Poem No. 41 – Poem No. 60


Poem No. 41

Meaning:  Adopting a thief as son.


Take the thief for one’s son, regard the enemy as kin.  An influx of karmic repayment of debts can occur at this time.  Be on the alert against those trying to hurt you.  Forgive their bad intentions, they will be moved and touched by your kindness.

You want life’s finer things and may go to excess to attract it.  Things seem ideal with a friend, but take a reality check.

Poem No. 42

Meaning:  Heaven bestows blessings, honors upon you.


The Heaven will enlighten, illuminate and instruct you in the procedures necessary for changes and growth.  This is a gift from your good deeds.  Accept it with humble and gratitude attitude,  you truly deserve it.

Reach for financial and practical goals.  Expend energy to achieve results.  Share the love and the wealth, keep the faith, enjoy life.


Poem No. 43

Meaning:  The Heaven and earth are full of great joys and harmony.


You are in the days of glorious peace and joy.  You are in the place to enjoy the lighter and brighter side of life.  Bring harmony and beauty into your home.  Spread the kindness, generosity to those around you.

You get the kind of cooperation you were hoping for, and what once was a problem becomes a possibility.  Delightfully engaging activities make you feel loved and happy.

Poem No. 44

Meaning:  Meeting one’s match in a chess tournament; Diamond cuts diamond.


You are faced with an extremely difficult situation. Act prudentially. Think twice before you act.  Use your inner wisdom, willpower and skills to obtain your goals.

Try to remain cool under pressure.  Although you could meet your match when a sharp one enters the scene.  Don’t make a move you have been contemplating, if you are in doubt.


Poem No. 45

Meaning:  Spreading kindness, generosity and joy  to those around you.


Spread your kindness and love around like the thick peanut butter, let your joy stick to everything.  Bring harmony and beauty into your home, romance into your heart.  What you sent out will be returned to you.

Doing for family and those you love brings contentment and joy.  Taking care of the little things at home and nurturing loved ones make you feel useful and loved.

Poem No. 46

Meaning:  The withered plant blossoms again.


Good fortune comes after a long spell of bad luck.  Smile with confidence in the removal of the suffering.  Help finally is on the way.

Something you once considered unimportant, suddendly takes on a new dimension.  An unique or unusual opportunity to express yourself brightens possibilities at home or in the family.


Poem No. 47

Meaning:  Adding flowers to the brocade, Making perfection still more perfect.


The opportunity knocks at your door again, greet it with humility and gratitude.  Share your good fortune and success with your family, friends and those who have worked hard for you.  And, remember to contribute freely to the society.

One surprise after another certainly keeps things lively.  Things are definitely looking up.  Thank your lucky stars.  And, give freely as if it was you who is receiving.

Poem No. 48

Meaning:  The crane and roc are taking off their flight.


The crane symbolizes long life and the roc (a large bird) symbolizes bright future.  Allow new growth.  Everywhere is a scene of  prosperity. Your future will be bright and prosperous.

A need for change and variety in your life is overwhelming.  Change is a given and you need to accept what’s happening and understanding it’s part of an evolving cycle.  Once you do, you will be ready to move ahead optimistically.


Poem No. 49

Meaning:  Water reaches solidying point becoming ice.  Water congeals.


Release your pain into the blackness where it will be absorbed, freeing you from the burden of carrying it any longer.  You will begin a new life journey, a new phase of life.

Transforming your life is a challenge, and yet something invisible is pulling you away from the familiar.  You can resist, but probably not for long, it’s your choice.  This is a good time to get rid of excess baggages you’ve accumulated.  Donate those items to charity, give to friends or relatives.

Poem 50

Meaning:  Sailing with the wind smoothly.


Adapt one’s thinking, actions to the changing conditions.  Glorious, peaceful joy is about to surround the space you occupy.

People you meet are friendly, helpful and courteous.  Reach out  and get involved.  The results could be amazing.  There may have been times in the past when you did not get the recognition and rewards you deserve.  Not so now.


Poem No. 51

Meaning:  Everyone is worried about the heat wave.


No matter where you are, the weather is extreme hot.  To beat the heat wave,  learn to feel the soothing peace of water will help free your mind and spirit, releasing them from restless.

Wonderful surprises happen when you keep cool under pressure.  Withdrawing into your shell isn’t a very good idea for those who take life seriously.  You need to get out and mingle with other people in order to grow.

Poem No. 52

Meaning:  Be greedy and wasting time for small gains.


Spending much efforts to satisfy the greed of  material gains.  You need to step off the fast track to success, it probably needs repaving.  Put aside all superstitious thoughts and actions, and let the flow of wisdom flow into your mind where you can begin to put it to a good personal use.

Don’t act with greedy desires. Don’t try to get what you want and when you want it.  Don’t be pushy, stubborn, and impatient.  You’d be smart to remain as close as to home as you can and cooperate with family members.


Poem No. 53

Meaning:  The dragons rising, droning and the tigers leaping, roaring.


A scene of bustling activity.  It is the time to move forward, take a big step to bring your leadership abilities to the attention of those who can help you up the ladder of success.

Responsibilities with the family or with a friend seem demanding.  You are the one people turn to because you are so efficient.  It should not take long to work out the details and speed it along.

Poem No. 54

Meaning:  Dreamed of a wise man.


In a pleasant dream, you were told by a wise man how to find a good fortune.  It is a lucky omen, put the darkness that you have been experiencing behind and move forward.

Something new or unusual can feel very refreshing now.  Grasp this energy and expand your horizons.  Open yourself to greatness.


Poem No. 55

Meaning:  To draw spring water with a bamboo basket.


All in a vain.  Whatever you thought, think again. Find the right tools to overcome and survive the circumstance.  Be ready to change and willing to explore.

It is amazing how quickly time flies when you are busy.  You could bring about a small miracle through willpower, determination and hard work.  However, you must research, test and retest before going ahead with anything.

Poem No. 56

Meaning:  The ship is sailing in shallow water.


Like a fish which is coming out of water.  You are going in a wrong direction.  Use your wisdom to move out of the disadvantage circumstance.  You need to listen intently for inspiration from others and your inner self.

The weight of the world is not resting on your shoulder, although there are times when you probably think that’s the case.  Positive thinking really does work.  Keep repeating over and over:  “I can get through this, no matter what happens.”  “No matters what happens.”


Poem No. 57

Meaning:  The child is meeting his/her  mother.


Maternal love, reunion joy.  Nothing can replace the love between the mother and her child.  Attend social events and enjoy the natural spirit of joy and friendship.  Become the loving counselor to all you meet.

Someone you are destined to meet comes along.  Bonds with loved ones bring warmth, fun and fulfillment.  Relax and let loose a little, enjoy the comforts surrounding you and show the love in your heart.

Poem N. 58

Meaning:  Preserve the status quo and wait patiently for the right time to come.


Bide one’s time.  It is not the time to take any actions.  Make lists and revise often as the universe will give you what you need when your opportunity is ripe.

Even if your actions don’t seem to bring about what you intended, keep presevering.  Things happen when the time is right, wait it out.  Security gained in conservative measure works best now.


Poem No. 59

Meaning:  Stick to the old practices, but adapt to the changing conditions.


Do not initiate any changes, but blend and bend with the changing environment.  Make room to get ready for the new, the exciting, and the different ones to come by itself.

Offer to share resources and be open to practical solutions.  Be flexible and be open-minded.  Go with the flow of cosmic inspiration that’s out there.


Poem 60

Meaning:  Carrying the bundle of wood to put out a fire.


Heavy storms worsened the fuel shortage.  One is making a bad conditions more worse.  One offers the help in the wrong ways.

Heavy responsibilities test your ability to withstand and endure. You need to face it with realism, courage and a firm hope.