Poem No. 81 – Poem No. 100


Poem No. 81

Meaning:  The (Chinese) parasol tree is shedding its leaves in Autumn.


It is a natural cycle that things shed after a stage of development, such as wings of birds, leaves of deciduous trees.  Take a religious, spiritual retreats to recharge your inner strength and maintain your inner peace.  Withdraw from a high position to lessen the conflict and give the way to the young ones.

The winds of change are blowing as the Sun enters cool Autumn.  Rethink priorities.  This may be the time to simplify your surroundings, and get rid of the clutter in your rooms.  You need to weed out what’s not important, so you can take care of what is.

Poem No. 82

Meaning: The  sacred lotus is appearing upon a blaze.


Traditionally, the lotus (a sacred water lily) symbolizes purity, beauty and perfection.  Here, it symbolizes rescue and hopes.  One escapes from the jaws of death, barely escapes with one’s life.

Someone comes to your rescue and you didn’t have to ask for help, it’s your good karma at work.  A legal ruling is still in the transition stage, but not for long.  News that reach you soon is encouraging.  Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.


Poem No. 83

Meaning:  It’s still a crescent Moon, not yet a Full Moon.


Pay attention to events and activities around the phases of the Moon for signals and suggestions of how you can personal make important changes in your life.

Responsibilities weigh heavily, you may have to postpone more fun things to tend to obligations.  Lunar tensions emerge as the Full Moon phase is arriving.  Send out positive vibes and see what develops.

Poem No. 84

Meaning:  A trembling fish is coming out of the water.


One is forced to step down from a high position to give way to others.  Leave the pains behind and attend a spiritual retreat.  Let the quiet rest and contemplation in a secluded place regain your inner peace.  It is a time of rest and meditation.

Ending an old chapter in your life affords an opportunity to begin a new one.  This may not be easy, but it will eventually work out, keep the faith.  Don’t look back if you were forced to make a break with the past.  Realize it was inevitable, no matter how painful the incident was, and look ahead hopefully.

Calmness can grow into equanimity during life’s turbulence.  Enhancing our focus and clarity lets us access more of our mind’s true potential issues or deeper insights.  Sensing more strongly the impermanent nature of things helps us reframe breaking up with our loved ones as a part of life rather than some overwhelming tragedy.  This frees our spirit and opens up other possibilities for finding our own directions.


Poem No. 85

Meaning:  During the warmth of Spring season, all flowers bloom.


Spring shower brings May flowers.  Florious flowers in Spring and solid fruits in Autumn.  It is a scene fo prosperity.  It’s good time to expand your horizons through education, traveling.

Get out into the sunshine to feed your body and fill out the energy stores of every cell for immediate and future use.  Home and loved ones provide comfort and simple satisfactions.

Poem No. 86

Meaning:  Having an audience with the King, Emperor.


It is an omen of good fortune.  The opportunity knocks at your door, open it widely and greet it with joy.  A meeting with the higher level can put you among some of big companies.  You can make your dreams come true if you don’t mix your duties with pleasures.

You feel good about relationships. An elevated sense of hope, faith, goodwill and joy brings people together in harmony.  Relationships and celebrations are warm, joyous, lucky and loving.


Poem No. 87

Meaning:  Washing the sand for gold and you get the gold.


Put out the positive energy of your mind to those new needs in order to attract them into your life.  You will receive what you  are searching for.  You have the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Keep a big smile on your face and see what happens, things seem to run smoothly.  A lucky break could come your way now, it’s up to you to make the most of it.

Poem No. 88

Meaning:  A wood-carved tiger imposing majesty and prestige.


The wood-carved tiger doesn’t harm anyone, but it does keep the bad guys away from you.  Have faith, believe in the higher being who is available to help you shoulder the burden.

Making things up may be alluring, good for artistry, but not for truth-seekers.  The right way to do things to accomplish work and career goal is easily expressed and approved.


Poem No. 89

Meaning:  The treasure is being hidden inside a rock.


The treasure that has being hidden inside the rock is wating for you to discover.  The spirit of adventure is on you now, and you have the courage, initiative to change from the path you are on to one more fulfilling, if you want to.

The time has come to find happiness and the deepest desires of your spirit, as it’s always been found.

Poem No. 90

Meaning:  Achieving success and winning recognition.


Your achievements are recognized and rewards are being bestowed.  You have been crowned with fame, fortune, and wealth, honors.  Do all you can for those who have not had what you have.

With a smile on your face and music in your heart and mind, continues to hum those songs with uplifting notes to increase your productive ventures.


Poem No. 91

Meaning:  Having bright, brilliant prospects.


A bright, prosperous future.  A great path comes in front of you  On your way to success, help those who have worked hard for you.

Opportunity comes to those who accept it, open up and see what develops.  You are at your creative best so long as you continue to stretch your horizons.

Poem No. 92

Meaning:  Born to be a business man, an enterpriser.


One inherited a family business at a young age.  Be proud of the rich heritage of your family.  Your generosity and kindness have earned you a good reputation.

You take care of business at work and home with efficiency.  Diligence and determination fulfill your goals and brings rewards in practical ways.


Poem No. 93

Meaning:  The wings of the fabulous Phoenix are dripping wet due to the rainfall.


When the sun shines again, her plumage will be resplendent again.  Hardship does exist, but they don’t have to bring you down.  Don’t let the sad feelings get the better of you.

Bad moods are possible, try to lighten things up if you can.  Don’t suffer stress silently, find a way to process it out.  Look for ways to organize to overcome depression.

Poem No. 94

Meaning:  Enjoying the happy gathering with a good friend.


Being extremely happy in meeting with a very close friend.  It is a good time to expand your horizons through travel.  It is likely that you will meet someone you truly enjoy the companionship.

It’s easy to spot your real friends, they are the ones who offer encouragement.  Share your life and its tender moments with others. Spend quality time with family members and enjoy domestic projects.


Poem No. 95

Meaning:  Aspirtion, ambition and fame, recognition.


You have it all.  Good luck knocks at your door, open it widely to greet it with a humble, gratitude attitude.  Grasp the opportunity to work harder to make your dreams come true.

Your status and reputation just got better.  Remember to explore the spiritual side of life, to look at the deeper side of life.

Poem No. 96

Meaning:  Good fortune and prestige manifesting.


Your lucky star shines brightly.  Be willing to work hard.  You will be blessed with good fortune and prestige.

You possess a lot of sparkle and magnetism that give you a feeling of well being and validation.  Thank your lucky star, you are in the right place at the right time.  Work harder to make the most of it, and contribute your talents and wisdom to the society.


Poem No. 97

Meaning: To light a candle in the wind.


It is hard to keep a candle guttering in the wind.  It is even harder trying to light up a candle in the wind.  Use your common sense, and proceed your undertakings wisely.

During your struggling toward a goal, or in working through any dilemma, you learn who you are and what life is worth.  Don’t be afraid to venture out into the great new world.

Poem No. 98

Meaning:  To preserve the old practices and blend, bend with the changing conditions.


Be careful, do not initiate any major move.  Don’t struggle to complete the changes at this time. Others may be resistant to changes.

Slow-but-sure conservative thinking builds a practical agenda that can benefit financial and domestic affairs.  Stability and security at home matter most.  Elders and youngsters learn from each other, lean on each other.


Poem No. 99

Meaning:  Being half worried and half happy.


To be in the middle.  Not be  carried away by success.  Be moderate on doing things.  Don’t go to the extremes.   While enjoying the May flowers, be prapared for the winter storms.  While celebrating the success, remember the struggling of hardships.

You sometimes win by losing.  Going overboard affects costs, estimates and thinking regarding mundane or partnership matters.  Moderation works.  Always find the middle and you have found the path of meditation.

Poem No. 100

Meaning:  Stick to the old ways and make no move.


You need to hold on to everything. You can use this time to review plans, refine projects in progress, or rethink your position on vital issues.  Don’t do anything you may later regret.  Look within to find your own Inner Light, and the immortal you within the universe.

Stay in contact with friends and loved ones who depend on you.  Faith in a properly working universe brings order in daily life.  This is a moment of peace and unity.  Relax with family and share contentment around the hearth.  When you accept everything, your life becomes cheerful.

The universe is vast, no part of it is irrelevant.  You can best serve the universe by expressing and fulfilling yourself and your own potential.  Your being the best that you can be will help to enrich the lives of everyone.


Our journey, the path to enlightenment, is not linear.  Our journey begins before we manifested in physical form here on this planet.  And, it will not cease when the physical representations of us are no longer capable of interacting with this world.  We will return to where we came from — the universe, which is the source of all things.  The cycles repeat endlessly.

Communicating with Kuan Yin

Let Kuan Yin comfort you and assist you with your spiritual needs, and guide you to a better way of life. You could communicate with Kuan Yin whenever you wish without reading her poems.  Start by creating a sacred environment.  This can be indoors or out.  If it is a room in your home, elimiate clutter and clean the room.  Eat lightly and avoid any artificial stimulants before seeking contact Kuan Yin.  Make sure that you will not be interrupted for at least thirty minutes.  Sit dowm comfortably, close your eyes and think of some of the blessings in your life.

After a few minutes, think about your concern.  Picture Kuan Yn in your mind and mentally talk through your problem, just as if you were discussing it with a close friend.  While you are doing this, you may sense Kuan Yin’s presence.  You might notice a slight change on the temperature of the room.  You might find yourself enjoy a silent convesation with Kuan Yin.  You might hear her quiet voice or feel a warmth in the area of your heart.  Then, take three slow, deep breaths and open your eyes.  Carry on the confidence and inner peace with you that your problem would soon be resolved.


Now, I use the following Kuan Yin’s sayings to finish this Kuan-Yin Oracle:

Respect yourself and you will respect others.

Be compassionate towards yourself

and you will be compassionate towards others.

Love yourself and you will love all sentient beings.

It all begins with you and ends with the realization that

there is no difference between self and other.


We are born, we live, we age, we die.

We touch the same earth, we see the same sky.

We dream, we hope, we succeed, we fail and still we try.

We are not different, you and I.

– – – – – – – – – –

Each new breath is a gift to be cherished.

It is not a certainty or a reward.

Each new breath is a responsibility to be taken seriously.

We must not use it to bring harm to others.

Each new breath is an opportunity to make a difference.

To show compassion and to live life without regret.

Each new breath is a blessing.

Use it wisely and others will be blessed as well.


 Praise of Kuan Yin

Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin) Bodhisattva,

Honored and worshipped by all,

As the fully Enlightened One.

On the turbulent sea of life,

She provides the ferry-boat to those in needs

And guides the way.

She brings the comforts to the sufferers

Who invoke her name sincerely and mindfully,

And bestows blessings.

She, the Most Merciful and Compassionate Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva,

Manifests herself and showers mercy just in time in all realms.