Healthy, Healing Choices for Every Signs

I image that one day you are occupied with your usual activities and suddenly you experience a strange craving and you don’t know what it is.  You start thinking about mushrooms or cake or a green salad.  It may be that the answer is in the stars, yes, in your horoscope.  The sign you are born under can determine the foods you like. Your cravings indicate what you should be eating, since your body is the barometer of what your body is lacking and what you need to regain the necessary nutrition and balance.

We are all born under the stars that determine our birth-sign.  Within that sphere are the planets that rule our stars.  It is this force of the planets that has the power over certain gems, plants, health, and moods that appear to make you the person you are.  Or, as they say, “You are what you eat.”

At one time, every doctor was also an astrologer.  Knowledge of the Zodiac was essential for diagnosing and curing illnesses.  Long before modern medications were introduced, doctors relied on plants and herbs to make lotions or teas for curing their patients’ problems.

It is not unusual to hear a mother complaining about not being able to cook for her family.  She has a husband and three children, and each one has a particular food preference.  What she doesn’t know is that every one of those people, including herself, has a different birth-sign and, certainly, food choices.  It would be easier to marry within your own sign, at least a compatible sign. A Gemini and a Virgo would be a good pairing, both requiring salad greens; or Libra and Pisces, since seafood occupies a prominent place on their food-craving chart.

It is common knowledge that the month you are born has a birthstone and a food choice designated to that sign.  This originated in the early culture of China, India, and Greece, when those early civilizations began studying the planets and stars.  Birth-signs were established according to the constellations, and early religions grew up around those beliefs.  Soon after, body parts were associated with the constellations, and plants to aid in the health of those body parts.  The Chinese believe that at their new year, everyone becomes a year older.  There are twelve animals signs to designate the individual signs.  Your year of birth determines your sign.

During the seventeenth century, Nicholas Culpeper compiled a book listing the complete description of herbal plants.  He described each herb and most vegetables and grains, with descriptions of the plant, the governing planet, and the virtues.  His book became the medical bible for most doctors.  It is quite interesting that Culpeper put beets in two categories:  white and red.  The red beet is under Saturn, and the white beet falls under Jupiter.  He records the bay leaf as a tree of the Sun, and especially good for women born under Leo; basil as belonging to Mars; and root vegetables and lettuce as ruled by the Moon.  He states that lettuce has the same properties as opium, and that a fresh salad will calm nerves, especially those of an agitated Leo.

Vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts all contain healthful properties, and we should eat a wide variety of these foods.  However, most of us have favorite foods.  Here is a brief list you might like to use to get you started in understanding the likes and dislikes of your sign’s food.


Venus – Taurus and Libra:  A well-balanced diet that includes seafood is preferred.  Most adhere to a low-fat diet, but they crave eggs and keep it no secret.  They like sweet-smelling spices to enhance recipes and are especially fond of cake flavored with cinnamon.  Apples and nuts are first choices, and they can’t resist cherry pie.

Sun – Leo:  They are simple people and like home cooking.  These signs need a diet rich in calcium and protein, which should include dairy products, nuts, and salads.  Often, too, they lust for a good steak.  Apples are a must.  Cinnamon, nuts, oranges, and sunflower seeds are recommended.  Adding bay leaf to recipes, such as soups or stews, should be included as an essential part of their diet.

Moon – Cancer:  Cancerians take food very seriously, as anything else they might take up.  They are usually great cooks, but they do have a tendency to use too much strong seasoning and need to be reminded to hold the salt.  Melon, cucumber, squash, endive, rosemary, olives, parsnip, white beets, and mushrooms are best in a Cancerian diet.  Anything with cabbage prepared in any manner is a first choice.

Mercury – Gemini and Virgo:  People born under these signs are usually fun-loving and generous, experimenting with different foods in their passion.  They also like street food, and it is hard for them to pass up a hotdog stand, where they will pile on the sauerkraut, chili, onions, etc.  But, like the true Gemini, they will easily switch to salads.  Green beans and mushrooms are a passion.  Broccoli is out; cabbage is in.

Mars – Aries and Scorpio:  Show this group a pot of chili and they are all yours.  Hot peppers, ginger, radish, onion, garlic, horseradish, mustard, basil and capers inspire them.  No sweet tooth here; they are usually startled when they suddenly crave chocolate.

Jupiter – Sagittarius and Pisces:  Sagittarius and Pisces are hearty eaters and usually will return for second helpings or look to their neighbor’s dish to see what they have not eaten and consume it.  Fish is their passion, and they like it kept simple.  They crave asparagus, chestnut, clove, sage, nutmeg, raisins, rhubarb, strawberries, sugar, and chocolate.

Saturn – Capricorn:  Here we have the soup and stew eaters.  On the hottest summer day, people born under this sign will eat hot soup.  They like any kind of soup, but prefer mushroom and barley.  Grains make up a good part of their diet, and seafood, such as shrimp and lobster, can become a strong craving.  Fish is a natural for them.  Barley, mint, lettuce, fruit, nuts, red beets, lemons and red grapes are favorites.

Uranus – Aquarius:  Rice, bean sprouts, green vegetables, fish and fruit of any kind are necessary for this group.  They will find a fish stew heavenly.  Basically, they are tasters, like to “nosh,” and enjoy a variety of choice pieces in their soups and stews.  Their cravings lean to cocoa, mushrooms, oregano, cabbage, beets, pasta and tomatoes.

Pluto – Scorpio:  Unusual foods and combinations suit this group best.  Barley and beans, sweet potatoes, pineapple, and oranges can put this group in a good mood.  Chocolate stays in the background here, but comes in a strong urge when least expected.