Poem No. 1 – Poem No. 20






 Poem No. 1

Meaning:  The creation of the universe.


The creator created everything with meanings and reasons. We must become more like our creator and fulfill our destiny as “co-creators” in a continuous process — to grow, to be more conscious, to expand our awareness, and to fulfill the Divine programs within our heart and being.

If you align yourself with cosmic forces, you feel powerful. New beginning brings new hope. You have the opportunity now to achieve new levels of growth.

Poem No. 2

Meaning:  The whale makes no changes.


The whale is waiting, watching in the water and making no changes.  Your opportunity will come.  So, be patient.  Don’t try to reach too high, or too far.  Improve yourself while waiting for the opportunity to ripen.

Stability comes from a strong sense of who you are and what you stand for.  Stability at home makes it a safe port in a storm.


Poem No. 3

Meaning:  The swallow is holding mud in its bill.


The nest materials and structures vary widely.  Certain swallows build the mud-brick homes.  It takes times and great efforts to complete the construction of  a nest, the same for performing your duties at work and at home.  Even if your actions don’t seem to bring about what you intended, keep persevering. A fruitful result can be expected.

You pursue and fulfill strong desires and responsibilities at home or work.

Poem No. 4

Meaning:  An old broken mirror was joined/mended together; Mending the fences.


Reunion of husband and wife, or an old relationship after a separation or rupture.   Allow new growth, put the pains and sorrows into the flowing river of healing and start a new life together.  Forget and forgive the misdeeds of the past.

You could be the motivating force behind a get-together plan.  A family reunion is a lovely way to express the true meaning of  sweet home.


 Poem No. 5

Meaning:  Seeking underground water in barren, impoverished soil, land.


Doing activities with no useful result, not producing valuable results or interesting effects. Be realistic and make practical choices.

You could be looking for excitement in the wrong places. Get practical projects in order to take action to implement them.

 Poem No. 6

Meaning:  A copper-made bird is flying toward a rock.


Get along well with your surrounding and  try to see eye to eye with each other.  Throw yourself into a new environment, try your best, and maintain a harmonious relationship with those around.

If you feel stressed, you may need to bring more joy and passion into ordinary activities.  Don’t be cross, bending a little won’t break you.


Poem No. 7

Meaning:  One is dragging mud and also carrying water.


One moves things that resists.  One pull things along with effort, especially things that is cumbersome to carry.  You should learn to do things neatly, not sloppily.  When performing your duties at work and at home, learn to spread the energies effectively.

The sooner you start streamlining your work and your life, the happier you will be.  Holding to finances or feelings prevent growth, change.

Poem No. 8

Meaning:  The pine and cypress stay evergreen, even during the extremely cold weather.


Seek the inspiration and company of nature and its wonders.  Answers can be obtained within the environs of a flower garden.

Walk in the forest, smell the trees, leaves and dirt, take in the serene beauty of creation.  You feel expansive and joyful with everyone from everywhere.


Poem No. 9

Meaning:  A clear and bright Moon is shining in a cloudless night sky.


Let the Full Moon help you open your heart and clear your mind.  Glorious, peaceful joy is about to surround the space you occupy.

Little by little you are growing in confidence, determination and renewed energy.  Your potential for success is high, but it needs the endorsement and goodwill of people you work with to help bring fame and/or fortune.

Poem No. 10

Meaning:  One is carrying a lantern, torch and seeking for a fire.


No more wasting time, what you have been searching for is within you. Turn your attention inward.  You look outside of yourself for a cure that originates from within, in your own inner power.  Polish your hidden talents and rediscover the inner wisdom you already possess.

There are times when career and domestic interests overlap.  Balancing priorities isn’t easy, but you can do it better than most.  Look within to find your Inner Light and the immortal you within the universe.



Poem No. 11

Meaning:  Profit from a misfortune; Gain from a loss.


Release  the pain and grief by seeking the healing through meaningful activities.  Turn the crisis into an opportunity for growth, which brings blessing and good fortune.

When the higher being closes one door, he opens another door.  When one way is blocked, another one will surface.  You may have to let go of something to gain something else.

Poem No. 12

Meaning:  Blessings within suffering; There is something good  within misfortune.


Something good often is hidden within the misfortune.  Every cloud has a silver lining. Following the suffering and pain, there comes the blessing and joy. It is the suffering and pain that brings out your strength and courage to make a positive change.

Try to gain wisdom when facing failure or misfortune.  Productive growth is possible through the breaking up of old patterns, although the process can be painful.  Try to be open-minded and seek healing through religion and spirituality.


Poem No. 13

Meaning:  The dragon gate is open for you.


You are invited to the dragon palace.  Prosperity and abundance will be coming your way. Control, power, and authority are your forte now.  So, seize the reigns to take over the total responsibility for yourself and your actions.

You must have a lucky star shining above you. Your prospectives and confidence are high. Now is the time to share your blessings and resources.

 Poem No. 14

Meaning:  The immortal crane is leaving the cage


The red-crowned crane is allowed to leave the cage.  You are free on your life journey, nothing is obstructing you.  Escape the confining boundaries of the office and home.  Venture forth into the world with open eyes and heart.

You need something a little unusual, exciting, or new.  You want to expand how you see the  world, enlarge your experience, and perspective.  Do it joyfully through your efforts and others.


Poem No. 15

Meaning:  Magpies are building nests in the natural forest.


Magpies are commonly seen in woodlands, riverside vegetation area, and enjoying the abundance of resources.  You are moving in the right direction. Growing green plants provide a place for negative energy to be recycled into a fresh, positive energy.

Spend time out in nature and sense the winds of the sky and the birds of the air sending you messages of hope and love.  Sharing resources open the door to everyone having enough.

Poem No. 16

Meaning:  Yin and Yang are in harmony and balance.


Yin (the Moon, female, negative, shade, etc) and Yang (the Sun, male, positive, light, etc) are in balance, indicating a happy and joyful life.  Use this time to get your life back in balance, so the energy to move forward comes freely.

You are content, peaceful, and poised mentally and emotionally.  A sense of calm acceptance makes us at peace in the world.


Poem No. 17

Meaning:  To draw/paint cookies to satisfy the need for foods.


Drawing cookies to feed the hungers is completely not workable, impractical.  An improper ways of doing things will bring no fruitful result.  Sometimes it is not greener on the other side of the mountain.  Check it out before you race headlong into something new or unknown.

A vivid imagination doesn’t always produce accurate data.  Wishing won’t always make things happen.  It takes hard work and determination to reach  fruitful results.

Poem No. 18

Meaning:  Yin and Yang flourishing, diminishing in cycles.


Yin (the Moon, female, negative, shade, etc) and Yang (the Sun, male, positive, light, etc) gradually increasing and decreasing in cycles.  Nothing stays the same forever.  All things in the universe constantly change.  If things are not going the way you think they should be, don’t blame others.  Keep a positive attitude and focus on your thoughts, you can achieve much when your time is right.

What goes up most eventually comes down.  You sometimes have to go with the flow.


Poem No. 19

Meaning:  The ship is sailing in the area with many shaols and rapids.


No smooth sailing.  Expect some obstacles, frustrations and setbacks on your undertaking.  This is not the time to put on a showy appearance or glitz apparel. So many ideas are formualting in your head, try to concentrate on the application of one with the top priority.

Expect breaks caused by unexpected events.  It is life’s obstacles that help you grow.  And, it is growth that helps you reach your goals.

Poem No. 20

Meaning:  The sky finally is clear after a long, heavy rain.


When the long, heavy rain stops, the sky slowly brightens.  The conflict and restriction are gone, the joy time is on your way.  Get out from under the black cloud, release your fears, anger and look for the clear skies above for a fresh feel to your life.

A change of direction is indicated.  Talking about your feelings brings a positive response.  This is a good time to make a plan.