Hexagram No. 17 – Hexagram No. 32

     Hexagram No. 17 – Sui

Above:  Tui – Lake

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:  The Strong one is following the soft one.

Meanings:  Following.  In the universe, all things go in cycle of “waxing and waning.”  Even the superior man follows the same life cycles of learning, growth and development.  This Hexagram indicates a moderate fortune.

Comments:  The leader needs to have the flexibility to go with the flow in order to make things running more smoothly.  Even the intelligent, talented ones need to be adaptable and able to follow the flow and wait for the right conditions and good timing to achieve the success.  Show your wisdom to follow the main trend, and know when to act and where to stop.  Learn to appreciate your surrounding and see or find beauty in everything around.  Be open-minded and learn from others’ strength to overcome your weakness.

     Hexagram No. 18:  Ku

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below:  Sun – Wind

Image:   The condition of decay.

Meanings:  Decay, confusion, doubt, destruction, feel puzzled.  The wind stopped blowing, insects were propagating rapidly on the trees that were being decayed. It means a inharmonious family or close relationship with much disputes and quarrels.

Comments:  Be patient, tolerant, forgiving, and don’t try to escape into the drugs or alcohol.  Use your inner wisdom  to analyze what went wrong and find ways to solve the disputes. Changing your thoughts, attitude, or habits can help create a harmonious environment.

However, you should let go of  things that are beyond your control, or you have no power to make changes. If  your partner has been trying to bind you or harm you, don’t give him/her the power of fear over you.  End the misfortune relationship and move on.  If you have been abandoned by your spouse, forgive and forget him/her, and move on to begin a new life.  You will be a lot happier.  Remember, the endings always bring new beginnings.

To attract the love you want is to remain as detached and calm as possible while embracing the most positive elements of change in your life.  Soul mates are not always easy to live with (especially romantic ones), usually they are around to teach us lessons.

     Hexagram No. 19:  Lin

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Tui – Lake

Image:  One is over-looking a valley from  hill top. One is approaching.

Meanings:  Approach, look down from the top, be close to.  The bottom two Yang lines will gradually extend/expand upward, and soon eliminate the five Yin lines above.  The process will not take too long. The changes will occur probably on the seventh day or the eighth month. This Hexagram indicates what the politicians and enterprisers have learned from their duties, jobs.

Comments:  The situation seems stabilized and settled, yet soon it will be freezing, snowing, and the supplies will be cut off.  It is too late to start building the drainage system when flooding.  It is too late to start sewing coats when  snowing. You need to lay some realistic, practical plans in advance and stick to them.  The leader should develop sound, solid short term and long term plans before proceeding major undertakings.

     Hexagram No. 20:  Kuan

Above:  Sun – Wind

Below:  Kun – The Earth

Image:   One is contemplating.

Meanings:  Observation, contemplation, thinking seriously.  In order to gain an insight into the entire situation, the policy makers need to observe it from the bottom position (by standing in the shoes of  subordinates), not from the top.

Comments:  With an open mind and humble attitude, the leader visits his people and carefully examines the situation, then gives them instructions.  You will have opportunities to engage in many social activities and  make a lot of new friends.  You will travel and change residence frequently.

This is a good time to do the following:  Asking favor,  promotion; changing jobs or profession; taking care of all business matters; or dealing with public matters.

      Hexagram No. 21:  Shih Ho

Above:  Li – Fire

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:   Biting food through.

MeaningsShih means “bite with teeth, swallow.”  Ho means “bite and close it.”  Together, it means doing harm to each other.  When the mouth is filled with hard food, it needs to be chewed and bited into small pieces, otherwise, the mouth can not be closed.  Making firm the laws through clearly defined penalties.

Comments:  The misunderstanding and quarrels in the family, close relationship or partnership can cause the breakup or resentment.  You might be faced with grievance, losses or unfair treatment.  Stand firmly and use your inner wisdom, courage to fight for your rights.  Truth and justice will prevail.  Your pending legal matters will be settled and justified after a lengthy process.  Be on the alert against fire disaster.

       Hexagram No. 22:  Pi

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below:  Li – Fire, Bright

Image:  The image of a glorious view.

Meanings:  Decoration, honor, glory,  a glorious view.  The brightness is surrounding the foot of the mountain.  It also means that one’s fame and reputation are being covered up in the soil.

Comments:  The person  who wears splendid jewellery, yet lacks of inner wisdom and strength will soon feel empty and lonely.  The person with boastful talking and fancy appearance, yet without plans and actions can not achieve any goals.  A capable, intelligent person has no opportunity to show his skills.  Don’t be impulsive, hot-tempered.  It is okay to proceed small, simple projects, but not significant ones.  You should visit your doctor promptly if feeling tired all the time.  Don’t let the condition get worse.  This is a lucky Hexagram for artists and people in show business.

      Hexagram No. 23:  Po

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below:  Kun – The Earth

Image:  Leaves are falling to the ground.  Things are splitting apart.

Meanings:  Peel off, deprivation, exploitation.  The bottom five Yin lines will be extending/expanding upward, and soon the top Yang line will be eliminated, peeled off.

Comments:  Life goes in cycle of “waxing and waning.”  Let go of things that you have no control, or you can not change.  Don’t try to hold back what is being taken away, let it be.  Look forward and don’t look backward. The endings always bring new beginnings. Those losses were meant to happen so you could learn and start a new life.  It is a good time to seek peace and quiet to develop your spirituality, such as attending spiritual services, meditation sessions, or yoga exercises.  You will be a lot happier and more creative when new opportunity knocks at your door again.

     Hexagram No. 24:  Fu

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:  Things are in the process of  recovering, rebuilding.

Meanings:  Recover what was lost, get back to a previous position.  The bottom Yang line represents Springtime.  When Springtime comes, all vegetations start growing, sprouting, and budding. The growing process will not be a speedy one because the top five Yin lines represent delays and frustrations.

Comments:  The sun is the shining life force. At dawn, when one sees the first light of the day, one feels the hope of  getting better.  One is slowly recovering one’s strength after a long illness. The sales of a declined business starts showing the increases gradually.  There are still obstacles and delays.  Be optimistic.  In about one week, one will start to see some positive results.

      Hexagram No. 25:  Wu Wang

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:   All things attain the state of  peace and harmony.

Meanings:  No regret, no selfishness on one’s doing.  One has an open heart and clear, bright mind. This Hexagram indicates a moderate luck.

Comments: Don’t break the laws, follow the rightful path to earn happiness and success.  Generosity, sincerity and good deeds will bring good energy and harmony.  There are two kinds of disasters:  man-made and natural ones.  The man-made disaster can be caused by oneself or others.  One should take precautions against man-made disasters caused by one’s  greed, selfishness, or outrage.  It is okay to want success, but don’t run into wrongful means.

     Hexagram No. 26:  Ta Chu

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below:  Chien – The Heaven

Image:  Sharing of accumulated great wealth, resources.

Meanings:  Great wealth and resources; talents and wisdom.  The bottom three Yang lines want to continue  growing upward, yet the top mountain prevents them from expanding/extending.  So, the three Yang (symbolizing  resources, wisdom and talents) expand their horizons through charity and good deeds.

Comments:   You have a lot to offer others on both personal and social events.  Respond to others’ needs in caring and helpful ways.  It is a good time to expand your horizons through volunteer work that can be rewarding on many levels, and seek ways to help others and enhance life in the community.  Share your wealth and good fortune with those less fortunate. Contribute your talents and wisdom to the welfare of the society and the universe.

      Hexagram No. 27:  Yi

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:  One is providing nourishment.

Meanings:  Nourishment, cultivation.  The first (bottom) line and the sixth (top) line are Yang, and the rest are Yin lines.  Its form looks like a mouth.  This Hexagram  indicates one nourishes properly through healthy eating habits.  It means more than just eating.  It also means that one cultivates the good deeds, inner beauty, and spiritual wisdom, and enjoys a healthy, harmonious and fulfilling life till the end of the time.

Comments:  Avoid the negative things, such as argument, fighting, and cheating.  One should cultivate the good, such as  sincerity, loyalty, and harmony, in one’s marriage, home life.  One should watch out for the careless talkings that can bring troubles, disputes, or do harm to oneself and others. Let us do our parts to enhance the good by doing the simplest things – love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, and forgiveness.

     Hexagram No. 28:  Ta Kuo

Above:  Tui – Lake

Below:  Sun – Wind

Image:  The overweighted roof will soon break the beams and columns.

Meanings:  Too full, too much, excess.  The first (bottom) and the sixth (top) Yin lines are surrounding the middle four Yang lines.  The old saying of  “Going too far is as bad as not going far enough.” was derived from this Hexagram.  Having too much of good things is the same as not having enough.  All things are not going smoothly.  One should not try to continue moving forward.

Comments:  The person with too much responsibilities and pressures is suffering high blood pressure and insomnia.  Retreat is the best strategy.  Stepping backward to make room for moving forward at a later time is not a failure.  If you want to advance, you will confront obstacles, delays and disappointment.  You should make determination and resolution to step down and to make way for others.  After many advances, you need to withdraw from your position, develop some spirituality and preapre yourself for a new life journey that will be more meaningful and fulfilling.  As one gets older, one is more spiritual.

      Hexagram No. 29:  Kan

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:  The land is sinking down and underground water is spurting out.

Meanings:  Water, abysmal, danger, fall into water;  be full of setbacks and difficulties;  a bumpy road; second son.  Both of the Trigrams are the same:  water repeated. In the Trigram, one Yang is falling into two Yin.  No matter which way one takes, one will have to deal with delays, obstructions, or frustrations.

Comments:  Be ready for upheavals, unexpected changes, some shocks in your life.  Things might be going wrong, such as suffering illness, being cheated out of money or property, or changing residence due to flooding.  Don’t blame others for the misfortune, accept the loss with calm.  The key word to overcome the bad luck is “patience.”  You will need all the patience.  Don’t escape into drugs or alcohol.   It is the sorrows (rather than the joys) that bring out one’s strength and courage.  The misfortune will make you stronger, wiser.  Mentor, helpful people will come your way during struggling.  Remember to spend some time to develop spirituality (such as attending spiritual services, meditation sessions, or yoga exercises) and recover your equilibrium.  The great opportunity is where the misfortune, suffering is.

     Hexagram No. 30:  Li

Above:  Li – Fire

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:  Things with gorgeous, splendid exterior (appearance) and weak, fragile interior(foundation).

Meanings:  Fire, bright, clinging, splendour, beauty; separation; second daughter.  Both of the Trigrams are the same – fire repeated.  This is a female Hexagram.   Fire is a force with no fixed shape.  Fire cannot exist alone.  Fire itself has no shape, no solid foundation.

Comments:  Take precautions against fire disaster.  Don’t be infatuated with gorgeous looks, luxurious appearance.  Don’t judge people by their appearances.  Choosing a partner  who is sincere, practical, creative with inner strength and wisdom.  Remember, good luck,  youth do not last forever.  One needs to cultivate the inner beauty and spiritual wisdom.

     Hexagram No. 31:  Hsien

Above:  Tui – Lak; youngest daughter

Below:  Ken – Mountain; youngest son

Image:  A beneficial influence.

Meaning:  Mutual feelings; coming together;  be moved, touched.  New experiences are coming one’s way, but it is up to one to recognize the opportunity when it knocks at door.  A young man and a young lady come together through mutual attraction and establish a happy family.

Comments:  There will be progress and success in your marriage life.  A business partner with common goals will come your way.  A pending legal matter will be justified and settled.  You are likely to be seeing friends, relatives you don’t meet with all that often.  It is a good time to get together with friends, make or go on a date, plan a party.  If you are sincere, work hard and not boastful, you can gain the supprot of influential people who can help  further your interests.  Your life will flow much more smoothly.

     Hexagram No. 32:  Heng

Above:  Chen – Thunder; eldest Son

Below:  Sun – Wind; eldest Dguahter

Image:  Things of duration.

Meanings:  Permanent, lasting; perseverance. Traditionally, man, a breadwinner, takes charge of business outside the family.  Woman, a housewife, runs the home and raise the family. After going through the ups and downs together,  the couple is enjoying a harmonious, fruitful and lasting happiness. This is a lucky Hexagram.  It indicates that all things are getting better and succes is assured.

Comments:  Working hard and keeping your life orderly, you will be more confident of your ability to success.  Lay some solid plans, stick to them, and be open-minded to good advices, you will be able to acheive success one way or another.  It is through persistence and determination that success and other rewards will come.  Create a harmonious environment wherever you are, especially in home.  It is a good time for companionship.  You are serious about romance and marriage; and you might pop the question or say “Yes.”