilate it into my inner being.  I read inspiration materials in an effort to thoroughly understand joy and the process that leads to joy and sustains joy in my life always.  In my short distance and other travels, I watch for the expression of joy in others.  In doing so, I find it easier to keep joy in my own  heart and outer expressions.  I journal my thoughts of joy daily.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I dwell on all of the good things I have accomplished and I dwell on the joy that is in my life.  I dwell on the good person that I am and the even better person I can and will become.  I nurture the expression and feelings of joy in my children and encourage joy in my spouse.  In all that I do for myself and for my loved ones, I feel the joy.  When I prepare food, I envision joy to be an important ingredient and I see the nutrition blessing my loved ones and me.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I open my heart chakra to both give and receive the purest form of love into my life.  I experience the joy of simple living and I teach children and young people to express and recognize joy in their lives.  I honor the creative side of my nature and find joy in expressing my creative talents.  I experience joy in meditation and contemplation.  In my contemplations I appreciate the true joy I find in nature.  In recognizing and acknowledging the beauty of nature, I learn to elevate the levels of joy in my life.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I marvel at the law and order that exists in the Universe and finds its way into my own life and environment.  I rest and relax in the knowledge of this order and I express joy as I cooperate with expressing order in my life.  I appreciate my mind and my ability to use logic and reasoning.  I feel joy when I am assimilating knowledge and utilizing the laws and principles of the Universe.  As I learn the finer aspects of the principles that govern life, I feel the joy of living a good life.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  My life is a living expression of the creativity and talent I was destined to bring into expression and to share with others.  I take time out of my busy schedule everyday to meditate and feel a personal connection to the joy of the Universe and life-force energies.  My mind learns to contemplate the value of peace and of peaceful living.  I find joy in the expression of peace in my life and world.  I find joy in experiencing and taking part in such things as music, art, theatre, concerts, and plays.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I sense the expansiveness of this energy as I meditate and envision the joy that permeates this planet.  I express joy daily and I meditate in order to send joy out into the world and the Universe.  I can see and understand the connection to the masses that joy can make when expressed openly and freely through our meditations.  I work to maintain a joyful heart and I appreciate my own connection to the Universal consciousness.  I use joy as an ambassador to peace, understanding and gratitude.  I instill joy in my children.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I find joy in all of my life experiences and in all peoples of the world that I am privileged to meet.  I appreciate the differences that dot my life with mini celebrations of the world’s diversity.  I celebrate diversity and I honor the joy that comes with human understanding and acceptance.  I express myself on matters of truth and justice.  I express myself through a joyful attitude and I promote the spirit of joy wherever I go and in whatever I do.  I am respectful of all life-forms and I give joy to the Universe.  I dedicate my life to joy.


I look  for joy in my everyday living.  I express joy whenever the opportunity presents itself.  I monitor the levels of joy in my home and within my family and I enjoy every hug and kiss I give my loved ones.  I celebrate my family and the concept of family.  I celebrate my loved ones and the work I do to help sustain our  family in prosperity and in love and joy.  I joyfully accept my responsibilities and duties in life.  I encourage responsible behavior in my children and I show them the joy of giving.  I live a life of joy.  I express respect for life.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I recognize that I have an important place in the Universe and that I am here to perform a useful and spiritual purpose.  I find joy in bringing light to my path and consciousness.  I move my soul forward and progress daily in my thinking and in my intentions.  I intend to express joy outwardly and inwardly whenever possible.  I intend to consider the unique and the unusual when making choices about solutions and opportunities.  I harbor no prejudices toward anyone or anything.  Rather, I see the love and joy that exists in the spiritual core of all beings.


I look for joy in my everyday living.  I accept the truths that are revealed through the highest forms of love and joy.  I express these attributes whenever possible and I instill them in children and young people.  I find love and joy in whatever I do and I encourage others to do the same.  If I am unhappy in my work, then I seek work that will bring me joy.  If I am unhappy in my home, then I work to bring forth true joy and love.  I change my life in order to align myself with the love and joy that is a stabilizing force in the Universe.  I intuit and anticipate the joy that is within me