With a Sun Sign Mantra


The New Year is a time for making plans, goals, and resolutions.  But isn’t it better to focus on the positive aspects of change, rather than worry about modifying negative behaviors?

While it is fine to make lists or write a mission statement, it is even better to have a mantra that will help you in making a goal come true.  Taken from the original Sanskrit, the word mantra means “sacred counsel” and can represent a thought, a phrase or even a single word that embraces or epitomizes the changes you wish to bring about in your own life.

Having a mantra all your own can help you to focus your energy and attention on your new goals for the year.  Each Sun sign has basic characteristics that require improvement, so why not start there?

The power of your mantra is twofold: recitation and repetition.  Saying it to yourself on a daily basis (or even several times each day) can help you to focus on the power of the words and the meaning behind them.  You do not need to use any of the mantras listed below.  You may feel more comfortable making one up yourself, one which reflects a more specific, highly personal goal.

Read the individual write-ups below to learn what characteristics your Sun sign needs to focus on in order to be even more successful in the year to come.


“I  Will Put Others First.”

As the first sign of the Zodiac, it is natural for you to have a “me first” mentality.  A cardinal fire sign, Aries tends to see things in terms of “I me mine.”  But sometimes your aggressive “me first” attitude can seem a trifle selfish.  No doubt you have heard that from others, even people who love you.  If that is the case, isn’t it time that you started being less self-centered?

This doesn’t have to mean that you suddenly forget your own goals and plans.  Far from it.  But by being sensitive to the fact that your actions affect others, especially people who share your life and who are important to you, there is a likelihood that you will become less insulated to your own concerns and more open to the concerns of others.  Also, because you will become more giving to others, they will automatically become more interested in your success.  There is nothing better than friends and loved ones cheering each other on and helping one another to succeed.  Life gets pretty boring and stagnant when everyone is simply wrapped up in their own wants and needs.


I Will Forgive and Forget.”

This can be tough for you, since you tend to see things in terms of black and white.  As a fixed earth sign, you tend to have very fixed ideas, especially about practical matters.  And while you may not go so far as to say, “My parents did it this way, so why shouldn’t I?”   This attitude is implicit in the way you think, talk, deal with people, raise your children, etc.  Taurus, this isn’t meant as a criticism.  In fact, your steadiness is one of your very best traits.  But by opening your mind to new ways of seeing and doing things, you will become more accepting, loving and forgiving as well.

No one wants to be seen as a self-righteous individual, a moral “know it all.”  So if you disapprove of how a loved one is living his or her life, or if you feel that someone you care about is making a big mistake, try to refrain from commenting, or at the very least, lecturing them about it.  Even if you feel someone’s behavior is a personal affront to you (for example if you disapprove of how your grown children behave, it can seem as if you are being personally challenged), it is always best to forgive and forget.


“I Will Practice Patience.”

You are extremely talkative, excitable and full of verve.  As a mutable air sign, that is part of your charm.  But at times you might seem to be overly anxious, too stimulated and simply too “busy.”  Those close to you have probably noticed it on many occasions.  You double-book, and then have to cancel because you simply don’t have the time to do all that you want to do.  That, in turn, can make you frustrated, angry and even hard to get along with.  It is very hard for you to learn to slow down.  As a Mercury-ruled individual, keeping up a brisk, hurried pace is second nature to you.  But constantly rushing yourself and others has its drawbacks, too.

No doublt you have heard the old saying “Patience is a virtue.”  It is true.  By cultivating patience you improve your disposition, lower the level of stress in your life and make time to stop and smell the flowers.  Tell yourself to slow down, and you will develop patience in all areas of your life.  Isn’t it better to know to take things slowly rather than letting it all rush by in a blur?


“I Will Learn to Let Go.”

Cancer men and women are tenacious about most things.  you hold tightly to what you own, what you think, and what you believe.  But most of all, you feel the need to hang on memories, particularly those from your childhood.  Cancer is a cardinal water sign, the sign of emotional connection to ones youth, and whether your memories from that time are largely positive or negative actually make little difference in how you cling to them.  Regardless, you hold on to them longer and with more obstinacy than you logically should.

Sometimes it is possible to go back and “fix” a situation from your youth years after it happened, thus rendering a painful or unhappy memory null and void.  But for the most part you need to create a sense of healing for yourself by simply letting go of the difficult issues from your past.  Believe it or not, holding on to happy memories can be damaging too, because it tempts you to see your childhood experience in purely idealistic terms.  For the most part you need to create a sense of new authenticity and healing by simply letting go of difficult times in your past, and putting the good memories to rest also.  By making them too important, you rob yourself of the important of the “here and now.”


“I Will Develop Humility.”

Leo is the sign of romance, creativity, and ego.  Fire signs tend to be boisterous, big talkers, seemingly ego-centric.  As a fixed fire sign, your sunny good nature is very attractive to others, but at times you can appear to be strictly concerned with your own goals, your own purpose, your own success.  Not only that, but you may brag extensively about your accomplishments.  While you may not see this as a  fault, aren’t you simply telling the truth?  This may seem like a decided lack of modesty to those who know you.

If you seek to achieve a level of humility, you will be more concerned with the reasons behind your struggle for success, instead of simply glorying in the success itself.  You can put this to the test by doing a good deed anonymously.  Let the kind action itself be the reward, instead of the good feelings you usually get from talking about what you have done.  You may actually come to appreciate your actions more as a result, because you will realize that your real joy comes from the experience itself, not from relating your actions to others.


“I Will See the Big Picture.”

Virgos love details so much that they often get caught up in them, forgetting that there are larger, more important issues at stake.  You have probably had friends tell you this many times in the past.  This does not reflect a lack of imagination on your part (though it may seem to) but rather your obsession with managing what can logically be managed.  As a mutable earth sign, you may feel that if you can make the details come out right; you can handle the larger, more complicated elements of life more easily too.

But far too often you simply get bogged down on those details.  And since it is hard to recognize broad themes and philosophical purpose when you are merely concerned with details, you may be missing out on realizing larger, more important goals.  Therefore, by striving to look beyond them at the bigger picture you will have a more balanced and realistic idea of what you need to accomplish and you won’t make the mistake of trying to micro-manage everythings instead.  Forcing yourself to look at the big picture as well as all the little details in the foreground will give you a more balanced view of what you want to achieve.


“I Will Trust My Own Instincts.”

One of Libra’s chief characteristics is being a people-pleaser.  You naturally defer to others, for many reasons:  kindness, politeness, a desire to get along, a dislike of confrontation.  This can lead you to depend on other people’s advice, rather than following your own true course of action.

Many astrologers criticize Libra men and women for being personally unsure and indecisive, and at times you probably do give that impression to others.  But that is because you are constantly seeking balance in your life.  True, you are a cardinal air sign, which should mean that you are staunch about making decisions.  Cardinal types are go-getters and “self-starters.”  But air signs on the other hand are changeable and quixotic, and this is the core of the Libra dilemma.  Should I?  Shoudn’t I?  What if I do?  What if I dont’?  These are questions that you probably wrestle with on a frequent, if not daily, basis.  By learning to trust your immediate instincts about a matter, you are saying to yourself “I know who I am and I trust what I think.”


“I Will Have a Grateful Heart.”

If you are a typical Socrpio, you probably give the impression of having a chip on the shoulder attitude.  As a fixed water sign, you are a very deep individual, and value power more than any other sign does, and for you, power means getting what you want out of life.  You tend to see life as a battle and you almost enjoy struggling to make your goals come true.  You probably work harder than anyone you know, and sacrifice free time and pleasure to your ambition.  Yet, over time, this devotion to duty can make you feel resentful, especially if the rewards haven’t been what you expected.

This is not the right attitude, Scorpio.  Developing a sense of gratitude improves your moral and spiritual perspective.  Once you realize that no goal is worth such a single-minded dedication at the expense of other aspects in your life, you can set some boundaries for yourself.  You will be happier as a result of being able to give thanks for your blessings.


“I Will See the Green in My Own Backyard.”

It is not uncommon for Sagittarius men and women to be travelers throughout their lives.  As a mutable fire sign, it is quite natural that you should have a restless nature.  Whether you are going across town or around the world, you are constantly searching for new horizons, new experiences.  You are not easily satisfied.  You are an intellectual wanderer too, which is one of your best and most fascinating traits.  But it can also make it hard for you to appreciate all the good that you have in your life right now.

There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting more out of your life, or even something different than what you have.  But if you can’t find it in your heart and soul to value and appreciate what you already have, it is unlikely that you will ever master the art of being truly happy.  By concentrating on the here and now, and being thankful for your current blessings, it is possible that you can want what you don’t have without ignoring what you do have.


“I Will Think Happy Thoughts.”

You are ruled by stern Saturn, and that may be responsible for giving you a somewhat sober disposition.  Also, as a cardinal earth sign, you take life seriously, perhaps too much so.  Sure, you have a great sense of humor but usually only those closest to you see it.  Everyone else gets a frostier treatment.  You also have a very formal air about you, and this sometimes creates a sense of distance between yourself and your colleagues, associates or even loved ones.

Capricorn, it’s time to loosen up and lighten up.  Nobody is keeping score and no one is going to think you have “switched sides” merely because you have tempered your personality a bit.  You may wonder if a goal-oriented, nose-to-the-grindstone, no-pain-no-gain person like yourself can still manage to meet deadlines and make achievements happen if you are in a better mood.  The answer is a resounding YES.  In fact, you might even become more successful than before, simply because you aren’t taking yourself so seriously.


“I Will Follow My Heart.”

Aquarians are brainy types, often quite analytical.  You probably have no problem balancing your checkbook or even figuring out difficult problems in the abstract.  But when it comes to trusting your emotions, you sometimes fall short.  But remember, some things need to be decided that way.

You are a fixed air sign, which is almost a contradiction in terms, but it indicates that you believe very strongly in the power of reason.  In fact, you probably think that feelings should usually take second place to common sense.  But Aquarius, what about intuition?  And what about emotion?  Sometimes it is valuable, even necessary to let your heart not your head decide a matter.  This is a tremendous challenge for you, but once you see the power of intuition working in your life, helping you to navigate through problems, you will be convinced.  And despite your first impression of the matter, this doesn’t make you appear weak and indecisive.  If anything, it actually gives a whole new dimension to your personality.


“I Will Not Ask Why.”

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, you have the most spiritual bent.  Because you always dig so deeply for answers, and because your psyche is so profoundly influenced by events that happen to you, it is common for the typical Pisces to ask “Why is this happening to me?”  As a mutable water sign, it is likely that you go over a question in your mind until you almost exhaust it.  This doesn’t simply relate to negative experiences either. You may be just as anxious to know why you are the beneficiary of good fortune as when you are the victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Whether or not you actually believe whole-heartedly in the Eastern philosophy of Karma, you probably see its principles working in your day-to-day life on some level.  But simply to understand why something is happening to you–to the degree that you can know such a thing–is not really helpful.  Like it or not, understand it or not, it is still happening.  How much better it is to simply acknowledge that things happen, good and bad.  It is more important to take a negative situation and find some good that can come out of it than it is to struggle with whether or not you are getting your “just dessert” for something you did in the past