Hexagram No. 33  –  Hexagram No. 48

     Hexagram No. 33:  Tun

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:   The image of  retreat.

Meanings:  Retreat, escape.  The bottom two Yin lines will extend/expand upward trying to take over Yang’s territory.  Thus, the top four Yang lines will be diminishing gradually.  The capable person in a prominent position is being forced to step down before getting attacks from opponents, or those with negative mind, thinking.

Comments:  You may have to deal with disruption, loss of power, quarrels, or litigation.  Avoid confrontation with opponents or persons with negative intention.  Retreat, step down, and patience are the best advices.  If you are planning to get married, postpone your wedding plan.  At the end of the dark tunnel, there will be a bright hall.

     Hexagram No. 34:  Ta Chuang

Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Chien – The Heaven

Image:  The power of the great.

Meanings:  Great, powerful, strong.  The Summer season is full of Yang, positive energy.  The bottom four Yang lines will expand/extend upward gradually.  One should  initiate some strong actions (but not with one’s full strength).

Comments:  It is a good time to take some strong, firm actions, but not too aggressive, to avoid other people making fun of it.  Your hope seems to come close to fruition.  It is a good time to deal with public matters, work on self-improvement, or  to get married.  Make wise decisions, don’t say “Yes” to everyone who comes to ask you for favors.

     Hexagram No. 35:  Chin

Above:  Li – Fire

Below:  Kun – The  Earth

Image:    The morning glow of the rising sun.

Meanings:  Progress, promotion, advance, enter. One is coming out of the dark tunnel and is seeing a bright hall.  One is full of courage and strength.  One is at the peak of one’s good fortune.  One is at the most favorable moment, even a humble person will be enjoying the fame and recognition.

Comments:  Don’t let the overwhelming good fortune tremble you out of pace and fall down.  Act promptly, decisively while good fortune knocks at your door.  Everything that you envision can be made a reality, if you are willing to invest more time and energy.  Take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. Spread your enthusiasm and optimism around, and bring cheer to others.  Share your good fortune with those less fortunate, and you will attain a higher level of happines and fulfillment.

     Hexagram No. 36:  Ming Yi

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:   At dusk, the moment just before the sunset.

Meanings:  Being injured, wounded, sustain an injury.  There is a very obvious wound.  The fire has been covered up by the soil and gone out.  Things are hardly visible in the dusk.  This Hexagram is the opposite of Hexagram No. 35, Chin.

Comments:  One suffers due to the unfair practice of one’s boss/supervisor.  One did not get the recognition, rewards one’s efforts deserve.  One’s intelligence, creativity and ambition brought about envy, slander, even false charge.  As a result, one is suffering anxiety, depression and illness.  The best advice is that one should play down, keep a low profile, and cultivate inner peace. Develop spirituality that can make one more creative when new opportunity comes one’s way again.   No need to blame everyone, everything.  There is a saying:  “A man of great wisdom and talents often looks like a dullard.”

     Hexagram No. 37:  Chia Ren

Above:  Sun – Wind

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:   A peaceful, harmonious family and home life.

Meanings:  Family members, household.  A harmonious family and home life is the foundation for a prosperous society.  Your parent(s) has raised you and shaped the person that you have become.  You learn to get along well with your family members, neighbors, friends and co-workers.  A caring, loving parent(s) is the foundation of a harmonious family,  home life, and  a peaceful and prosperous society.

Comments:  The misunderstanding and quarrels inside or outside one’s home can cause tension, difficulties in the family and marriage life. No family is perfect. Be grateful.  Changing attitude, thoughts, or habits often can bring back the peace and  love one wants.  One should respond to one’s family members’ needs in a caring and helpful ways. However, one should avoid too much love or being too much protective of those one loves.  One should handle the responsibilities and provide both emotional and financial supports for one’s spouse, and create a harmonious environment for all members, including the young and the old. It is a good time to get married.  Avoid taking a long journey.

     Hexagram No. 38:  Kuei

Above:  Li – Fire, Second Daughter

Below:  Tui – Lake, Youngest Daughter

Image:  An inharmonious environment.

Meanings:  Stare, gaze; opposition; confliction.  The Five Elements of Feng Shui describes water as destroying fire.  It is a destructive cycle.  This Hexagram indicates that two women are involved in an inharmonious environment.

Comments:  It is likely that one will have to deal with something unexpected, such as dissolution of partnership, betray of employees, get entangled with two women in romance, or get involved in conflict of interests with female friend.  It is a cosmic principle that Yin and Yang – female & male, darkness and brightness, the Moon and the Sun, etc. – complement each other.  Each exists in balance and harmony in the universe.  If out of balance or against each other, the disaster will occur.  Cooperation and mutual respect will create a harmonious and peaceful environment.

     Hexagram No. 39:  Chien

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:  One is being caught in a dilemma.

Meanings:  This character has two different pronunciation: (1) When pronounced “Bo,” it  means lame, handicapped, or crippled. (2) When pronounced “Chien,”  it means obstruction, stopping, or standstill.  One is stopping in a danger situation.  If moving forward, one will be faced with the deep water.  If moving backward, one will be blocked up by the mountain.  Both situations are unfavorable.

Comments:  “Snow plus frost, one disaster after another” is the best description for  the unfortunate situation.  One’s heavy responsibility, pains, or problems are surrounded  with other difficulties, making a bad situation more worse.  One should take a rest, look deeply within, develop one’s spiritual side to attain a peaceful and tranquil mind.  Remember, the darkness of a long night is not forever.  The sun will rise and shine again.  The morning glow of sunrise makes one feel the coming of hope.  The lucky direction is towards Northeast.

      Hexagram No. 40:  Hsieh

Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:  The frozen river starts melting when Springtime comes.

Meanings:  Deliverance; relieve, dissolve, defrost; being liberated from suffering. The components of this character are as follows:  On the left: horn; on the right top:  knife; on the right bottom: ox.  Together, it means to engrave words on an ox horn.  The cold winter (hardship and suffering) is over. Springtime will bring sunshine (hope and opportunity).

Comments:  One is extricating oneself from difficult and complicated situations.  One is recuperating from a long illness.  A pending dispute is being settled.  The resentment or grudge is being reconciled.  It is a good time to take care of the unsolved problems, or clean up one’s own mess-up.  Develop new and more practical plans and move prudently forward towards Southwest.  You are confident and enthusiastic. You can gain the support of influential people who can help you solve your family, or career problems.  Help those who ask you for favors.  Things that were lost will be found unexpectedly.  You are likely to be seeing friends, relatives who  you lost contact with.

     Hexagram No. 41:  Sun

Above:  Ken –  Mountain

Below:  Tui – Lake

Image:  Things are decreasing.

Meanings:  Decrease, loss; give things away for the best interests of other.  Whatever the losses are, let it be gone.  Love and gratitude send out into the universe, will return a hundred-fold to the sender.

Comments:  Somethings may come to an end, or some kind of loss may occur now.  Remember, the endings always bring new beginnings.  It may cost one to do good deeds, yet one will feel an indescribable joy.  Sharing one’s  talents,  wisdom with the society will not decrease one’s talents, knowledge.

If you are grateful for all the good in your life, and express your love and gratitude, you will begin to change the energy field around yourself, your home and family.  Thus, good energy will be returned to yourself.  Working hard, taking responsibility, or doing good deeds seem a loss, or decrease to your energy, yet you will be rewarded in the long run.

     Hexagram No. 42:  Yi

Above:  Sun – Wind

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:  Things are increasing.

Meanings:  Increase, profit, benefit.  A company’s income statement shows large volumes of revenues, expenses, and  huge net profit.  The true benefits came from the commander who contributed the abundant resources to nourish the trooops and for the best interests of all, not for personal gains.  This Hexagram indicates a financial success and good fortune.

Comments:  If your financial success and good fortune were obtained through unfair practices or illegal means, you will lose, fall and be penalized.  Don’t let the good fortune puff you up.  If you puff up with arrogance, you are bound to lose your good fortune.  Share your good fortune and abundance with those less fortunate, seek ways to help others and enhance life in the community, and contribute to the welfare of the universe.

     Hexagram No. 43:  Kuai

Above:  Tui – Lake

Below:  Chien – The Heaven

Image:  The image of breaking through.

Meanings:  Resolution, determination, break-off; give up one’s bad habit; turn over a new leaf.  The bottom five Yang lines are faced with oneYin line.  It symbolizes that five good people need to take care of one bad guy (bad habit).  It seems easy, yet an extremely difficult situation.  For example, one has difficulty to give up one’s bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, or using drugs.

Comments:  Be serious in one’s resolution and make an effort to break away from bad habits. One should make conscious determination to transform oneself from being pessimistic, negative, to be optimistic, confident, or positive.  One may be in an on-going dangerous situation, one should take great precautions against the bad guy.  Act promptly and prudently.

     Hexagram No. 44:  Kou

Above:  Chien – The Heaven

Below:  Sun – Wind

Image:  Man and woman met by chance ( a beautiful scene).

Meanings:  Coming to meet, met unexpectedly.  In the Springtime, when the wind blows in the sky, all things feel the gentle breeze.  The five men (top five Yang lines) unexpectedly meet one lady (bottom Yin line) who is aggressive and strong.  This Hexagram indicates that one will unexpectedly meet with someone (old or new friend).

Comments:  If you are not romantically involved, someone could come into your life now.  Take time to understand each other and let the love grow at its own pace.  Don’t rush into getting married.  You are likely to  run into old friends, relatives who you lost contact with.  If stricken with illness, seek professional treatment as early as possible.  If encountered with legal matters, don’t rush for quick settlement.  Whatever you are doing, take it easy, don’t be impulsive.

      Hexagram No. 45:  Tsui

Above:  Tui – Lake

Below:  Kun – The Earth

Image:  People are gathering together and enjoying prosperity.

Meanings:  Gathering together; success; crowd; vegetations growing together.  People inhabit together around the lake, or fertile land where crops are growing in great abundance. Things are going smoothly without obstacles.  The cheering crowd are with happy high spirits and vitality.

Comments:  One accumulates rich resources through good fortune or inheritance, and generously contributes one’s resources to the welfare of  the society.  People work together voluntarily to develop sound short term and long term plans to effectively utilize the great abundance of natural resources for the best interests of all and future generations.

One senses the harmony and beauty in one’s surrounding.  One improves or enhances one’s residence with good Feng Shui to bring in the positive, beneficial Yang energy.

     Hexagram No. 46:  Sheng

Above:  Kun – The Earth

Below:  Sun – Wind

Image:  One is building a high-rise mansion.

Meanings:  Push upward, advance, promote; a rising sun; great progress and success.  One reaps the harvest of one’s hardwork. The coming of opportunity and helpful people can make one’s dreams come true.  The lucky direction is toward the South.

Comments:  You have been working hard day and night, and you are due to have some material prosperity.  Your hardwork and talents have attracted interests and admiration from higher-ups and  authority figures who are in a position to help you up the ladder of success.  Time has moved in your favor.  You are more confident of your ability to success.  Avoid acting too hastily, rashly.  Let the good luck comes at its own pace.

      Hexagram No. 47:  Kun

Above:  Tui – Lake

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:  One is being stranded in a difficult circumstance.

Meanings:  Difficulty, oppression;  exhaustion; being isolated in a tight spot;  being surrounded with difficulties and obstacles.  One has come to a dead end and is in an urgent need of help and guidance.  The obstacles are blocking one to show one’s talents.

Comments:  You will need all the patience, stay in calm, and seek peace, quiet in which to analyze what’s going on, and spend some time to develop spirituality. Don’t blame others for the misfortune.  Accept the failure and painful, sudden changes. The challenges that you have had to face were meant to happen so that you could learn and growin a new phase of life.  After going through the lows, you will have the opportunity to reach the heights.

     Hexagram No. 48:  Ching

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Sun – Wind

Image:  The image of the well.

Meanings:  The well.  Where there is a well, there are villages. The water of a well is a necessity of the human being.  The water of a well seemed inexhaustible always available.  People who went to the well could draw the water and enjoyed the benefit.  A capable, talented man who contributes his wisdom and talents to the society, will not lose his knowledge and talents.

Comments:  If you spread positive energy around, it will return to you a hundred-fold.  Those unknown heroes would receive praise and recognition when the conditions are ripe.  It is a good time to cultivate the good deeds.  Join a charitable organization.  Your compassion and sincerity will create a joyful environment wherever you are.