Hexagram No. 49  –  Hexagram No. 64

     Hexagram No. 49:  Ke

Above:  Tui – lake

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:  The image of revolution.

Meanings:  Revolution, reform.  Discard the old and outdated ways in favor of the new ones. Change the outdated regulations and irrational rules.  There will be favorable major changes, but they will not happen over night.

Comments:  You may receive a promotion, or transfer in your career.  New opportunities will come your way.  Your intelligence, creativity will take you in a new direction.  Technological innovation will bring new phase of growth.  A political revolution liberates people from suffering and poverty.  Educate people to adopt new techniques and let go of the old systems.

     Hexagram No. 50:  Ting

Above:  Li – fire

Below:  Sun – Wind, Wood

Image:  The image of peace and prosperity.

Meanings:  An ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs.  In ancient China, after reaping a good harvest, people used the “Ting” to cook foods and worship the Deities, the Heaven, and ancestors.  Thus, “Ting” symbolizes the peace and prosperity after all the hardwork.  If the leg(s) is broken, it symbolizes a bad omen.

Comments:  You have been working hard at one thing or another, and you are due to have some fun, so accept invitation.  Be alert of unexpected changes,  while you are enjoying a comfortable income and a good degree of success.  Be prepared for danger in times of peace.  Watch out for mid-life crisis, one should be grateful to one’s spouse for sharing those ups and downs in life.

     Hexagram No. 51:  Chen

Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Chen – Thunder

Image:   A bird is flapping its wings and getting ready to fly high.

Meanings:  Thunder, arousing; action, shock, movement, energy; eldest son.  Both of the Trigrams are the same – thunder repeated.  This Hexagram represents the season of SpringMay thunder is the most powerful “Chi” (life force) that can shake up the universe. It inspires people with hopes.  All vegetations start sprouting, budding. The Trigram shows the bottom Yang line is being pressed down by top two Yin lines, thus the Yang line exerts and arouses vigorously resulting in thunder.

Comments:  You need to make strenuous efforts and act quickly, inspite of difficulties.  It is a good time to take actions, start new business, and utilize your many talents to bring a goal to fruition.  The eldest son needs to assume the  heavy responsibilities.  There might be some delays at the beginning, be persistent and determinated, success and rewards will come.

     Hexagram No. 52:  Ken

Above:  Ken – Mountain

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:  Activity ceases and further activity is prevented.

Meanings:  Mountain; keeping still, stopping, standstill, resting; youngest son. Both of the Trigrams are the same – mountain repeated.   One should keep things as it is temporarily. Do not proceed forward, take a rest.  This Hexagram  implies one should stop. One’s undertaking will be confronted with obstacles, difficulties.

Comments:  Don’t proceed forward, place a “Hold” on the following matters:  negotiating a contract, setting up a new organization, constructing new projects, etc.  Don’t try to jump from one job to another, or take the lead.  You should act according to your capability and authority.  You need to know when or where to stop before going too far.  For the time being, don’t over-do things, no wishful thinking.  Control your desire and lower your expectation.  Spend some time to examine what  has been accomplished, set new goals that are more realistic and more likely to come to fruition.

     Hexagram No. 53:  Chien

Above:  Sun – Wind

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:  The image of making progress gradually.

Meanings:  Advance, progress gradually.  After the temporary stopping (Hexagram No. 52), it is a good time to move forward gradually, orderly .  One will start making progress  in one’s undertaking.  The progress will begin slowly.

Comments:  It is a good time to start taking actions, but not too rashly.  Trying to get things done once and for all will result in failure.  Don’t try to achieve instant fame overnight.  It is a good time to develop new and practical plans and invest your time and energy into it.  Any pending disputes, legal matters will be resolved and settled.  The wedding plan can be proceeded successfully.

      Hexagram No. 54:  Kuei Mei

Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Tui – Lake

Image:  The beginning of a new home and family life.

Meanings:  The newly married woman begins a new phase of life. The ending of an old cycle brings a beginning of new ones.  There will be responsibility and unexpected difficulty in one’s new phase of life.  One’s dreams and wishes might be disrupted.

Comments:  Solid and sound plans are crucial to any undertaking.  If you get married hastily in order to sever another relationship, you will feel regret for the rest of your life.  A marriage involving a third party should not be proceeded.  Read the fine print before signing any paper.  Think twice before you react, you can probably save yourself some grief.  Consider the opinions of your parent(s) and act prudently.  Your wedding plan is more likely to come to fruition.  You might find your “missing loved ones.”

     Hexagram No. 55:  Feng

Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:  The king’s fame was like the sunlight, and his power was like the thunder.

Meanings:  Abundance, fullness, prosperity. It is at the  peak of prosperous and abundant situations.  The good fortune will soon begin declining.  All things go in cycles of “waxing and waning.”

Comments:  Things start declining after reaching the peak or saturation.  Don’t make any expansion of your undertakings.  Be prudent in your words and deeds.  Don’t let the greed and arrogance ruin your status quo.  If dispute occurs, you should try to settle it promptly, the delay will bring disadvantage.  You need to expand your horizons through charitable activities. Seek ways to help others, enhance life in the community, and focus on coming to a deeper understanding of a spiritual life.

     Hexagram No. 56:  Lu

Above:  Li – Fire

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:  One is travelling.

Meanings:  Wander, travel, stay away from home;  Frequently travelling and changing residence; moody; lack of security in one’s housing condition.  Many activities lead to litttle or no fruitful results.  It indicates a good beginning, yet a bad ending.

Comments:  Too much work and many activities brought chaos. One needs to make a few changes in one’s behavior and maintains some kind of balance in one’s life.  Don’t postpone any pending deals, settle it as soon as possible.  Be flexible when handling matters during this uncertain circumstance.  Be adaptable and quick-witted, act according to the changing situations.  One may come across friendly, good-hearted people, but don’t relay on them for help.  Don’t make long term planning.  Bear the hardship calmly.  The sun shines again when the storm is over.

      Hexagram No. 57:  Sun

Above:  Sun –  Wind

Below:  Sun – Wind

Image:  The gently penetrating wind.

Meanings:  Wind; penetrate; humble, modest, gentle;  follow the path, go with the flow; eldest daughter.  Both of the Trigrams are the same – wind repeated.   The Trigram  shows one Yin line is being pressed down by two Yang lines.  Thus, one should not act on one’s own way, learn to adapt oneself to the difficult circumstance.

Comments:  Adapt yourself to the changing situations and feel at home wherever you are.  Don’t try to be independent and act alone.  Don’t be arrogant, self-important.  Don’t blow your own  trumpet, even if you are capable.  Be content, let things go at its own pace.  Be open-minded to learn from others’ strength to overcome your weakness.  Things will go as you wish gradually.  Don’t plan travelling alone.  Your lover, partner might not be faithful.  To a pregnant woman, this Hexagram indicates the birth of a girl.

      Hexagram No. 58:  Tui

Above:  Tui – Lake

Below:  Tui – Lake

Image:  The love of a young lady is bringing joys.

Meanings:  Lake; joy, happy, love; joy of good harvest in the Fall; youngest daughter.  Both of the Trigrams are the same – lake repeated.  This Hexagram indicates the coming of a happy event, joyous occasion.  Sow in the Spring, reap in the Fall.

Comments:  You will get rewards your efforts deserve.  Investments yield high profits.  If done illegally, or improperly, those rewards, profits will not be lasting.  You are soft and gentle outside, yet firm and strong inside.  You should choose a partner who is more firm, strong than yourself.  Act in good faith and  be prudent in your words and deeds, especially in wedding plan.

      Hexagram No. 59:  Huan

Above:  Sun – Wind

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:   The image of dispersion.

Meanings:  Dispersion, dissolution, melt, vanish, slack. Things are not being taken care properly, hanging loosely.  Too full, or too many things in one spot, and they can not be sorted out orderly.  Too much activities simultaneously means chaos, not progress.

Comments:  One may lose track of one’s belongings.  Watch out for monetary loss.  Whatever was lost could not be recovered.  One wipes out the dripping sweat on one’s forehead and start working in the new direction again.  Have a speedy recovery of a long illness. Come out of a confusion and chaos, and ready for a new start.  Resolve pending issues and overcome obstacles. By spreading enthusiasm, optimism and bringing cheer to others, one will attract good energy for success and happines.

       Hexagram No. 60:  Chieh

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Tui – lake

Image:  The image of limitation.

Meanings:  Limitation; be moderate, acting in modest.  The bamboo joints make its stems tenacious and could not be destroyed by the strong wind.  The reservoir can hold the mountainous water and forms a beautiful lake.  Yet, if the water overflows beyond the safety level, it can cause flooding.  Having too much of good things is as bad as not having enough.

Comments:  “More” is not always beautiful, sometimes, “small” is better.  Things might not be running as you wish.  Make efforts to hold onto your cash, don’t let it run through your figures like water, but don’t be stingy, either.  Be moderate, avoid over-reaction, learn when and where to stop.   For the time being, control your desire, ambition, and go with the flow.  Try not to be over-protective of those you love. Accept responsibility, limitation, and knowing that actions have reactions.

   Hexagram No. 61:  Chung Fu

Above:  Sun – Wind

Below:  Tui – lake

Image:  The image of inner truth and spiritual wisdom.

Meanings:  Inner truth;  spiritual wisdom; honesty; confident without doubt.  Strive forward with confidence and honesty.  The middle two Yin lines are being surrounded by two Yang lines on the bottom and also on the top.  Thus, it indicates that inside is gentle, soft, and outside is firm, strong.

Comments:  Accept others’ suggestions, advices with confidence and trust.  Your honesty, sincerity combined with perseverance will attract good luck from faraway.  Treat people with honesty, sincerity, and accept others’ valuable opinions.  You will obtain cooperation to create harmony and improve relationships, especially in home.  Be prudent when dealing with public matters, things related to older people or women.

     Hexagram No. 62:  Hsiao Kuo

Above:  Chen – Thunder

Below:  Ken – Mountain

Image:   The image of preponderance of the small.

Meanings:  Small things; a large number of the small.  The middle two Yang lines are being surrounded by two Yin lines on the top and also on the bottom.  One is being surrounded by people of low ability and character.

Comments:  For the time being, you are unable to accomplish major projects or  important events due to outside unfavorable factors.  Absolutely, do not proceed major plans, only minor or small ones.  There will be no smooth sailing on your important events.  Unrealistic wishes will not be fulfilled.  Don’t act too aggressively.  Be flexible, go with the flow.  Proceed with patience on the small or minor programs.  You tend to be impulsive which could lead to disputes and difficulties, if your action affects other people.

     Hexagram No. 63:  Chi Chi

Above:  Kan – Water

Below:  Li – Fire

Image:    The condition after completion.

Meanings:  After completion;  accomplished;  success;  reaching the destination safely.  One has finished the performance, and reached the goals successfully.  And, one can get ready for new phase.  This Hexagram is excellent for men.

Comments:  You have achieved your personal and professional goals.  While taking time to relax, you can lay some solid plans and do the preparation for the next phase.  Remember to share the profits and power  with those who contributed to the success.  You are able to provide both emotional and financial supports for your spouse, and other family members, including the young and the old.

     Hexagram No. 64:  Wei Chi

Above:  Li – Fire

Below:  Kan – Water

Image:   The condition before completion.

Meanings:  Before completion, not yet accomplished;  misunderstanding, problems with communication.  It is the opposite of Hexagram No. 63, Chi Chi.  One could not finish one’s undertaking due to lack of communication, and understanding.

Comments:  Team work, cooperation from others are needed in order to achieve the goals.  What seemed almost being accomplished took a sudden turn into failure.  Don’t give it up.  The unfinished projects can be completed through joint efforts and cooperation.

This is the last Hexagram  of all sixty four Hexagrams.  It is an important one because the endings always bring new beginnings. Thus, this Hexagram also represents the beginning of a new cycle, new hope, and new experience.

The cycle of Four Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter), and the cycle of life journey (Birth, Getting Old, Getting sick, and Death) move continuously, like circle, no ending.  In the universe, all things move in the cycle of  “waxing and waning” orderly.  Just like success and failure, joys and sorrows, repeat itself in circles.

We are on the Earth not just to achieve mundane goals and tasks, but to revitalize ourselves spiritually and  grow along the path toward enlightenment.  Let us do our parts to enhance the good by doing the simplest things  – love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, and forgiveness – and develop our inner beauty and spiritual wisdom toward a peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling life.