Poem No. 21 – Poem No. 40


Poem No. 21

Meaning:   Yin-Yang way in harmony and balance.


Yin (the Moon, female, negative, shade, etc) and Yang (the Sun, male, positive, light, etc) are two forces which are in constant movement, each attempting to gain dominance.  The harmony of the feminine and masculine energies in your being brings a deeper, clear understanding and appreciation of someone’s generosity toward you.

Confident, optimistic outlooks inspire others.  Express your heart’s desire creatively.  A sense of ones with all cultures and trends radiates peace.

Poem No. 22

Meaning:  A good rain after a long drought.


During the drought, a good rain feeds all.  Help will come to relief your sufferings.  Let the droplets of water provided by rain, help wash your soul, and remove the sorrow and pain in your heart.

Something that once appeared cloudy suddenly looks perfectly clear.  Stabilize relationships with a spouse, children, or business partners.


Poem No. 23

Meaning:  A hand is reaching high above for the immortal laurels.


You are the winner and have been crowned with success and honors.  Don’t rest on your laurels with what you’ve got.  Don’t be satisfied with your success.  Continue to do something to improve on it.

The lucky star guides you in the right direction. You are in a marvelous cycle. Remember to share your success with those around you.

Poem No. 24

Meaning:  The fools are blocking the way.


The hindrance, obstacle makes it difficult for you to progress.  Detour and take indirect, safer way, if possible.

You might want to retreat into your shell for a while, and seek solitude.  It is probably the wisest thing to do.  Meditation is good for the soul.


Poem No. 25

Meaning:  The underground water is coming out from an old, abandoned well.


Help is on the way to an extremely difficult situation.  Grasp this energy and expand your horizons.  Open yourself up to greatness. High energy and enthusiasm project you forward into the light and love of the world.

This may be the fresh start you were looking for regarding finances, assets and your own sense of self-worth.  Pursue profesional and financial goals, and organize it ambitiously.

Poem No. 26

Meaning:  A false sense of image; false or undeserved reputation.


What you see may be just an illusion. The feelings of confusion are surrounding your environment.  Watch out people with fraudulent intention.  Check it out before you race headlong into something new or unknown.

Don’t promise something you can’t, or don’t intend to deliver.  Don’t let false values lead you in social or love relationship.  Whatever you thought, think again.


Poem No. 27

Meaning:  A nice, well-situated house with solid foundation and walls.


As a result of your tireless efforts, you are being awarded with material success.  Share your secure, comfortable life with your loved ones.

There’s good fortune through family.  Stabilize feelings and family with a guided, loving hand.

Poem No. 28

Meaning:  The Moon is being covered up by dense clouds.


Stay on the higher position to overlook the entire situation before investing time and/or money. You may encounter obstacles.  Remember the darkness of night is just temporary.  Any difficult situations will soon be over.

Wait before signing a legal document.  A delay won’t be earth-shaking.  Don’t gloss over the fine print in a contract or agreement.  Turn to a smart legal expert for advice, if necessary.


Poem No. 29

Meaning: The treasured sword that has been kept in a box/case is now drawn out.


Rediscover and polish your hidden talents and skills.  Your time to shine has come.  Do not limit yourself anymore, spread your thoughts to the world.  Wisdom of the heart provides you with a generous spirit to any who are within your reach.

Something that can give you  prestige and more responsibility is on the way.  How lucky can you possibly be?  All the glitters now could be pure gold.  Share it with others and you will be blessed.

Poem No. 30

Meaning:  Abide the law and behave oneself; know one’s place.


This is not the time to be over-ambitious.  It is a time for reflection, just be still and bring to mind the wonderful events and feelings from the past.  Remember to hold tight the knowledge you have acquired through many years of hard work.

You need to take a deep breath, relax and think of the blessings in your life.  A practical agenda takes a step-by-step approach.  Don’t expect fast or daring thinking, but a cautious conservatism.


Poem No. 31

Meaning:  Adhere to past practices,  be safe and sound.


Stick to the old ways, be conservative and you will be out of troubles.  Safeguard your heritage and maintain what has been achieved by predecessors.  Be careful not to challenge the status quo.

Stick with your creative potential and events should proceed smoothly.  Gains are secured by slow, steady effort.  A conservative, responsible approach brings financial and domestic security.

Poem No. 32

Meaning:  Breaking the rock in order to get the jade out of  the rock.


It takes a lot of hard work to reach your goals.  Your tireless efforts will be rewarded and long-waited rewards will finally be bestowed.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Make an effort to recover something that was lost or mislaid.  It is something significant and important to you.


Poem No. 33

Meaning:  Hiding the jade inside, yet seeking it outside elsewhere.


Don’t waste time and energy.  What you are seeking already exists within.  You have the innate ability to self-healing, turn your attention inward through meditation, yoga to regain the inner power.

Poem No. 34

Meaning:  The red sun is shining brightly.


What you see is true, there should be no hidden dangers.  You are very creative, and original now.  Your ideas could get that well-deserved promotion or raise.

Luck, faith and wisdom await as you expand your world.  Connect with others in lively, spirited ways.  Financial and moral support are available if you look in the right places.


Poem No. 35

Meaning:  Decently dressed, be immaculately dressed.


The way for growth is cleared.  The surrounding is joyful.  Use your new found energy to pursue new knowledge and thinking that propels you into new project with confidence.

Apply your new found energy to expand your perspectives with confidence and self-assurance.  You are joyfully communicative and full of faith in others.  Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Poem No. 36

Meaning:  The apes and monkey are breaking the locked chains.


They are free now and longing to find way back to the mountain cave.  Freedom can come in a variety of ways.  For example, music can soothe your soul and writing can help release pent up frustrations and anger.  Open yourself to greatness

Impending changes in the status quo are challenging, but not all that disastrous if you are flexible.  Make an effort to be adjustable.


Poem No. 37

Meaning:  The wind is blowing hard toward the candle and light.


The candle and light are guttering in the wind. This is a sign of disturbance or trouble.  Don’t try new things.  The timing is not right.  Grasp every straw of prayer and thanksgiving to aid recovery quicker.  Retreat to spiritual matters.

Stay alert and have faith. One of your illusions can be shattered, but it is not the end of the world.  There’s no such word as “can’t.”  You will get through a loss.

Poem No. 38

Meaning:  The clouds and fogs are covering up the Moon.


The current situation makes it hard for you to make right judgment. So, stretch your mind into the clouds and extract the tool you need to overcome the obstacles.

Being in unfamiliar territory can sometimes cause stress.  You might want to postpone an important decision until the facts of a situation are crystal clear.


Poem No. 39

Meaning:  Be conservative, stick to the old ways and keep calm and quiet.


Be gentle and kind now with an intellect that knows the proper terms for the highest results.  Use this time to get your life back in balance.  So the energy to move forward comes freely when your timing is right.

Creating security for loved ones makes you feel reliable.  You are grounded and secure, sure of your aims and how to accomplish them.

Poem No. 40

Meaning:  Yin is expanding and Yang is diminishing.


The Yin force  (the Moon, female, negative, shade, etc) and Yang force (the Sun, male, positive, light, etc) are out of balance.  The Yin force is expanding and soon will be dominating over the circumstance.  Watch out for the people with bad intention, thoughts.

Reaching a low point can be an uplifting experience since there is no place to go now, but up.  Hold on to that premise as you work your way out of an uncomfortable situation.  Retreat may be the answer if you feel alienated or isolated.

While growth may be at standstill out there because of excess Yin, there is hope at home.  Bring in fresh, positive energy (such as sunshine, green plants) and maintain your living environment and surroundings with good feng shui.